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Running Valorant in VM?

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Hello guys, I have set up unraid almost 3 weeks ago with 3 VMs used for gaming purposes only and so far I have not encountered any serious issue. 


I am about to get a license soon, however I have just read about Valorant (the new game from Riot Games) having a pretty aggressive anti cheat, which is preventing the game from being run in a VM. 


I would like to know, whether anyone already tried to run the game in a VM running on Unraid or not and how did it go? 

Apparently, this anti-cheat is preventing the game from running on cloud gaming also as far as I have read. 


Unfortunately I will not be able to test the game as I will not be home, where my pc is until Saturday. 


Please let me know, whether someone could test it or has already tested it. 



Thanks in advance. 

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Sorry mate...  does not work...    I use an alternative:  I use my Vm for gaming on my physical SSD, so when I want to play valorant, I just boot from that SSD and windows starts normally..

Watch this video:


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Posted (edited)

Hello, I am having dual boot setup with Aster also, however Valorant's anti cheat does not really play well with running multiple instances either and my main point is running the game 3 times at the same time (I have 3 VMs running). 


I have tested the game with baremetal with aster and in VM already. 


So I guess, that so far this is a game that will cause issues until further notice :D

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