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  1. Yeah, it is a weird issue that just came out of nowhere. I really liked this motherboard, and I may just buy the same one again if I can find a good price on it. I want to keep my same parts just replace the motherboard. Thank you for replying.
  2. Any suggestions for a newer version of this board (ASRock Rack E3C246D4U). I have not found a solution so i have decided to replace it with a newer version if there is one. Thank you for any suggestions. JM2005
  3. It has been some time since I've posted in this thread. I wanted to see if anyone had run into this issue that I am having with my unraid server. If I reboot the server, it will hang sometimes and act like it cannot see the USB boot stick. The first error that popped up when this happened was "MPT bios fault 10h encountered at adapter pci". I though a had a bad card so I replaced my LSI SAS9201-8i cards, and it still kept on happening. I removed both cards and attempted to reboot computer and it did not show this error but would not boot any USB stick I created. Looking in the motherboard bios it had lost the current time, so I replaced the CMOS battery after discharging. This did not fix the issue. I can turn off power switch on the power supply and turn it back on and it will start working again. It's a strange issue as it will sometimes reboot several times before it will fail. I even changed my unraid usb stick to a new one. I noticed that the motherboard keeps losing the time when it fails and will not detect my unraid usb stick. To recap what I have tried: 1. Created new USB unRaid boot stick 2. Replaced CMOS battery after fully discharging 3. Removed SAS9201-8i cards 4. Flashed Bios to latest version 5. Power cycle resets and starts usb booting working again until reboot. My motherboard model is an ASRock Rack E3C246D4U MB w/IPMI and CPU is Intel Xeon E-2288G CPU. I am hoping I explained this well enough. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. JM2005
  4. I remember reading Tom's post back then and was so excited! Happy Birthday LimeTech.
  5. Just wondering how safe Tailscale is security wise? They seem to log a lot of information about what IP's , hostnames and more while connected.
  6. What happened to your deasmi/unraid-tailscale docker in the unraid app store? I just looked and its gone.
  7. Thank you @trurlfor the reply. I have started the process and all looks good so far.
  8. I want to replace Multiple Data Drives with a Single Larger Drive. My parity drive is larger so no issue with that part. I have 3 drives i want to remove and replace with one large drive. These drives have no data left on them as I have already moved the data off. What would the best process to do this? Thank you, JM2005
  9. I have not had any lockups since I disabled Turbo Boost last week. I managed to get Emby working with transcoding just fine. What does you CPU temps rise to when you are preforming these test?
  10. I too have not had any lockups since turning off the Intel Turbo in the last 24 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.
  11. @LateNight hows your troubleshooting coming along with William? Any news to report?
  12. @LateNight Mine is showing the exact same information other than the time stamps and ID.
  13. I have started getting lockup’s on my setup as well. I checked the IPMI logs and it had “CPU_CATERR” as well. My temps are idling now are around 39c to 42c. I just now disabled turbo boost. Hopefully this will help until I get my case temps down.
  14. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all. I am limited somewhat by my case and a full ATX motherboard would just be to large. I have been reading several threads on AMD stuff and i keep coming back your setup as the one i feel that meets my needs. I have those 2-LSI SAS9201-8i cards i need to make sure i have room for. Your setup with the modded firmware to use the video for transcoding saves me from having to buy an additional graphics card and save a slot. Thank you for all your help. I just need to get my funds ready now. I may have a few other questions to ask and i will try not to bug you too much.
  15. If you don’t mind me asking what made you to decide to go with this choice of equipment? I like what I have read so far. Thank you for replying with such detail.
  16. "Linux kernel We started 6.8 development and initial testing using Linux 5.x kernel. However there remains an issue when VM's and Docker containers using static IP addresses are both running on the same host network interface. This issue does not occur with the 4.19 kernel. We are still studying this issue and plan to address it in the Unraid 6.9 release." Has this issue been resolved in this release?
  17. I appreciate you replying to my post. I did read most of that thread late last night. Did you ever figure out what was causing the lockup’s? Sorry if I overlooked it. Any other issues cropped up that you think may of be of interest? Do you think that larger cpu cooler will work with my case it is an iStarUSA D-3100HN 3U rackmount case? Of course I am looking to future proof as much as I can. Thank you,
  18. I was planning on updating my current system awhile back, but other expenses came along and i had to wait longer than i planned. My current system has been in service since 2012 and consist of a Intel Xeon E3-1240 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz, Kingston 16 GB, SUPERMICRO X9SCM-F-O Micro ATX Intel Xeon E3 Server Motherboard, (2)- LSI SAS9201-8i. I was looking at what Hoopster posted about his system and thought it looked like a nice upgrade path. I read that you installed a modified firmware to allow you to use the onboard video adapter for transcoding. I have a Windows 10 VM that i run Blue Iris software for my security cameras. My current Xeon cpu does not have Intel Quick-sync support and thought this would help with my high CPU usage. I have listed below the parts you used Hoopster. Any changes?
  19. I am thinking about setting up NextCloud & Bitwardenrs dockers on my unraid system. I am sure this has been asked before but how safe is it to use a reverse proxy? I have never used a reverse proxy before and currently use VPN to access my server remotely.
  20. I have tried a couple times to download 6.8.1-rc1 and it starts downloading then hangs up and never completes.
  21. Yeah AMD threadripper does look good. I was also thinking if i went with another Xeon cpu and motherboard as i am looking at a cpu that supports Intel® Quick Sync Video. Do you have any suggestions for this type setup. I have not ruled out the AMD as i would like to invest in the future as well. Just not break the bank.. Thank you.
  22. First off i would like to apologize Mattz for not responding. I ended up not selling my equipment and decided to stay with what i had, as i had some unexpected expenses come up. But i am now ready to start looking again. I am currently looking to replace the following equipment with more modern stuff. Intel Xeon E3-1240 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz - Beefy with more cores. Kingston 16 GB - Would like to increase this to 32 GB SUPERMICRO X9SCM-F-O Micro ATX Intel Xeon E3 Server Motherboard - I will need a micro ATX motherboard as an replacement. Like i posted in my original message "I know there is not such thing as future proof but my current setup lasted for many years and I would appreciate everyone who replies with suggestions". Thank you. JM2005