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  1. The warnings cleared after the new update.
  2. Getting this: I don't understand. They are all set to "Only : Cache" so files/folders should exist there? I have two pools (named cache and temp_hdd), 3 devices in total.
  3. Got the same warning. Invalid Certificate 1. Server.lan vs server.lan.
  4. Something changed with permissions when Unraid got updated a while back.
  5. You could try setting both PUID and GUID to 0. Please note that this will give the container full access to the file system (everything).
  6. fstrim -av /mnt/cache: 111.9 GiB (120167636992 bytes) trimmed on /dev/mapper/sdb1 /var/lib/docker show same size as /mnt/cache/system/docker I use far from 78G. Before the change to directory my docker.img was 30G with about 50% used. I have just ignored this discrepancy. I have a lot less writes to my ssds now and with ssds rated at over 400TBW it feels ok. What worries me is that the different size reports could cause problems in the future, or not.
  7. No change here. Running trim every night. du for /mnt/cache say 89GB used but df say only 21GB used (df is probably correct)
  8. I still see problems with how much space the docker folder use as I noted in this thread before. The Unraid gui does not show the same space used as if you check the docker folder size in the terminal.
  9. Set both "Container Variable: PUID" and "Container Variable: PGID" to 0
  10. latest is v3 for me. I changed from preview to latest a couple of minutes after the docker build and page was updated. Sonarr was on version for preview and upgraded to when changed to latest. I did not remove the tag, I changed linuxserver/sonarr:preview to linuxserver/sonarr:latest and updated.
  11. Strange. I switched from preview to latest without any problems.
  12. When using directory I see this: "Compute..." from the GUI. Stats show 10% usage for my cache drive (not correct if the system share is 83,4GB) My dockerdata-dir (on cache) show 77G used. My cache drive show 20G used. What's wrong here? My docker.img was 30GB with about 50% used. Could the cache drive become full without Unraid noticing it?
  13. There must be some problem here. My /mnt/cache/system/docker/dockerdata (docker in folder) is about 72-79GB if I check with du. My old docker.img had a max size of 30GB and was near half full. If I check using the unraid gui and click calculate for the system share I get about 80GB used but when I use df -h i see that my cache drive only has 19GB used.