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  1. Keep getting "Initializing Presets" at the top and can't save a job to start. (see screenshot) Also getting a debug error when trying to save even a basic ffmpeg profile for testing. For reference, I have an intel setup, not nvdia, which is why i'm choosing to use vaapi. 2021-05-29T01:14:09.4573812-05:00 0HM92D2TDTQSF:00000002 [ERR] {SourceContext: "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Server.Circuits.CircuitHost", TransportConnectionId: "cVEIOsITmh9f-_HHvm0VWg", RequestPath: "/_blazor", ConnectionId: "0HM92D2TDTQSF"} Unhandled exception in circuit
  2. @ljm42 I think it had to do with this being a reinstall. I can't recall the status of my backup before but it's possibly related. I just fixed it for myself. I did the following steps to get it working: *wiped the /boot/.git directory *removed /var/local/emhttp/flashbackup.ini * then manually initialized with php /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ activate Perhaps more checks are needed on a reinstall to remove the .git directory and any leftovers from a previous install to prevent this? Edit: the last step m
  3. +1 Bump. Just reinstalled after having it uninstalled for a month. Same issue as OP.
  4. @jonp were you able to find anything on this?
  5. Here's a quick paste from my console. the first half is after a hard reboot, then I shut down docker and restarted it from the settings menu in unraid. Afterwards (I made a comment in the middle), there are new routes (the docker generated shims and to link the host and docker networks) and the network works properly again. Relevant new ip routes added: dev shim-br0 scope link dev shim-br0 scope link root@FC-PS-URD1:~# ip link 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAU
  6. @jonp, What @tjb_altf4 said. Unraid creates a shim network when “host access to custom networks” is enabled.
  7. Bump, Limetech (or other friendly folks here in the forums) are you able to assist?
  8. After a graceful reboot, no issue, but after a hard reboot from watchdog or powerloss, the system will not start up with the docker shim in place resulting in no network connection between the unraid server and custom docker IP's. As soon as I shut down and re-start the docker service from the settings menu, the shim is generated and everything works as expected. Confirmed that access to custom networks is in place. I've seen a few other mentions on the forums but nobody ever seemed to have a resolution (nor did they mention in the post they realized the shim wasn't generated).
  9. Can confirm a bad poweroff/restart through watchdog on IPMI or a loss of power causes this for me as well. I've been experiencing it since pre 6.9. Afterwards I cannot ping any docker with a custom IP from the unraid server BUT they can be reached from non unraid devices on the network. Soft/Graceful reboot gives no issue.
  10. For future folks coming across this thread (as I just did on a google search for the exact same reason) 1) Edit your shares in /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf (you can just copy another share's section and change the path and name) [tdarr] path = /tmp/tdarr comment = browseable = yes # Private writeable = no read list = write list = YOURUSERNAME valid users = YOURUSERNAME case sensitive = auto preserve case = yes short preserve case = yes 2) Restart /etc/rc.d/rc.samba restart
  11. Yes, it may be something related to this chipset I'm using. It's an ASRockRack E3C246D4U. I'm not using a separate GPU.... just the on board video because it supports Intel QuickSync Video which meets all my needs for transcoding multiple streams at once. Hoopster on the forums has had similar issues with the same board/proc combo, wasn't sure if this might help. That's a pity but oh well, thanks for getting back with me on it!
  12. That's fantastic (if it works!). Getting Intel QuickSync to pass through to the dockers in the past has always been a huge issue. @Hoopster I know you also had similar problems with modprobe i915 for quicksync/QSV. Did this work out for you on 6.9.1+?
  13. Both good points. I've removed the plugin along with 7 or 8 others that I know for sure I don't use. Unfortunately, I'm currently running a preclear on a new disk so I won't be able to check until tomorrow, but crossing my fingers this is it!
  14. I've got a Xeon E-2288G that I have to use modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri to be able to get the quicksync video to encode properly inside plex and transcoding containers. Unfortunately as soon as I launch those two commands, it kills video out of the VGA port (and IPMI Remote video). Would GVT-g being enabled solve this so that I could keep video out of the VGA port too?
  15. Here you go. In the meantime, I added it back to my go file. Hopefully it doesn't just start working and then fill up my authorized keys file