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  1. Someone try to login my SERVER, the ip / is my SERVER. the ip / is the hacker. he alway try to login my server. I cannot FIND him, due to he ip / is my virtual machine Win 10. the win 10 look like good. 😭 last day, some of My file to be encrypted by [ eking virus ], then I turn off the Public network ip on my router, and turn the Physical win 10 (it be hacked due to my bad easy password and Exposed it to the public network). and I delete the encrypted file.😰 I need help. encrypted file:
  2. will the app keep update? I'm new on unraid.
  3. yep, I have another backup disk. How do I know some file fail on my array? Eg: one Pic fail on my 100,000 PIC, and I general do not use them within 3 years. In general, the backup disk backup the full data one year ago. if one Pic fail and when I find it has passed two years.😭
  4. Thx for your reply, do I need to run [ Parity-Check and btrfs scrub ] to protect my array from [ Silent Corruption and corrupted blocks]? I just want to protect my data on Unraid server.😄
  5. Do I need to run both [ Parity-Check and btrfs scrub ] to avoid [ Silent Corruption and corrupted blocks]?😵 My array owen 2 Parity disk and 1 cache SSD disk.
  6. i bind my GPU on VFIO-PCI Config. 😭 after that, I reboot my system. It cannot enter into System, It always on this page , see the pic I take.
  7. I cannot passthouht my GT 1030 to win10. 😭 vm log shows below:
  8. Hi, will the unraid server use one gpu?😄 I've try to passthough the only gpu to Win10 VM, but it doesn't work. gpu:gtx 1030 cpu:amd 3900x
  9. 雷迪斯的H1000,插上usb可以实现。要下载一个nut插件
  10. It shows noVNC encountered an error: SyntaxError: import not found: hasScrollbarGutter i
  11. 应该不行,虚拟化网卡有损耗,unraid os也会占用实体网卡的带宽