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  1. First computer I've ever built from scratch with parts I bought used and cheap lol....its a bit flashy but my kids like it. I love that I cant see any wires behind the glass. It's very quiet, especially to be air cooled. Sits in the living room with hdmi to the tv Xeon E5 2960v3 Asus Deluxe II mb 32GB ram 36TB HDD Radeon RX580 Two nic's bonded together
  2. I'm sure every system is different but I am not much of a computer person and I updated from 6.8.3 to 6.9rc2 without any issues. I made a backup of my boot drive and updated all my apps and plugins. After it finished updating, I turned the server off and back on....everything is working just fine. If you figure out RX580 please update this thread....I dont have much time to get it worked out but if I do get it figured out, I'll post here and tell you what worked.
  3. I followed the instructions and I think it's working. Sometimes I display my server on my TV and after doing this, all the letters are much smaller. Is there any way to make video adjustments after doing this?
  4. I'm not sure exactly what this means. I read this article https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-6-9-beta35 and it talks about the AMD and Radeon drivers and gives a small description of how to get this to work (which is not detailed enough for me to follow it). Can someone give a brief explanation of what this is talking about and what the benefits are? Will doing this help a AMD GPU passthrough to a Win10 VM better?
  5. Were you ever able to get your RX580 passed through?
  6. Is the SSD trim needed for a NVME cache drive? I wasn't sure if a NVME works the same as a SSD....but I suppose it is a type of SSD.
  7. Thanks! Everything was up to date, I updated to 6.9 rc2 and it looks like it updated smoothly. Only issue is my drives aren't showing temps any longer.
  8. I want to update my server to 6.9. Is there a way to know if all of my plugins and apps are compatible with 6.9? Also, if everything goes well should I have to reconfigure anything like SWAG reverse proxy, nextcloud, etc? I'm hoping that everything goes smooth and it just boots back up and everything works as it has been.....but not sure how realistic that is.
  9. Would anyone have any thoughts regarding my Nextcloud going into "Maintenance Mode"? I was doing a update to the next stable update released and it seemed to be working fine. Then it said there was a error and went into Maintenance Mode where I can not access anything in my Nextcloud. My Nextcloud app in Unraid is up to date (and was prior to me updating it in Nextcloud. Would anyone here know how I can fix this?? Will I end up having to completely delete and reinstall nextcloud in Unraid?? Surely not, but if I cant even log in to Nextcloud what else could I do???
  10. Regarding the errors on Feb 4th, was it just on Feb 4th or is it a ongoing error? We were having some internet issues some time not too long ago and I rebooted the router. If Feb 4th was a isolated incident, it could be from that, right? I dont have any idea regarding the pcieport error on Feb 9th. I only have 1 pcie device which is a video card. Does this mean something odd is going on with the video card? I'm sorry, I'm not much of a computer person so Im not positive what these are telling me.
  11. Here is what it looks like right now with the server running good. I updated my containers today and everything is running great. The log is showing 1% on the Dashboard, which is what it normally shows except when it goes nuts every so often and maxes out. Do you see anything in here that looks unusual? tower-diagnostics-20210215-2145.zip
  12. Hello, are there any plans to make this work with AMD cards in the very near future? Or should I just go ahead and sell my AMD and buy a NVIDIA card since I want to do the crypto mining with my Unraid machine? Will that have to wait until there is a docker that makes it so that Unraid itself can utilize AMD cards??? I dont really know how all of that works
  13. Thank you, I'll probably do that. It typically isnt growing out of control but for some reason about once a month, all the sudden, it fills up very fast all at once and the server crashes. It must be happening in a matter of hours and I've never been able to catch it in process, I just see the server crash. I also have parity check run once a month and it always seems to happen in conjunction with that.
  14. I'm sorry for the delay but I've not been able to get back to the forum until now. So I zipped the file and it is 112MB but it still wont upload. It gives me a error -200 which I guess it for being too big but I don't really know. Without compression the file is 13.4 GB so from there down to 112mb seems pretty good. Any other ideas? Should I try to use some specific zip tool that may make it smaller? With the file being 13.4 GB I cant even open it in Notepad because it says the file is too large for Notepad. Is there some other app that I can use to open a log file that will take l