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  1. thanks trurl for that suggestion I will try that, I am not sure if I have many/any spare sata ports but it may be time to clean it up a bit & put in another card. Also clean up the usb drive too.
  2. when I starting up the Server & could not get the windows page up but the monitor connected showed something like this. similar error.pdf
  3. I believe the controller card errors may date back when I purchase 3x 8 way controller cards from ebay, because when I was testing them I place 1 card into this server at a time with the sas leads attached to see if they worked in unraid bought 3 different card that appear to have a jbod that matched best matched the Super micro cards I already had. I will look at them & put together what I found.
  4. I have finally found some time to look at this server again, I have put the old 2tb Disk 5 (removed the replaced 4tb) back to see if I can recover what is on it. The only way I can see to do that is a new config (assuming that everthing is readable), apart a something that can read xfs & copy the data off it (1.63tb). I think putting the 4tb back & see if I can check the xfs system & then able to read what is on the 2tb with Ubuntu virtual machine so that I may be able to copy off any data on it. So with 2 parity drives ok & 2 failed that are both Emulated what is the best or prefered way to fix them reattached both & rebuild them or shutdown & replace both drives one at a time or both together.
  5. I probably should let the original disk 5 go through with what it was rebuilding (but I could only see on the server monitor and didn't know how long that would take or if it would fix itself) but with disk 2 out I was concerned. Here is what I collected at the time but what I would like to know is "can it rebuild 2 data drives at the same time". Also the 4tb (dom 2020) that I put in as a replacement for disk 5 probably had a similar error when that failed (Parity a month or so ago) & it needed to be reset with the connections on the drive but I felt replacing both drives & rebuilt parity then the other drive afterwards was a safer bet. This is my biggest server out of the 3 I have, it might be time to strip it down & clean it up & I have a spare 8way card I can put into it but it did have about 10x 2tb I wanted to replace at some point to 3tb or 4tb drives
  6. After starting my Unraid 3 Tower which has 2 4tb Parity Disks which had passed a parity check about a month ago and I see it is showing 2 disks Emulated with Disk 2 not showing at all & Disk 5 with CRC errors and doing its own self check/rebuild. Both are 2tb and realatively full at highwater 250gb free on both. I stopped Disk 5 & because it was easier to get to I replaced with a 4tb & reattched disk 2 (which I believe was a mistake) only because Disk 2 was the the only one to be rebuilt (I still have the faulty Disk 5). Therefore it is best to rebuild only 1 disk at a time even though Disk 5 was getting written to it. I am considering putting the faulty disk 5 back in then see if I can get it to rebuild CRC itself again so that later on I can recover that data in a New Config. Is this the best way to go? The last time something similar happen like this, it was a Parity disk 4tb & a 3tb data disk but I was able to recover both onto 2 4tb drives I had spare, I am sure it fixed the Parity 4tb 1st & then I did the data disk later. But this time I panicked a little.
  7. I tried hide me for free 2gb per month, then after a while I signed up for 6 mth on 75gb the went unlimited with 5 connections for $140 us per year very easy to setup & switch between locations.
  8. get yourself a usb & licence then try any old pc you have lying around if it can boot that up in unraid. then you can add 4-5 drives 3t/4t/6t or 8t & you are there.
  9. redlaws

    Basic versus Plus

    If you want to support unraid & really use it, then I suggest go for the pro licence. but somewhere down the track you may want a second usb & another licence.
  10. physically yes, everytime use greenshot to catch an picture of the main page so you know which drive is parity 1 - ? I put stickers on my drive with part of the serial number on the back & side eg sea 2tb 5640
  11. just make a folder on your computer hdd with a complete copy of the usb/ver/date in different hdd on your pc or even another usb. but keep it up to date if you change shares.
  12. [600 PB] that might be a reiserfsck error rebuild-tree might be required. do you have a spare drive the same size you can add if required, if not get one.
  13. it really depends on your budget $? what you really want to do with it? how much rms watts output? multi selection between various devices or only a few devices? built in tuner & extras you may never need? number of speakers to connect 5.1 7.1 7.2 8.1 etc. if you can answer some of these questions 1st then searching the forums for brands etc should be alot easier. harmon kardon, nad, bose, pioneer, yamaha, lg, panasonic etc. pick a budget say $200-500 & see what you can get then tick off what you really want & think you need. take your time dont be pressured into buying something on the spot unless you know it can be beaten in price (hagle for a lower price $100's of dollars cheaper than they are trying to sell right now in the stores). look at the expensive ones in stores 1st then work you way down to you sweet spot of features & or costs. these are my thoughts when I was looking a while back still have not bought anything. but now I am considering a sound bar & sub woofer for my tv & media player. no rush but I have only just considered this recently seeing what I can get for under au$300, otherwise is au$500-700 for a receiver. Steve
  14. I use greenshot from ninite free download attached are the options.
  15. I want to try to add Mt Everest but it may need to be lighted up. what is the easiest way to swap or change banners & do they all need to be called banner.