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  1. Hoopster's post in Can I make a backup to completely reinstall my unraid system from scratch? was marked as the answer   
    Make a backup of the unRAID flash drive.  The config folder contains what you need to restore your current settings.  As far as docker containers/plugins you can just restore them from the Apps --> Previous Apps in the GUI after restoring your config folder backup.
    If you have not already done so, install the CA Backup/Restore Appdata plugin and make a copy of your appdata and store that some place safe.
  2. Hoopster's post in (SOLVED) CPU stalls since linux kernal 5 was introduced was marked as the answer   
    Version 6.10 allows the docker custom network type to be set to ipvlan instead of macvlan.  This setting was introduced to try to work around the macvlan call trace issue.  For some it has helped.

    Since I implemented a docker VLAN on my router and switch, the problem has disappeared for me.
  3. Hoopster's post in 6.3.5 upgrade path? was marked as the answer   
    You might want to start with this post which has some upgrade steps from 6.3.5 to 6.5.x.