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  1. Hello Gixy, thank you very much for your input also. I believe that it is given then, I will be getting the Ryzen 9, now since I am planning this upgrade for next year (most likely Febaruary/March) I will wait for the new Ryzens to show up. Also since I will be running 3GPUs, I have read that ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE motherboard should be good for this use-case considering IOMMU split it should also be capable of doing 8x 8x 8x PCIe lanes with one of the 8X running from chipset with PCIe 4.0 which should not be an issue as my GPUs will be capped to PCIe 3.0 speed anyway.
  2. @eribob Thank you for your input :) Is that multiplayer or single? That sounds very promising for my new build, I am aware that the single threaded performance of my old xeon is bad :D Would you also have a possibility to test Battlefield 1 or V to see how that would run? Please let me know Thanks again :)
  3. Hello guys, would it be possible for someone to actually test the performance of Battlefield 1 or GTA V Multiplayer on a Ryzen 3900x or 3950x with 8 vcpus assigned to VM ? Please let me know :). Thank you.
  4. Hello guys, I am thinking of an upgrade of the CPU/Platform as I am currently fairly succesfully running Unraid and 3 gaming VMs at once using my old (but still quite capable :D) Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 ( 10 core/20 threads Ivy Bridge EP) and 32GB of Ram. The GPUs are AMD RX 470 ( VM set as Q35 4.2 due to i440fx is locking up the VM after AMD driver installation) and 2x nVidia GTX 1050Ti (VMs set to i440fx 4.2). I am using HyperV on all the VMs and also some of the tweaks (Performance governor, HyperV XML settings and CPU pinning and isolation). I
  5. Oh sorry, I thought that it is rechargeable with USB plugging possibility as I only had 1 wireless mouse (a4tech bloody r30) which was capable of wireless and wired operation, so I thought the Logitech could work the same way. Seems like Logitech only allows this with their G903.. Well then hopefully someone with more experience will stumble upon this thread
  6. Hello, I am sorry for this, but I am honestly out of ideas. Last resort would be to try the mouse plugged in (if that is possible), however that would kill the wireless capability.... But just as a test, it could be done quickly to see, whether that could be an issue. Maybe someone more experienced would be able to come with more information or things to try. I am still a newbie, when it comes to all the things that Unraid can do, so, sorry that I couldn't help you out here :(.
  7. Hello, I am having dual boot setup with Aster also, however Valorant's anti cheat does not really play well with running multiple instances either and my main point is running the game 3 times at the same time (I have 3 VMs running). I have tested the game with baremetal with aster and in VM already. So I guess, that so far this is a game that will cause issues until further notice
  8. I am running 3 gaming VMs 1 with USB controller passthrough and 2 with devices passed through (mouse and keyboard) and I have not encountered any responsiveness issue (with 3 cores +HT for each VM), so I would advise you to test both cases if you can. Passed through USB controller and also mouse only to see, whether it makes any difference.
  9. Hello, I have went through the comment and I am wondering, whether you are noticing any improvement in passing through the USB controller vs passing through the mouse itself? Also by not as responsive, are you noticing this on the desktop and out of "cpu heavy use cases" also?
  10. Hello guys, I have set up unraid almost 3 weeks ago with 3 VMs used for gaming purposes only and so far I have not encountered any serious issue. I am about to get a license soon, however I have just read about Valorant (the new game from Riot Games) having a pretty aggressive anti cheat, which is preventing the game from being run in a VM. I would like to know, whether anyone already tried to run the game in a VM running on Unraid or not and how did it go? Apparently, this anti-cheat is preventing the game from running on cloud gaming also as far as I have read
  11. Hello guys, I would like to know, whether this plugin can be used to assign 2 same ID devices to different VMs? The thing is, that I am running 3 VMs and I have 2 same mechanical keyboards ( Kingston hyperx alloy with same HWID), which is preventing them from being assigned to more than 1 VM, as unraid only shows 1 device and won't start the second VM because of this. I am thinking that I will most likely need to pass through 1 of the USB controllers (assuming that my X79 MB has the possibility). However looking at this plugin I am thinking that it could
  12. @bastl Thank you for the clarification. Also, just to be sure, I think that I have read somewhere that Unassigned devices plugin is automatically part of UnRaid starting from version 6.x.x, I am running the 6.8.3 stable since last Saturday. Would I need to install the plugin or is it there already ? I am currently not able to access the server as I am not home until Friday. I could not find the thread anywhere when I looked through the forum. What I do not want is to mix HDD and SSD in the array as I assume that would take a huge performance for SSD's :D. Ri
  13. Hello guys, since everything is up and running I am currently using 3SSDs in an array (3x250GB with 200GB VDisk for each VM). I would also like to passthrough 1HDD per VM and I currently have WD Blue 2TB, WD Blue 4TB and I would like to buy one more WD Blue 2TB. I would like to pass the disk through using dev/disk-by-id method and I am wondering whether I can have 2x2TB WD Blue to passthrough ? Is the ID of the disk going to be different or should I rather get Seagate 2TB Drive ? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  14. Just a quick heads up, I have finally migrated to unraid yesterday and with 3VMs 3 cores 6 threads and 8.5 GB ram (along with each VM having its own dedicated passed through GPU) per VM, we are able to play any game I could think of including the main ones with anti cheats that I have wanted. Everything is flawless so far, just needed some fixes regarding amd GPU drivers and passing through modded Vbios for top slot nvidia GPU. So once trial expires and if no issues will appear, I will get the full version
  15. Hello guys, Based on my above statement, can anyone suggest, how much ram would be required for my use case or per VM let's say? Would 1-2GB per VM be enough? I could not find any limit, however I have found one video from SpaceInvaderOne stating that 2GB is enough RAM for unraid when running VM. My VMs will be used for gaming only and there is no docker or any plugin running in Unraid (as currently planned) Unfortunately I do not have more ram slots on the motherboard, so I would like to know, how much ram per VM would be enough.