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  1. To be Honest; I have not tested the plugin installation and functionality in the version that you referr, is going to take me a couple days to test the plugin and debug the error.
  2. It really depends on the unRaid version; in the new RC Series (6.11) it's possible to explore any path from the builtin browser, that's why I revive this functionality; as far as I know it's not possible in the stable 6.10.
  3. Great! the new method to obtain datasets, volumes, snapshots, and their respective properties; is as good as it can be to prevent parsing errors and, overall, much quicker than the previous one. Now that I have finished with that and it is working (As far as I know) very good, I will focus on new functionality and improvements over the UI; the two you describe are on their way.
  4. This Lua Patterns are very simple, this should do the trick: /system/.* Let met know if it helps.
  5. Hi Folks, I just posted an update for the Plugin; this improves load times by 50% in most cases. Please check the exclusion pattern change. Unfortunately, the backend change requires to use of a Lua Pattern instead of a regex 2022.08.02 Warning - Please Update your exclusion pattern! Add - Browse Button for Datasets Add - Support for listing volumes!! Add - Lua script backend for loading dataset informatin http://lua-users.org/wiki/PatternsTutorial ) Change - UI columns re-organized to the unraid way (sort of)
  6. The datasets are just for the containers data, not really the image; in fact I excluded all the information from /<pool>/dockerfiles/, is just way too much to bear with.
  7. The SMB configuration is beyond the scope of this plugin; however, this are my "templates" for the SMB Shares; the permissions are 777 and the owner of the folders is "nobody": Private Folder [example_private_share] path = /ssdnvme/example_private comment = example share browsable = yes guest ok = no writeable = yes write list = iker read only = no create mask = 0775 directory mask = 0775 vfs objects = shadow_copy2 shadow: snapdir = .zfs/snapshot shadow: sort = desc shadow: format = %Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S shadow: localtime = yes shadow: snapdirseverywhere = yes Public Folder [example_public_share] path = /ssdnvme/example_public comment = UnRaid related info browsable = yes guest ok = yes writeable = yes write list = iker read only = yes create mask = 0775 directory mask = 0775 Private Hidden Folder [example_private_hidden] path = /ssdnvme/example_private_hidden comment = My Private info browsable = no guest ok = yes writeable = no write list = iker read only = yes create mask = 0775 directory mask = 0775 vfs objects = shadow_copy2 shadow: snapdir = .zfs/snapshot shadow: sort = desc shadow: format = %Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S shadow: localtime = yes Hope it helps!
  8. This is not low by any means, in fact is quite good given that you are testing random access (randrw) in hdds with a 256 KB block. https://www.anandtech.com/show/8265/wd-red-pro-review-4-tb-drives-for-nas-systems-benchmarked/4 Probably you should look for the correct fio settings ("-direct=1" is no bueno in this context), there are a couple adittional variables when you try to benchmark ZFS; this is a good starting point: https://serverfault.com/questions/1021251/fio-benchmarking-inconsistent-and-slower-than-anticipated-are-my-raids-miscon
  9. That's a weird error; Set Permissions is very straightforward; just specify the Linux permissions that you want the Plugin to set for the folder (777, 755, 755, etc.); Most of the time, I use 775; it saves me a lot of troubles with SMB write. If you like, you could send me the parameters you are using for the dataset creation in a PM, and I could take a look if there is anything wrong.
  10. Hi @bergi9 , that is a great idea; probably, I will implement it in a couple of versions; right now, I'm focused on refactoring part of the backend. Do you think that just having templates would be good?, I mean an option on the dataset for "Create SMB Share" and then present the templates as unRaid do "Private, Read Only, Public".
  11. That's quite a system!; I fixed the regex for identifying the pools; the "Expandz" was the cause; in abot 10 minutes the update should be live. Thanks for your help.
  12. Could you please post the output (In Text) of this command: zpool list -v
  13. I'l take a look; but most likely it's going to take a while any new major features. Currently I'm working on rewriting some of the backend; the load/refresh speed it's not really that good so I'm exploring ZFS API/Programs that should help the plugin to be free of parsing errors and improve overall speed.
  14. In the early days of the plugin that was a feature; but... it's not possible for all the pools; for example, my main pool is "hddmain" mounted in "/hddmain"; the file browser doesn't work there, why? i don't have any idea :S, it works for root directories like boot or mnt, but not for others like tmp or home; so it's not a problem on my end, but probably a filebrowser restriction on which directories it could navigate.
  15. New update, now you can take snapshots; in the config section, it's possible to define the pattern and prefix for snapshots name; all the dataset buttons (Snapshot and Destroy) have been merged to "Actions". @gyto6 The bulk deletion of snapshots it's in the near future plans as a button in the "Admin Dataset Snapshots".
  16. @ich777 Github link added!, for the support link, I'll wiat for the next update (A couple of days). @muddro Thanks for the feedback; 1. It will be great; I'll give a thought to the UI design and add on future versions; 2. I'm not so sure if it's convenient; having dangling snapshots mounted here and there could be troublesome; the current way of using .zfs directory to access the snapshots seems more convenient for me.
