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  1. I have one ttyUSB0 also Edit And three ttyACMx
  2. Same here. Broke all connections to my USB devices. You could try doing chmod 777 /dev/ttyACM0 in the server terminal and restart Domoticz. If it works, add the command to your go file.
  3. Wondering the same thing, The version is getting quite old.
  4. Working fine here (marthoc/deconz). Recent update to the deconz software has changed how to talk to the device. Previliged mode need to be activated and check the path of the device.
  5. Spin down works here but this spins them up from time to time. What could be the cause?
  6. No. MariaDB gives me the biggest impact because of constant (but very small) changes happening almost all the time. I don't think this is specific to any docker. All writes to the cache ssds formatted as btfs will see like 10-100 times more unexpected data written..... Containers that write or change more data will be noticed much more. Like plex or MariaDB. Writes to docker.img and /cache gives this write amplification
  7. And it is not only writes to docker.img, seeing amplified writes to appdata (on cache) too. If I put my MariaDB databases in appdata I will get several gigs written every hour. Even with really small changes to the databases. I have had to move the Mariadb dir with databases from appdata to one of my unassigned devices to save some wear and tear on my ssds. I would like to move it back to appdata asap but I also want my hardware to live longer. My drives have 5 years of warranty OR 400+ in TBW. I really want to retain the warranty for at least 5 years but if this strange writes co
  8. To revert from beta22 you have to do some manual configuration too. Read the release notes for beta22 before trying it out.
  9. I see that with MariaDB. Small (really small) writes to the databases generates gigabytes of written data in no time.
  10. I have tried that. Pointing to /mnt/cache/appdata or /mnt/user/appdata. Made no big difference. Just other names in iotop for the processes that eats away data. Edit shfs vs the real process name
  11. I see the same regarding MariaDB. Lots of small writes to my databases but it generates huge amount of writes to the ssds. For now, I have my databases on one of my unassigned devices but that's not optimal. Just to save some ssd cache wear. I still see lots of writes to my cache from other dockers.
  12. Just want to say that I used this script and it worked as expected. Thanks!
  13. I add some trackers using the "Automatically add these trackers to new downloads" but that setting and field reset when restarting the container. In qBittorrent.conf: Bittorrent\AddTrackers=true Bittorrent\TrackersList=udp://\nudp:// After container restart Bittorrent\AddTrackers=false Bittorrent\TrackersList= Edit: This could of course be a problem with qbittorrent itself. hmm.
  14. I would guess this container is missing the required dependencies to make the built in version work. Also guessing it has something to do with Alpine.