Suppress "mcelog does not support this processor" error message

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The mcelog command doesn't support AMD processors and the resulting error message, which appears once in the syslog at boot-up, causes confusion and anxiety. For a list of supported CPUs type


mcelog --help


and to test whether the current CPU is supported run


mcelog --is-cpu-supported


which returns no error message and a return code of zero if the CPU is on the supported list, or the error message and a non-zero return code in the case of an unsupported CPU. So, to suppress the error message, first call "mcelog --is-cpu-supported" with the error message redirected to /dev/null and test the return code. If it is zero then call mcelog again with the appropriate options. If it is non-zero, check that the edac_mce_amd module is loaded instead.


See here:


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