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  1. Hoopster's post in Switching from NVIDIA to Intel Quick Sync was marked as the answer   
    iGPU/QSV does not use Visible Device.  Follow this guide.
    Here is a bit more complex/older guide if your iGPU/QSV don't work with the guide above.
  2. Hoopster's post in USB drives - yes or no was marked as the answer   
    In general USB attached drives are not recommended for permanent array storage with Unraid.  For "attached when needed" unassigned devices there are usually no issues.
    The problem is that USB implementations vary by motherboard/chipset and some are not very stable.  They are often prone to random disconnects.  If USB-attached drives are in an array, they cause havoc, especially with parity, if they disconnect in the middle of a write operation.  Heavy traffic such as large file transfers or transferring a large amount of small files can trigger a USB drive to disconnect.
    Your mileage may vary and perhaps your hardware is stable enough with USB that it may work for you with Unraid.  There is just no sure way to tell before you try it.
  3. Hoopster's post in Unraid and cache. I must be dumb. was marked as the answer   
    Read speeds in Unraid are limited by the speed of the single disk on which the file is stored.
    It is also possible to configure shares as "cache-only" shares.  This means the data lives on a cache drive only and is never written to the parity-protected array.  As an example some Unraid users put a copy of some Plex data (most commonly viewed movies or TV Shows, etc.) In a cache-only location.  However, management of this is manual.  There is no mechanism in Unraid to decide what is most-commonly accessed and to move it automatically to a cache-only share.
  4. Hoopster's post in IPMI NO PLEX HW Transcode!? was marked as the answer   
    @Oedzesg Here is the discussion I mentioned earlier about getting the iGPU to work on a Supermicro X11 board.  Somewhere in there, if I recall correctly, they discuss the proper BIOS setting.  Things may have changed on X12 but it is likely similar.
  5. Hoopster's post in HELP! Motherboard Died was marked as the answer   
    Yes.  License is tied to the USB flash drive not any other hardware.
    Unless you are running VMs with hardware passed through, a change of hardware is fairly trivial.  If you do have VMs with passed through hardware, you will ikely need to do some VM reconfiguration.  Also, if you have dual-parity make sure to note the current drive slots in the array for all the disks.
  6. Hoopster's post in Can I mount a USB drive on unraid, not using it in the array, and share that drive out to the network with samba? was marked as the answer   
    Perhaps the Unassigned Devices plugin is what you are looking for.  It will support NTFS and FAT32 formats for access in Windows or under Unassigned Devices. 
  7. Hoopster's post in Herramientas NERD para Unraid 6.11.5 was marked as the answer   
    Debido a problemas con compatabilidad con unRAID 6.11.x Nerdpack ya no existe.  Se puede instalar Nerdtools que lo reemplaza.  No todas las herramientas del Nerpack existen con Nerdtools pero muchas, sí.

  8. Hoopster's post in Absolute Newbie was marked as the answer   
    So when you click on the Flash drive from the Main tab in the UnRAID GUI, you do not see the Flash Backup button or do you see it but it is not active?

  9. Hoopster's post in Automated Backup on external HDD when device is connected via USB? was marked as the answer   
    Here is the script with my modifications for backing up four shares:
    #!/bin/bash PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin ## Available variables: # AVAIL : available space # USED : used space # SIZE : partition size # SERIAL : disk serial number # ACTION : if mounting, ADD; if unmounting, UNMOUNT; if unmounted, REMOVE; if error, ERROR_MOUNT, ERROR_UNMOUNT # MOUNTPOINT : where the partition is mounted # FSTYPE : partition filesystem # LABEL : partition label # DEVICE : partition device, e.g /dev/sda1 # OWNER : "udev" if executed by UDEV, otherwise "user" # PROG_NAME : program name of this script # LOGFILE : log file for this script case $ACTION in 'ADD' ) # # Beep that the device is plugged in. # beep -l 200 -f 600 -n -l 200 -f 800 sleep 2 if [ -d $MOUNTPOINT ] then if [ $OWNER = "udev" ] then beep -l 100 -f 2000 -n -l 150 -f 3000 beep -l 100 -f 2000 -n -l 150 -f 3000 logger Started -t$PROG_NAME echo "Started: `date`" > $LOGFILE logger Pictures share -t$PROG_NAME rsync -a -v /mnt/user/Pictures $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 >> $LOGFILE logger Videos share -t$PROG_NAME rsync -a -v /mnt/user/Videos $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 >> $LOGFILE logger Movies share -t$PROG_NAME rsync -a -v /mnt/user/Movies $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 >> $LOGFILE logger Family Videos share -t$PROG_NAME rsync -a -v /mnt/user/FamVideos $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 >> $LOGFILE logger Syncing -t$PROG_NAME sync beep -l 100 -f 2000 -n -l 150 -f 3000 beep -l 100 -f 2000 -n -l 150 -f 3000 beep -r 5 -l 100 -f 2000 logger Unmounting Backup -t$PROG_NAME /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned umount $DEVICE echo "Completed: `date`" >> $LOGFILE logger Backup drive can be removed -t$PROG_NAME /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -e "Unraid Server Notice" -s "Server Backup" -d "Backup completed" -i "normal" fi else logger Backup Drive Not Mounted -t$PROG_NAME fi ;; 'REMOVE' ) # # Beep that the device is unmounted. # beep -l 200 -f 800 -n -l 200 -f 600 ;; 'ERROR_MOUNT' ) /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -e "Unraid Server Notice" -s "Server Backup" -d "Could not mount Backup" -i "normal" ;; 'ERROR_UNMOUNT' ) /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -e "Unraid Server Notice" -s "Server Backup" -d "Could not unmount Backup" -i "normal" ;; esac I just added these lines for each share I wanted to backup to the Unassigned Devices USB drive:
            logger {name of share} share -t$PROG_NAME
            rsync -a -v /mnt/user/{name of share} $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 >> $LOGFILE
    You just make the script the device script that is run when the USB drive is connected and mounted by Unassigned Devices.

