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  1. The yellow triangles are shown because you have a single cache drive. The only way to get them green again is adding a second drive to a cache pool that is configured in RAID1 (redundancy) But in all cases you should have backups of the appdata and system folders in case anything goes south. Use CA Appdata Backup and restore from the community applications. For Q2 - @trurl allready requested your diagnostics file so some of the gurus can look into your reallocated sector issue.
  2. did you have any Data on the 1TB drive that you are replacing ? Because from the dashboard picture you posted it looks like disk 2 and 3 are empty.
  3. Why does your mover run every 6 hours ? Normaly Mover is scheduled for idle times. Nevertheless I can think of three options. 1. Setting the download share to "Cache only" and move the completed files manually. (Pretty sure you could use a script for moving them after completion, but command line code is not my strength ). Only problem here - If cache is full, downloads will stop with an "out of space" error. 2. Setting the download share to "Cache Prefer". This way the files should stay on the cache as long as there is space. This will not solve the problem completely and you would still need to move the downloaded complete files manually (or via script as above). 3. Create one unraid Share for Incomplete downloads and set it to "cache only". And one unRaid Share for complete downloads and set it to "Cache Yes". Now you would have to reconfigure the dockers or VM's you are using for download to use the newly created shares respectively. In this case, rar files would always stay on cache and completed downloads would always be moved into the array,
  4. So if the board and sata connectors are good, and the other drives work on any sata port no matter what I would RMA the drive in question.
  5. So all drives are retail then. Did you try to connect that drive in question to a different sata port? If yes and it is also not visible then in bios I would think you got a bad drive. One thing I would try if possible is to connect that drive to a different computer and see if it pops up there.
  6. Just out of curiosity: Why not going the other way round and run windows in a VM on Unraid ?
  7. Is the drive in question a "real" WD-Red Plus drive (retail) or a shucked white label drive ?
  8. Thanks @Hoopster, will see if this one is available anywhere. Amazon Europe - nop Amazon US - maybe but didnt find it Local IT shops - nop Might be a tough one to get a hand on
  9. That one looks promising. need to dig around a bit to see if this one is available somewhere in europe. Cooling solution looks better for the drive cage section and the atom based board should mot produce much heat on its own, so the cooling solution for the top section could be ok for the setup planned. Thanks for the hint
  10. Thanks for your input @Hoopster! There are not a lot of options for small cases with 6-8 HotSwap bays available. And the more i think about it, a case without is not really an option. I was reading up a little bit on the ds380 modifications and the cs380 and cs381. For most of the time, the system will be idle, and the disks spun down. needs a little bit more research, but maybe the ds380 could still be made fit for our purposes. I will also need to check if a bigger case would be a problem at the location. If not this would open at least a bit more options.
  11. I am using a Node 804 for my main server, so the 304 was allready on my short list. The point for the ds380 was the hot swap bays it offers. As the server will not be under my physical control all the time I would really like to have array drives in hotswap cages so I can leave a prepared replacement drive on site that can be easily replaced by someone one site without having to open up the case and fiddle with the cabeling. Might need to look for another case though. Thanks for the input mate.
  12. Hi Folks, I am planning an Unraid Build that should mainly be focused around OffSite Backup for two other UnRaid Servers as well as local NAS storage for the site it will be operated in. Besides the server beeing a backup target for 2 other sites, the server will only need to run some small dockers (duckDNS, Krusader, VPN, etc) but will not be used for big VM's with passthrough or transcoding. The server will not be at my location, but I will be administrating it for the time beeing. Server will start with 4 Drives but might be expanded over time to 8. We will use WD Red Plus drives for now. Cache will be a single Samsung Evo 2.5'' drive for now, but cache pool might get expanded to up to 4 drives (2.5'' SSD Samsung EVOs) Is there anyone that has experience with the board listed below and how it performs with UnRaid? Regarding ECC RAM, I would like to know if there is any advantage in using RDIMM over UDIMM with ECC if I am planning to use 16-32 GB RAM. Here is the part list that I was thinking about. Board - Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F Case - Silverstone DS380 PSU - Corsair SF750 RAM - Kingston DDR4 2400Mhz UDIMM 8GB ECC Casefans will be replaced with Noctua fans. What UPS would you guys suggest for that system ? I am open for comments and suggestions
  13. I like the PlexAmp interface better in regard to music playing than the standard PlexApp. You need to have an active PlexPass to use PlexAmp.
  14. To have your music on the go wherever you are, for sure you need to make Plex available outside your own network. Not sure what you want to achieve, and what that has to do with Tidal integration ? But from what I understand, at least the authentication for the plexAmp player runs over your Plex account and their servers. The media streaming within your network between Plex Server and PlexAmp app should be direct as far as I know. But I can test in the evening if necesary.
  15. Yes I have a Plex pass (Lifetime) and I would strongly suggest to have a plex pass if you want to use the whole range of features Plex can deliver. I am in no way, shape or form connected to Plex Inc. and the system is by far not flawless but still the best solution for my needs (and a lot of my friends) to date. Tidal is a Streaming / Music Shop Service like Apple Music or Spotify. On one hand you can buy music on tidal (Which I do not) like in the iTunes Store but also you can have a monthly subscription like with Spotify. This Subscription allows you to play all the content in the tidal catalog. The nice thing is, that I can link Tidal content into my music library and it will be displayed side by side with the music on my own server. So lets say you have two albums of one artist in your Plex Library. With Tidal integration you will be presented with other albums of the same artist and you can "add" those albums to your library.