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  1. But all of my containers added together are only 19.9GB disk utilization, right? How is that so high? Is this just based on a setting somewhere that I'm only allowing a certain amount of space dedicated to containers?
  2. I recently set up a Syslog file that runs and this is what it shows for the 11th, 12th, 13th but I dont think I'm seeing anything in here that would be causing a issue of docker image disk utilization being high. I do have mining running and its been running for months so I doubt that is the cause, it doesn't use much memory, it uses the GPU and half the CPU. I have no idea what all these entries are regarding port numbers and entering blacking/forwarding/disabled states. Jun 11 00:00:32 Tower crond[2908]: exit status 1 from user root /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/nu
  3. Also, if it makes a difference, everything is up to date....6.9.2 with all containers and plugins updated. I'm pretty sure this is going to keep getting higher and higher over a couple day period. I'm pretty sure this happened a couple weeks ago and eventually made my server crash (well it crashed and I never found out why and it was running fine when it booted back up, and I just *think* it must have been because of this). I've looked through the log but I don't see anything jumping out at me....but I also don't know enough about what all is going on behind the scenes to know wha
  4. Hey guys, on the Dashboard under Memory then Docker, its a 71% and growing, its normally a very low number. I attached a diagnostic, can anyone tell what's causing it? I also have a notification of "Warning [TOWER] - Docker image disk utilization of 71%". When I look under the Docker tab and advanced view, none of the containers are using a lot of memory. Thanks... tower-diagnostics-20210613-0439.zip
  5. Were you ever able to get this resolved? I seem to be having a similar issue after updating. I cant find the server from the other devices in the Workgroup. Wondering what fixed it for you. Similarly my settings have "yes" for Workgroup.
  6. Feel like a dumb ass lol....the bubble to the right you have to click was off the screen. Thank You!
  7. In the syslinux configuration section, how do you switch it to boot in GUI mode?
  8. During bootup, I missed selecting GUI so it just went through normal process of not entering GUI and I've been just using the GUI over the network. Is there a way at this point, to access the GUI locally without rebooting the server? Thanks!
  9. I have a xeon e5-2690v3 and had --asm intel and --randomx-1gb-pages but I could never seem to get the 1gb pages to work. When I removed those two arguements my H/s actually went UP about 200 H/s. I have no idea why. Have you done before/after to see what difference they are making? Also, can you tell in your container log that your actually getting 1gb pages?
  10. My XMrig log was also showing real high ram usage....like 26GB out of 32GB but it was related to me having Plex transcoding in ram and I had a large chunk of my ram allocated for that purpose so XMrig was seeing that and considering it as being used eventhough my actual usage was only like 7GB. HOWEVER, that said, even after I made some changes and XMrig only sees my usage as like 7GB out of 32GB, I still cant use the 1GB pages. For some reason RandomX 1GB pages fails. Not sure why. Anyway, are you doing Plex transcoding in ram? If so, pull up the script, click edit, s
  11. Mine has been working great for months but sometime in March it stopped connecting. I set up the 2 way authentication for the web login but something else must be messed up. I've looked through everything and it all seems good but in Unraid when you go to the WebUI and login it says "Unable to connect to destination for 10 days". Any ideas on where I should look? I restarted the container and here is a log from where it started back up....maybe it has some useful info [services.d] starting app... [app] starting CrashPlan for Small Business... 07/04/202
  12. I'm having some kind of mapping issue with Sonarr. The shows are not making it to my folder for all the shows and it seems like I have some completed/incomplete folders that are duplicated. Sonarr seemed to be working fine until lately. Another thing is that when I start downloading shows in Sonarr my docker % of memory shows on the dashboard starts going up high....its at 65% but shouldn't be anywhere close to that. I dont know if some settings somehow got messed up or what. Everything SEEMS to be in order but its not working quite right.
  13. @lnxd since you have the same rx580 card I'm curious to know if the GPU statistics shows your gpu memory usage at around 50%? My GPU has 8GB but while it's at 100% its showing 4350MB being used. You would think the mining software could utilize all of it. Is that how yours is doing?
  14. Thanks! I'll run that next time it starts getting high. I suppose stopping docker and restarting it reset the issue, so I need to wait until it starts getting slow then run it at that time.