    Email notifications are not controlled by the script.  This is just part of the Settings-->Notification Settings configuration in the GUI.  Here are my email settings to get unRAID to email notifications to me for the events selected in the Notification Setting section:

  10. Hoopster's post in how do I reset my ip address? was marked as the answer   
    You can edit the network .cfg file in the config folder on the unRAID USB boot flash and change the assigned IP address.
    Alternatively, you can just delete network.cfg (and network-rules.cfg if it exists) and unRAID will regenerate default files using DHCP. 
  11. Hoopster's post in Upgrading CPU from AMD 5600X to AMD 5600G. Can just I replace the CPU? was marked as the answer   
    Nope. UnRAID does not care about the CPU other than knowing what it is and how to use it. Nothing needs to be changed in advance of the CPU swap. Same with a motherboard and RAM swap.

    There are others using the 5600G with UnRAID. I have one in a desktop machine. Great CPU.

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  12. Hoopster's post in how do I access my server remotely away from my home network? was marked as the answer   
    The easiest way is to configure WireGuard (Settings --> VPN Manager) which is built into unRAID.  Then just generate peer profiles an install them on devices (phones, laptops, tablets, computers, etc.) from which you wish to access the unRAID webUI remotely.
  13. Hoopster's post in license lost was marked as the answer   
    Do you have a backup of your flash drive? It is highly recommended you do this anytime you are making major changes.  If you have a backup, restore the config folder to your original USB flash drive
    If you have the original email received when you purchased your license, it should have a link to your license which you can reinstall in the config folder on the original flash drive you licensed.
    If no backup and no email with license, you can license a new flash drive following these instructions.
  14. Hoopster's post in WIFI Device and Unraid was marked as the answer   
    UnRAID does not support WiFi directly.  It MUST have a wired connection.  However, you can use a WiFi bridge device (plug in a cable to server and other end to bridge) or a powerline adapter which plugs into a wall electrical outlet and has an Ethernet port for connecting the server.
    The linked items are just examples and not necessarily recommended devices.
  15. Hoopster's post in Gotta ask before I make a mistake buying an LBA Sata adapter. was marked as the answer   
    PCIe revisions are backwards compatible with prior versions.  For HDDs, PCIe 2.0 bandwidth is sufficient.  I have a Dell H310 (LSI 9211-8i equivalent) in my server and it is only PCIe 2.0. The PCIe slots on the motherboard support version 3.0.   PCIe 2.0 is more than enough for the 8 HDDs that can be attached to the Dell H310.
  16. Hoopster's post in Can I check docker container size? I can't find any wrong volume mappings. My docker image filling up. was marked as the answer   
    The Container Size button in the Docker tab seems to be a good choice.  😁

  17. Hoopster's post in Unsupported partition layout was marked as the answer   
    unRAID version 6.11.2 has a bug where it is unable to format drives larger than 2TB. If it can't be formatted, it can't be added to the array.  Upgrade to version 6.11.3 where this bug is fixed and try again.
  18. Hoopster's post in Array Autostart - Trial limitation?? was marked as the answer   
  19. Hoopster's post in Is there no file browser? was marked as the answer   
    File Manager plugin does that from the Shares tab.
    View of disks in a share:

    View of folders in a share (my backup share) across disks:

    Click a folder to see files in the folder.
  20. Hoopster's post in UnRaid freezes was marked as the answer   
    See this forum post for tips on how to improve unRAID/Linux stability with Ryzen-based system.  First generation Ryzen is particularly probelmatic.
  21. Hoopster's post in What happens after Trial period? was marked as the answer   
    Your system will continue to run normally when the trial expires.  Technically, as long as you never stop the array or reboot the server after a trial has expired, it could run forever in trial mode.
    Your data is not touched in any way when a trial expires.
  22. Hoopster's post in New Motherboard - Won't boot from Unraid USB was marked as the answer   
    In the BIOS boot order is your flash drive called UEFI:{brand of flash drive} or something similar?
    Some recent ASRock (and other brands as well) boards will only boot UEFI and not legacy.  On your flash drive, if there is a folder named EFI- that means it wants to boot in legacy mode.  To tell it to boot UEFI, rename the folder to EFI (remove the trailing - character).
  23. Hoopster's post in Upgraded CPU, mobo, RAM and Unraid (v. 6.9.2) is now crashing was marked as the answer   
    See this post for several things that can done to improve unRAID stability with a Ryzen (especially 1st gen.) CPU.
  24. Hoopster's post in Downloaded 6.11.0.r4, power-outtage caused reboot/install - can only boot in safemode. was marked as the answer   
    Power outages have been known to occasionally cause corruption on the unRAID USB flash drive.  You can try running checkdisk on the flash drive from a Windows computer.
    If you have a recent full backup of the flash drive (always recommended), you can reformat the USB flash drive and restore the backup.
    In a worst-case scenario (physically-damaged USB flash drive), you can restore a backup to a new flash drive and transfer the license/registration to the new flash drive. 
    If you have no flash drive backup, copy everything you can from the current flash drive (corrupted files will likely not be copied) and restore them to either the same or another flash drive.
  25. Hoopster's post in Power outage happend and now my server says "unable to mount root fs" was marked as the answer   
    I just wanted to confirm that the basic.key file existed on new flash drive.  If not, it was probably trying to use the expired trial key.  You need to register the GUID of the new flash drive.