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  1. Good. I could swap this one to XFS, but tbh it's already dead. I'll put in a new one, XFS and hope 6.9 comes out sooner rather than later.
  2. I'm learning a lot here, but from what I can see this relates to a RAD-1 scenario, which I don't have. But yeah, I am seeing everything else.
  3. Just to add my two pence: That's 141TB on a 128GB drive in 296.5 days. Basically the drive is a dead drive walking. 128 GB M.2 NVME in less than a year.
  4. Hi all, A query I have; I have an NVME drive failing SMART because it's passed it's probable amount of data it can store ok. This is an unassigned drive, on it is Docker.img, appdata, libvirt, and my VM images. I have one VM (proxy gateway) that I setup a few weeks ago. I have a dozen Docker images, Plex, and the supporting containers . Nothing that I would consider to be write intensive to itself. I mean, I know Plex will store media files etc, but what I have seems out of the ordinary: Power on time is 296.5 days, less than a year. 141TB??? It's a 12
  5. if you putty on is the /boot folder populated and responsive in a timely manner?
  6. I'm not going to post this particular comment in Github as I guess it's not Code related, but in response to looking at the commits I have a question: Why, if this project hasn't had any commits since September, is there a new Docker Build every day? Edit: I only ask as I'm working on my first container project and I've yet to publish to Docker, so I don't know quite how it works.
  7. I've got boot looping because I'm using a custom IP. I've commented on a closed thread on Github, someone having the same issue back in August. 2020-10-28 09:58:45.895894 [ERROR] It seems like the IP the container is using outside the default Docker DHCP range 2020-10-28 09:58:45.910462 [ERROR] Use bridge mode to run this container. Using a custom IP is not supported. 2020-10-28 09:58:45.924753 [ERROR] IP of the container: My DHCP range for dockers is so that's not right anyway. It was working recently, I noticed this morning that it wasn't.
  8. Some years later and I experienced this last night. In-case anyone else ends up here: None of the above helped, the problem was my USB flash drive was unreadable. As in /boot, ls found nothing. I figured it was a dead drive, I could SSH in but the GUI was 502 bad gateway. Restarted the machine and everything returned to normal. Bit weird, USB drive is now fine.
  9. If I'm using nginx for a reverse proxy how do I get it to work with Shell in a Box? I can't use the 4200 port as that's already in use by this. I can't change the port that the link goes to, to use another port. If I ignore the reverse proxy, because the URL resolves to the correct IP anyway, it doesn't work, connection refused.
  10. I too am seeing this error. I have the Access to custom networks enabled, but upon restart access has been lost. Disable Docker, Apply, disable access to custom networks, Apply, Re-enable Docker and access to customer networks and boom back again. A touch frustrating.
  11. I have Unraid running on an ASRock Z370 Extreme4 with a Giga PHY Intel® I219V LAN onboard. Using iperf3 on Unraid and 3 other computers I cannot get more that a half gig connection from Unraid. My PC, Laptop and Shield can all communicate with each other, using iperf3, at near 1gpbs both directions. However, if any of them reverse test from Unraid i get just under 500mbps. I can upload to Unraid using iperf at full speed. I noticed this when I was trying to retrieve files from a share to my PC and wasn't getting full HDD speed, so i did some digging, discovered iperf and my issue.
  12. Ok, thanks for the quick replies. Gives me something to look into.
  13. How did you find that out? As in how can I find out if my motherboard does that?
  14. Did you ever resolve this? I seem to be getting 1Gbps into Unraid but only 480Mbps out.