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  1. With this PR merged, latest works again. https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-duplicati/pull/31
  2. I don't think the users know. You need to understand the smart values and monitor them. Also, people need to understand the "limited" warranty. 3-5 years might sound like much but i think people don't know that the TBW is a big factor and will void your warranty very early if you have lots of terabytes written in short amount of time. I don't know if the encryption makes any difference. We need to hear from more users before drawing any conclusions...
  3. 40TB! That's crazy. Do you use mover? 20TB a month will give you a total of 7.5 months of warranty with the 860 EVO.. I have moved to IronWolf 110 SSD. 5 years or 435TBW. Gives me some peace of mind. I have not found the culprit. "inotifywait -r -e modify,delete,create,close_write -m /var/lib/docker" gives no big clues.
  4. Works. Thanks! One small thing, when you change the vendor name for SSD's, pressing "Save" result in this:
  5. Ran purge everything and start over. I benchmarked all of my drives including ssd. When returning to the start screen after the test was done, I can't see any graphs if selecting any of the drives. I see the drive info and image but no graph under it. Also happens if i benchmark one drive at a time. The controller benchmark saves and displays as it should.
  6. Just want to say thanks! Working great. The new controller benchmark is much easier to understand and overview. My rig gives me average difference 0.1%
  7. You're right! Sorry! Added OneDrive to my post. I have not tested all the other providers. At least, OneDrive does not work. Posted the error log over there.
  8. Yep. Rolling back works. The packages upgraded in the latest tag should be reverted or Duplicati needs to update and bring support for the new mono packages. For now, this docker will not work for new users using "latest" (if using OneDrive v2, at least) or old user that upgrade soon. People that hasn't configured notifications when stuff go wrong will not know that the backups fail if they don't monitor Duplicati in som way. I have configured mail and got the warning via mail after upgrade on "latest".
  9. Since last update, my backups to OneDrive stopped working. Getting this when testing the connection: "Error Failed to connect: Only 'http' and 'https' schemes are allowed. Parameter name: requestUri" mono problem? I saw the bot was updating lots of mono packages. I don't know if the problem is duplicati itself or this container (guess container since only packages got upgraded) The backup jobs ends with errors:
  10. I've had that message about integrity check. Fixed it by removing and reinstalling the apps/plugins.
  11. Is domoticz in this container started with -daemon added to the command line? If not, should it be added? Maybe with "-log /config/domoticz.log"? The logging is filling the logfile for the container itself. It could be several lines every second added to the log file for the container itself.
  12. I see several gigabytes of data written to cache ssd every hour. The server is almost idle. "docker stats" looks good. BLOCK I/O show low values. Some megabytes written at most. The containers are not doing the writing. Using "iotop -ao" (install using Nerd Tools plugin if interested) for some time to get an aggregated summary of disk IO show "[loop2]" doing gigabytes of disk writing in no time (running for like 15-20 minutes show loop2 writing almost 3GB). This seem to be where all the writing comes from. With df I can see /dev/loop2 40G 24G 15G 63% /var/lib/docker What is it writing? 🤨 Check your smart value "Total_LBAs_Written" (calculator) if you are using ssd's. It could show quite high values for others here too? It will eat up the warranty of consumer ssd's fast. My Samsung 860 EVO has 5 years OR 150 TBW. With 5-6 TB of writing every month, the warranty will be void after ~2 years. Edit: 5.08 GB written in ~30-40 min. Continuously writing data. If it was usable data, the free space would drop the same amount(?), it does not. Where does all the written data go? Some form of temporary data not stored? Edit2: ~90G written in 24h.
  13. You need to configure them first. Select "External storages" further down in the admin part of the menu.
  14. As said before. Use the "External storage support" app/plugin. Add your share as local storage in settings.
  15. Ah, yes. Mine still say I have the latest version installed (15.0.7, checked today). I have updated using the gui before. I was thinking that I would get the upgrade when the container got updated but I know understand I got it wrong. That would not update my database and stuff like that I guess. Updating via the console worked. cd /config/www/nextcloud/updater sudo -u abc php updater.phar