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I'd like to request permission from anyone interested to put a picture of your server build (along with your forum member name) on one of our website pages.


The picture should be a 460x300 png file.


If interested, post it in this thread.




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Congratulations on your new site, it looks great! I'm sure you'll be much happier with WordPress, I know we are :)  In case you haven't already picked one out, check out RoyalSlider, it works well on our site.


You are welcome to use any of these photos:


Dropbox link


Some are from a professional photographer we hired, some are my own amateur photos.


I resized them all to 460 x something (they don't all fix exactly as 460 x 300, but you can crop them if you like). They are all JPG, as the file size is actually smaller for JPG than PNG for these types of photos. PNG is better for computer-generated graphics, JPG is often better for photos. Using the smallest image size will help your site's load times.


If you use any of them, you can credit them to myself, prostuff1, or just to Greenleaf Technology in general. Thanks!


P.S. Let me know when you are done with the dropbox link so that I can take it down.

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Since the inside of my server isn't gorgeous, I elected to use only outside pics:


Errr... aren't those drive cages upside down?


The drives don't care. :) Also, I needed the fans in the rear to be up above the motherboard after I added a shroud increasing the size of the fans from 70 to 80mm, so this was the only solution that worked geometrically. It has the added benefit of keeping the exhaust air from the drives above the motherboard and CPU, and inline with the exhaust fan in the case.


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I needed the fans in the rear to be up above the motherboard after I added a shroud increasing the size of the fans from 70 to 80mm...


I knew that there had to be a good reason.  I'm not familiar with the DE version, but my original BPN-350 units work much better with the fans removed!

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I like the idea but I think you need to:


1. Keep the front page a static image - so load time on the front page is as short as possible.

2. Move the slider to the click through page

3. Allow much larger image sizes on that clicked through page.  I so badly want to "zoom in" on those pictures but can't.

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Take a look at the home page - I'm not sure it's turned out exactly like I envisioned... what do you think?


Out of all of my pics, I really didn't want you to use the inside pic of my build. It's so sloppy. :) I just posted that to answer Peter's question about why I put the enclosures "upside down". I would much prefer you use the first pic I posted.

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