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  1. Can you send me a screenshot of the value you are trying to set?
  2. When you say it doesn't work... Doesn't start? The client webpage is a 404? What doesn't work?
  3. Found it - Settings - User Utilities - Compose. Thanks. That got it working.
  4. Um, Not sure where I can change this? Do you mean Unraid settings, or this plugins settings? (Not that I've found any settings for this plugin) If you mean Unraid settings, I don't see an output style option.
  5. Seem as of 6.10 the docker compose commands just show a 404 window. Server nginx: 2022/05/19 12:32:38 [error] 14890#14890: *80825 "/usr/local/emhttp/dockerterminal/compose_manager_action/index.html" is not found (2: No such file or directory) while sending to client, client: #####, server: , request: "GET /dockerterminal/compose_manager_action/ HTTP/1.1", host: "#####", referrer: "http://#####/plugins/compose.manager/php/show_ttyd.php?done=Done"
  6. Have you published an app, got it into Docker and it's not recognising updates?
  7. I created a docker app in CA just for Diskover. Search for OFark or ElasticSearch. It's been a while but I'm assuming it still works.
  8. This won't start any more. It was fine yesterday, and the system has just been doing it's thing, then today I get this: ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- ---Setting umask to 0000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Starting...--- ---Can't get latest version of NZBHydra2, putting container into sleep mode!--- No NZBHydra any more. I've tried renaming the yml file, no effect.
  9. Are you using Hardware Decoding? Which is one of the first options, if so can you see if you get the same issue with it switched off?
  10. Ok, not sure about this, but can you try: After the "-hwaccel_device /dev/dri/renderD128" in the Additional Parameters adding a space and then : -vf "hwupload_cuda" I'm basing this off of a StackOverflow issue from the problem in the log: Impossible to convert between the formats supported by the filter 'Parsed_null_0' and the filter 'auto_scaler_0' It seems like you need to tell FFmpeg what to do with QSV, which is why I haven't managed to implement a one button for this yet.
  11. Right, The error message you have there System.IO.FileNotFoundException will (probably) be from the post processing work, checking the file for size, AFTER FFmpeg has done it's thing. Meaning, there must be another error, from FFmpeg further up the log.
  12. Yes, yes you can. You can tell FFmpeg to just copy streams. With the Audio stream selector you can tell it to to delete tracks that are of a specific language, or to only copy eng or unknown tracks. You can also tell it to delete the track but only if there are other tracks, so films in only Mandarin, won't be silent.
  13. Wonderful, it's getting somewhere then. What curious with this missing file is that before it must have been finding the file so that FFmpeg could fail against it. If you SSH into the container again and follow that path "/storage/.. etc. I suspect it's not going to be there and you need to check the Docker mappings. But you must have had it right before?
  14. It was added a few months ago. February to be precise, a release was made and the issue around the 10bit pipeline closed: 10 bit pipeline if there is no 8bit only filter enabled and the selected encoder is 10bit; HDR10 static metadata passthrough Colorspace filter (using the FFmpeg tonemap filter, which is not the best, and does not implement BT.2390 yet). It was mentioned at this time that this support is only in the nightly build, but that was back in Feb so it may have made it to the stable builds by now.
  15. Does your Nvidia card support 10bit? Because Main10 should do it. https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new