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  1. Please post the complete diagnostics file for the gurus to evaluate
  2. I have a 40mm noctua fan mounted on the main heatsink of my lsi card. never had any issues with my card regardless of the season and it can get pretty hot in our appartement during the summer months.
  3. Just because I am curious. Do you have active cooling on the lsi board. The chips on those can get very toasty when not cooled extensively,
  4. I might not be of great help here but I will try to help you with what I would do in your situation First of all some questions: What Power Supply do you use in the system? Are you sure it works correctly and the power it delivers is sufficient? Is the RAM that you are using a set of 4 Sticks or did you have 2 Sticks from one Brand and added another pair form another Manufacturer? In your Log-Files I can see the Manufacturer of Channel B RAM but nothing for the Channel A RAM which made me curious. I am not a Guru in these matters but I would try a couple of things. 1. Remove any Overclocking if any is set in the BIOS incl. XMP Profiles for RAM - Test if the Error Persists 2. Run Memtest for at least 24h - Does it run through without errors? 3. Swap Power Supply with a replacement if availabel - Test if the Error Persists
  5. After about 15h of rebuild the Server is back up and running as usual. Thanks for all the help. Thread Tagged Solved
  6. Thanks to @trurl and @itimpi! Rebuild is now running. Will let you know how it goes.
  7. Do I understand that correctly if I assume that stopping the array (not restarting the server) will also stop/cancel the read check that is paused now for whatever reason ? And the system will not resume this paused check after restarting the array but starting a rebuild of the disabled disk? Can I go forward with stopping the array and assign the hotspare to the slot of the disabled disk? Has anyone had the chance to look in my latest diagnostics so we can narrow down what happend? thanks for all your support Toby
  8. Current diagnostics attached besides stopping all docker containers and stopping scheduler from running mover nothing has changed yet since pulling diagnostics this morning. Thanks for investigating @itimpi
  9. So I am back in front of my server and there is one more question for the gurus in the forum before i atempt the rebuild of my disabled disk. As stated above the server was in the middle of a scheduled parity check when disk 3 got disabled this morning. When I look on my main page now under array operations it says "read check in progress" and it is indicating that the read check is paused. Is this expected behaviour? Do I need to stop the paused read-check first before I stop the array? Could the paused parity / read check somehow interfere with the rebuild i am trying to achive with the procedure above? I just want to make sure that I do not make my situation worse. Thank you all for your help.
  10. Thanks @itimpi for confirming the procedure. I did see this portion of the syslog, and i do also think that the drive is just dying after its >60.000 h in operation (tough little spinner). I will start rebuilding on a new disk as soon as I am back home. In the meantime, lets see if anyone else has seen this error massages before and knows where it comes from.
  11. Dear fellow UnRaiders, this morning during a nice breakfast with the family my server sent me a notification that one of my drives was disabled. As this is my first real "red X-Event" in my time using unraid I want to make sure to not make any mistakes. Regular monthly parity check was started tonight at 04:00 in the morning. Notification of disabled drive was received this morning at around 08:30. Data is emulated and i did a quick spot check on the network shares and data that resides on the emulated disk could be read. Array is still running, parity check was aborted by the server. The drive in question is one of my oldest and should have been replaced by now, but what should I say I have 2 precleared replacement drives (hot spares) available, so I should be in a good shape for replacing the disabled drive. Now I just want to make sure that I got the procedure for drive replacement correct and hope someone can look into my diagnostics to give me a hint what went wrong (besides using old drives ) and what would be the best way to go forward. Procedure to replace a data drive: 1. Stop Array 2. Unassign drive 3 (Do I need to start the array once with no drive assigned to the slot of disk 3 ?) 3. Assign one of the hot spares to disk 3 slot 4. Go to the Main -> Array Operation section 5. Put a check in the Yes, I'm sure checkbox (next to the information indicating the drive will be rebuilt) 6, Start the Array Is the procedure for disk replacement correct as described above ? Can someone help me in finding out what caused the disk to be disabled? Thanks in advance
  12. Good to hear that your Server is back up and running. Please tag your Thread as (SOLVED) if you feel comfortable that the issue is solved. and BTW - Welcome to the Unraid Forum
  13. Recovering from that state is out of my ballpark. @JorgeB Is there any chance for @steelrat to recover whatever was on the cache?
  14. Adding the second drive in raid 1 would give protection and not more space, but if the 500 G drive was 90% full prior to adding the second drive it should not be overfilled just by adding the second drive. @steelrat Did you add any data to the cache after you added the second drive or did the docker and vm services go south directly after reboot.
  15. I use PlexAmp while driving in the car via carplay. I nearly never use the tidal app itself. Management of Music from Tidal that I want to listen to, I do perform from the Plex Web App. Don't know about converting the Master quality to something else as I do not use a high quality HiFi system myself (I only have a standard Tidal subscription). My PlexAmp App is connected to my Plex server's music library which has Tidal content linked into it. I think my usecase might not be the same than yours