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  1. I use Nextcloud on my UnRaid Server for various tasks, uploading photos and videos from our phones is one of them. There are apps for iOS and android available.
  2. Did you solve your issue? was Netgear Armor the reason for your log entries?
  3. Even if I do not see the point in using a vpn for usenet (as long as you connect via SSL), this video by @SpaceInvaderOne might be a big help in achieving your goal. Setup virtual VPN Router
  4. I am running UnRaid 6.7.2 I have seen the same behavior on my box when streaming to one of my clients. Everything runs buttery smooth until I try to copy some new files to the array. If I write directly to the array while streaming the stream freezes. I have mitigated the issue by caching my media share for the moment, so loading content does not interfere with streaming from the array (or an unassigned device for that matter). But that can not be a viable solution. I normally do not stream when mover operations are running, so I can not say anything about the impact of mover. But streaming and writing from/to the array at the same time was definitely working in earlier Unraid versions and currently it does not. I have just adjusted my scheduled times for mover and parity checks so I can make sure that they do never run at the same time - just to be save for the moment.
  5. I am currently evaluating backup strategy options, and I will definitely test out this docker. Will report back my results. @binhex: just a quick note: The Project web-link that is presented via community applications points to "https://urbackup.media" which is going nowhere. Link in the first post works fine
  6. Damn, reading this thread I was thinking, that this might be the solution for something that I tried to get my head around for ages. Unfortunately my SmartUPS 1500 (SMT1500I from 2012) is running firmware 5.0 which can only be upgraded to 7.1. (Big thanks to @S80_UK for providing the link, and the firmware you started from for that matter ) So no ModBus for me, but glad that It helped a couple of us. I will check the values in questions as always by looking below my table where the UPS resides
  7. Did you try the various other options for "UPS Cable" and "UPS Typ" in the Unraid UPS Settings ? The connection is most probably not standard USB. Also it is possible that there is no Linux driver for this exact UPS Typ (At least the data sheet says that is only compatible with Windows and Mac running the appropriate software).
  8. If it works, keep it as is. If you experience any issues - open the other ones Glad it worked out for you.
  9. I thought so, thanks for the input. If i do not find the rootcause, than all drives will be on all time for the time beeing
  10. Not tested this, but as far as I know the ControlR Plugin in combination with a vpn connection could do the trick. Checkout ControlR-App. I am using ControlR to start and stop dockers or VM's and from the developers description you should be able to configure access per user (But as metioned I have not tested the User Access portion of this plugin/app combo). Maybe that is an option for your usecase
  11. Thanks @testdasi. You are right, searching for disk spin up reasons is painfull, will install the plugin you suggested and see if this helps diagnosing the root cause. Thanks for your reply to the error messages, as they are not leading to any issues on my services and/or vm's I will monitor them but otherwise ignore that they are there. Just wanted to know if there is anything to worry about but it seams not to be the case. If I find a reason for the disk not wanting to sleep for more than 10-15 minutes I will report back here. What would you say is more stress on the drives, running constantly or constantly spinning up and down? I am thinking of disabeling the automatic spin down alltogether because of the behaviour of disk2 and the parity disk.
  12. If we are talking about CIFS/SMB shares opening the ports 137-139 UDP and 445 TCP should help. You might also need 139 TCP.
  13. Why is your router blocking traffic in between private subnets ? Did you try reaching the share via IP-Adress or Hostname ? Beeing in different subnets can be the reason for not resolving the hostname of the server, but with a firewall configured correctly (Communication in between private subnets is possible) you should still be able to access the server/share via the correct IP adress.
  14. Hi Guys, one of my data disks (disk 2) is spinning up 15 min. after it was spun down - constantly I was looking into my configuration and still have no clue on what is causing the spin up/down pattern that I see for this data disk (and the parity disk) in the system log. I think it might have something to do with nextcloud running but as my nextcloud data is spread over more than one disk and the others do not show the same pattern my assumption might still be off. Created current diagnostic file and tried to find some clues on my own but without any luck so far. Can anyone look into my diagnostics or point me to where I could find some info on what is causing the spin up pattern of disk 2. morpheus-diagnostics-20190730-2101.zip In addition, while searching in the system log for some answers I found one warning and one error that is repeatedly reported in the logs. Can someone tell me what they mean and if I should take action to resolve those entries. I should add that I have not experienced any issues with any of my services running on the server despite the entries below but I'd still like to understand where they come from First one is the warning about the DHCP lease - This one is recorded at least once a day. I first thought that it might be connected to my recent change in networking gear but the same entry is also recorded before this change happened. Jul 19 21:58:20 Morpheus dhcpcd[2004]: br0: failed to renew DHCP, rebinding The second is an error message that seams to be related to my graphics card (wild guess) and is coming multiple times when I shut down my Win10VM with passthrue. But it is also recorded while booting the server. Jul 30 23:01:01 Morpheus kernel: pcieport 0000:00:1c.1: AER: Corrected error received: 0000:00:1c.1 Jul 30 23:01:01 Morpheus kernel: pcieport 0000:00:1c.1: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, (Receiver ID) Jul 30 23:01:01 Morpheus kernel: pcieport 0000:00:1c.1: device [8086:a291] error status/mask=00002001/00002000 Jul 30 23:01:01 Morpheus kernel: pcieport 0000:00:1c.1: [ 0] RxErr (First) Any hints would be appreciated