  17. Most of the answers are "yes"; the snapshot administration is per Dataset; otherwise, it could be incredibly complicated; my main Pool has 1400 Snapshots, for example. If there are no Snapshots for the Dataset, the button is disabled; The functionality for taking Snapshots over the GUI is on the way; the next update probably. BTW, Support Topic is ready
  18. What is ZFS Master? The ZFS Master plugin provides information and control over the ZFS Pools in your Unraid Server. Available ZFS Pools are listed under the "Main/ZFSMaster" tab. This plugin requires ZFS for Unraid 6 Plugin to be installed. Features (All related to ZFS) Main tab GUI integration Report Health for the Pool Scrub Pools and Export Pool Create new Datasets, including options for name, mount point, access time, case sensitive, compression, quota, permissions, extended attributes, record size, primary cache, read-only, and size. Destroy Datasets, including an option for forcing and recursively destroy all children and dependents Filter the Datasets listed in the GUI using Lua Patterns. Administration of Dataset Snapshots (Take a snapshot, Hold a snapshot, Released it, Rollback to it, and Destroy it) Destructive Mode, you could restrict the buttons that appear in the GUI by turning on or off destructive mode. GUI Indicator of last snapshot date, through an icon on the right Configuration Unraid Settings Menu-> ZFS Master. It's possible to specify the refresh interval for the GUI, if destructive mode is on or off; Lua pattern for dataset exclusions; these are convenient if you are using a docker folder in a Dataset; and the amount of days used for the Snapshot Icon alert and snapshot options for naming snapshots taken from the GUI. ChangeLog 2022.08.02 Warning - Please Update your exclusion pattern! Add - Browse Button for Datasets Add - Support for listing volumes!! Add - Lua script backend for loading dataset information (50% faster loading times) Change - Exclusion pattern for datasets (Please check http://lua-users.org/wiki/PatternsTutorial) Change - UI columns re-organized to the unraid way (sort of) 2022.04.13 Add - Dataset Snapshot Creation Option Add - Settings for Snapshot Creation (pattern and prefix) Change - "Destroy" and "Snapshots" buttons merged to "Actions" 2022.04.10 Add - Dataset Snapshot management (rollback, hold, release, destroy) Fix - Installation script bug 2022.04.08 Add - Set permissions for new Datasets 2021.11.09a Add - List of current Datasets at Dataset Creation Add - Option for export a Pool (In construction) Fix - Compatibility with unRAID RC versions 2021.10.08e Add - SweetAlert2 for notifications Add - Refresh and Settings Buttons Add - Mountpoint information for Pools Add - Configurable Settings for Refresh Time, Destructive Mode, Dataset Exclussions, Alert Max Days Snapshot Icon Fix - Compatibility with Other Themes (Dark, Grey, etc.) Fix - Improper dataset parsing Fix - Regex warnings Fix - UI freeze error on some system at destroying a Dataset Remove - Unassigned Devices Plugin dependency 2021.10.04 Initial Release. Official GitHub Repo https://github.com/IkerSaint/ZFS-Master-Unraid
  19. Hey folks, a minor update about ZFS Master: Today I have released version "2022.04.10.42"; this includes a couple of new things: In the Dataset creation Dialog, there is a new field for setting the permissions of the new dataset. A new button called "Snaps" in the main UI (Requires Destructive mode On). The "Snaps" button allows some primary administration of the Dataset Snapshots (Hold a snapshot, Released it, Rollback to it, and Destroy it) Any feedback regarding this new functionality or even an old one, including UI design, will be appreciated. I expect to continue working and improving plugin features, like creating snapshots and adding support for volume; i'll request specific thread for the Plugin support; so we could stop flooding this thread :P.
  20. Well, there is no ZFS Master support topic yet... so I answer that question right here :P; the color of the camera icon is about the last snapshot date; blue means everything is fine, grey means that there is no snapshots for the dataset; and yellow/orange means that the last snapshot is older than the amount of days that you configured in the settings. BTW, ZVols are not supported yet; I hope to get some time off in the coming months, so I can get hands on all the functionality in the plugin.
  21. @ich777 That was my first intention, but my local branches are completely mess up so, it was quicker to just updated the current. @subivoodoo That's one of the features that I'm working to be release in a couple of versions. @diannao Now, I'm not so sure about your error, mainly because for the fix, I replicated your config and the plugin was working just fine; and on the other hand, you posted that at least the dataset info was working fine a couple of days back; I'm going to send you a PM with a set of commands to be executed, so I can debug in deep what is wrong with the plugin in your system.
  22. @JJJonesJr33 @diannao The fixed version is already live, as I'm planning a new version with additional features, the fix was applied to the current version; what that means is that you have to uninstall and install the plugin again in order to get the version with the fix. Thanks for your help!.
  23. I'm completely sure that is a parse error, however with the specifics I could modify the regular expressions to catch this case and the plugin to work properly; thanks for the info I get back to you when the update is live.
  24. Sorry for the delay, @diannao please post an image with the result of the commands "zpool status -v" and "zpool list -v" ; this is the first step that the plugin performs to identify all the pools and then, list the datasets that belong to the pool; I will deploy a clone of the configuration that you post, so I can debug and update the plugin according to the results.
  25. That's weird, I already updated zfs to the latest version and never saw that problem; could you please share your ZFS & ZFS Master plugin version?