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  1. I've been thinking about backup capabilities. I will have a lot of data but some is more important than others. I will have 4 drives....3 data (18TB) and 1 parity (6TB). Would it be possible to have a folder or group of folders on say drive 1 that backup to say drive 3 on a weekly or monthly auto scheduled basis? I know still being in the same computer this is not ideal but as a temporary measure is it possible wouldnt it? If so, and if this would this require a Docker app, can you guys give me some app recommendations?
  2. Thank you so much for the info! So I suppose I would be able to hook the server to my TV via hdmi and pull it up that way to manage unraid, start a vm session or click on a Docker app....correct? I know it's not technically a monitor but it should work shouldnt it? I like the idea of web Interface but if I just wanted to do something like my son enter a vm to play games I'd rather unraid be able to just be pulled up on the TV and the vm started. If booted in unraid gui mode, does it still have the ability to do web Interface? Or is it one or the other where you have to select one and reboot?
  3. So is unraid ONLY accessible through the web interface? You cant just hook up a keyboard/mouse/monitor (or tv) directly to the box and manage unraid directly? Rather you can only access it through a web interface from another computer? Am I understanding that correctly?
  4. Thank you for the info! I'm a bit confused regarding the folder getting deleted. So "folder" and "Folder" were two seperate files but when you deleted the "Folder" file it also deleted the "folder" file as well? Since they had the same name did it link them together or sync them or something?
  5. I'm currently building a media server with my son and we have Asus Arus rgb lighting and I was wondering if it was going to work in Unraid. I've not finished the build yet but does your plugin seem to be working good? Alternatively would it be possible to setup a windows vm that runs all the time and control the lights from there? Would that just be too big of a resource hog?
  6. What is the process like to use a VM and is it bad to keep one running all the time? I'm trying to figure out if I had a VM setup for gaming and Roon music, what would be the steps to access that? This is in my living room so it will be hooked up hdmi to a TV rather than a monitor. Would someone be able to switch the TV input to see the Unraid server then grab a wireless keyboard/mouse and just click on the VM and open it up full screen and play games? If the GPU driver isnt installed into Unraid will the picture look okay hdmi to my TV when only in Unraid? (I know in the VM itll have the GPU driver and should be able to adjust things to look good)
  7. I was meaning that my initial plan, prior to learning about Unraid was to do a Windows setup with Raid 1. Then I decided to move to unraid....but the more I'm learning about it and all the complexity it will take to have it store and serve media and games and parity....the more I'm feeling like I should just stick with a OS I know better and that other people in my home know better. So I've been considering that maybe I should reconsider Windows with Raid 1.
  8. Does Unraid have a way to create something like "recycle bin" from Windows? Which would at least help with a accidentally deleted file. I'll just need to consider a ways to make it as safe as possible until I can work out a backup solution.
  9. My initial plan was too use 4 drives in Raid 1 so its duplicated. Doesnt it seem like Raid 1 may be better? I switched to considering Unraid mainly because three data drives is better than 2 and I thought it would be rare that I'd lose more than 1 drive at a time....so seemed like a good choice. But now I'm not sure.
  10. I've watched the video and read about it but I'm under the impression (maybe wrongly) that if I have 4 drives....3 data and 1 parity. And 1 of the drives holds 5TB of music and that drive dies...the parity drive can rebuild it so that I can install a new drive and have all the music restored on the new drive. So that while it isnt a backup in the sense of a duplicate of the actual music, it can restore all the data....at least on any one lost data drive (or multiple if I add a second parity drive). I'm not used to managing a lot of data, I'm converting a ton of stuff to data and bringing it together in one place from all over....I want it to be safe but I dont currently have the ability to duplicate it all and enough cloud storage to cover it all will be very expensive. Not sure what the best route to take is. I can add a second parity drive which would make more data rebuildable. Having some type of fully duplicated system off site is just not something I can pay for right now.....isnt a 2 drive parity the next best thing? Am I misunderstanding what the parity actually does?
  11. Okay, so if I hooked up a monitor to the computer to use Unraid directly as opposed to through a web login from another computer, Unraid can use the basic necessity of my GPU without having a driver installed.....its needs are so basic that it wont matter? THEN if I need the full feature in VM, I will install the driver/software in the VM. Question....this feels so rediculous to ask, but I'm building this with my teen son as a project together....soooo.....we plan on making it 'cool' with RGB lighting since the mb, GPU, ram all has rgb. How would I work the Asus Aorus rgb if I dont install drivers into Unraid? 99% of the time it will be just sitting there in Unraid, would the rgb just not work? Or will Unraid have enough functionality that we can control the rgb.
  12. @trurlthank you for the info....that confirms what I was asking in my comment after yours, you posted as I was typing it. Regarding backing up the parity, wouldnt that allow me to rebuild something if my parity drive was lost? From what I gather having 1 parity will cover 1 drive. But chances are unless something major happens like the computer getting destroyed, I will only lose 1 drive. But I thought it would be good to backup the parity drive in case something happens to it. If I backup all of my data off site, what is the point of having a Unraid parity? I will already have a copy of everything if I backup everything so not understanding the need for both.
  13. Okay, so for the Plex container I can set it up to run off only processor with no GPU needed? Does it matter that my processor and mb (xeon e5-2690 Asus x99) has no video capability? For my question regarding hardware drivers and booting up the computer first time.....is my understanding of this correct?.....when turning on I will remote into it from another computer and that will allow me to configure bios, install Unraid, then setup software/drivers for hardware such as the GPU. Am I understanding that correct?
  14. Well I like to learn, but dont know that learning Unraid is a necessity if other more intuitive systems will work well. With this no one will understand it but me, which may become a issue at times when I'm out of town. One thing I noticed in one of his videos (that I probably am not understanding)....is if the VM is using the GPU then nothing else can be using the GPU at the same time. So if my son was in the VM playing games, then no one could use Plex which is in a container. At least, that's how it seems from this video at 15:30 That may would be a issue for us (if I understand it right) as we will be using this media from a lot of different places. On a windows machine as long as the hardware can handle it, I believe my daughter could play a Plex movie on her phone while my son plays a video game. But again, I may just not understand it adequately.
  15. I started watching his series on how to build a Unraid server from start to finish. I'm on part 3 where he is setting up the Windows VM. It's a lot of great information, however the main thing I'm getting from these videos is that nothing is intuitive....and I do not know enough about Unraid to truly use it. Sure I can follow a video to set something up but if there is any type of issue I'll be completely in the dark with no idea how to address issues. Following steps someone says and understanding it all is two very different things. Im considering that maybe I should just abandon the Unraid idea and stick with Windows.