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  1. Hello, I installed the Airsonic-Advanced but the Webui doesnt open unless I change the url from https to http. Eventhough the template says http for the port number, when I open the Webui it defaults to https://ip:4040 and when I change it to http it will open. Is there something I can edit to make it default to http.....or should I do something like run it through swag? I'm not very knowledgable about this kind of stuff but I THINK it will work with https if its in my reverse proxy setup through swag. Thanks!
  2. So the better thing (for a newb) would be to just install MariaDB a second time using different port numbers.....and during install, would I also need to change the appdata location/file name so that the second install doesn't over write the first install? (basically to keep them totally seperate)
  3. I am just trying to figure out how MariaDB works and have a question. Can you use the same MariaDB for multiple different apps? For instance I have MariaDB installed and my Nextcloud uses it. If I install Piwigo can it also use that same MariaDB? Will it just create and manage multiple databases for different apps? Is there a point where it starts to get too slow when using multiple apps? My database for Nextcloud is around 160GB and when I install Piwigo it will also be around 150-200GB. I'm sure the size isnt a issue, really just wanted to make sure that multiple apps can use the same MariaDB. Thanks!
  4. Removed them, I don't see how I could have added them....I don't know anything at all about how to do something like that and haven't ventured into anything except where instructions point you too.
  5. Confusion......do you mean to remove the line item with "remove" to the right? I thought you were meaning to remove any actual port number. How would those have got there if they aren't supposed to be there?? Does the fact that its duplicated mean there may be something wrong with the install?
  6. I'm going to try this app but if it doesnt work right (like others are experiencing), do you have any info regarding how to write the script for deleting duplicates? I can paste in a script but I have NO idea how to write one.
  7. I know I sound retarded but I cant find a second set. Are you refering to the Heimdall template? Under the "show more settings" there is a PUID and PGID, are you refering to those? I can only find the one set of ports in my Heimdall template. OHHH was my last post that had the template images confusing because I had Heimdall and Swag templates in the post back to back?
  8. I created the new directory in Nextcloud template then added the external storage and it is showing up great in Nextcloud. However it doesnt seem like I'm able to redirect the InstantUpload picture folder to the external storage folder. It 'seems' like Nextcloud creates those InstantUpload folders and wont allow me to redirect them. I even just tried to move the Instaupload picture folder to the external storage folder but it wont let me move it. How were you able to connect your InstantUpload camera folder to the external storage folder? I promise I'm trying!!! lol
  9. If I stop Swag and go to my WAN address over the internet it does "this site cant be reached". I'm not following you regarding the Heimdall template ports. I only see one set of ports the http (280) and https (2443)....do you mean that I only need one of those, not both?
  10. Hey @Saarg I just thought I'd quote this post, I think you may have not seen it since there were other posts after it. Hoping to get your input on it when you have some time. Thank You!
  11. I was able to look at this again this morning. I stopped Swag and here is what I get.....if I go to heimdall via the internet using my custom url it says "the website cant be reached". If I go in Unraid to dockers/heimdall/webui then it just opens another instance of Unraid. Heimdall is setup in the template to use the custom network type for reverse proxy, just like the other apps (radarr, sonarr, etc)....is that a issue? Should i not have set heimdall up in the reverse proxy network? Here are screenshots of the templates...... Heimdall: SWAG:
  12. I'm a total newbie to these things so I'm trying to figure this stuff out..... How would you go about ditching dynamic DNS (duck dns)? Are you saying it's better to create a static wan IP and use A records instead of cnames that point to the dynamic dns? If so, what are the benifits?
  13. Thank you for this info...I am going to work on this tonight! Quick question, just to make sure I understand you....when you say put them in the same directory do you mean instead of having /mnt/user/nextcloud and /mnt/user/media/pictures to instead do something like /mnt/user/device content/nextcloud and /mnt/user/device content/pictures so that Nextcloud and the Photoprism picture database on both under the same parent folder? Or do you just mean to have a shared folder (presumably the external storage folder) for all pictures that both applications are using....Nextcloud is dumping into and Photoprism is reading? I just want to make sure I'm clear on how you mean that before I start moving stuff around. BTW, your help is greatly appreciated. Its pretty hard for someone like me to figure all this stuff out lol. I've not done a whole lot more than using a Windows pc to browse the internet, email, MS Word, Quickbooks accounting.....maybe a few very basic networking functions, not much more with a router than just plugging it in. This is my first time to actually build a computer all by myself and get it all set up.....so when I say I appreciate you and others on the forum who help out, I really mean that....I do appreciate it and absolutly could not do this without the help. Thank You
  14. Seems to be working well! I'm trying to get those image folders connected. Hope you dont mind me asking some more detail about how you set that up with your phone in Nextcloud.....So I am trying to setup the external storage and for it to point to a folder in Unraid (the folder that I will get PhotoPrism to look at). In Nextcloud, in the settings to create the external storage, did you select it to be "local" and then what did you use for "configuration" in my mind it would be the path to the folder so I put "mnt/user/media/family content" but that doesn't seem to work.
  15. Do you guys know if there is a app or some other way to make a copy of a folder and keep updating automatically? I have a bunch of devices I'm setting up on Nextcloud to backup to it. Each device will have its own folder for pictures and I want to automatically copy all of those pictures into a single folder....this way I have them all in individual folders as well as a folder that houses them all. I have been digging through the CA but can not find anything and I really dont want to install then remove a ton of different apps trying to find one that can do it. I thought maybe some type of backup app could do it, one that would allow me to backup specific folders all into one folder, all on the array.....most backups seem to be designed to put the backup somewhere else. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!