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  1. i find myself in same situation as @kricker as of last night. getting same msg to run resiserfsck with --rebuild-tree option. Hope it works for me as well as it did for him! fingers crossed.
  2. was in approx 25th place on Unraid leaderboard two days ago, now dropped to 50th something! my two low powered and 5+ year old AMD based servers can't keep up with newer CPUs. so it goes. glad this is taking off
  3. would it be cheaper/easier/faster to buy high capacity USB attached hard drives for backup and store them in different physical location? I have 5 TB usb drive at my office (12 miles from home) with my "must not lose" data on it.
  4. cost seems to be primary factor
  5. a good read. hope they get back online soon.
  6. thanks. do you still have long list of IP addresses & port mappings as shown in your screen shot? i have similar list and not sure if this is correct or not.
  7. did you get this fixed? i am on 6.5.0 and having same problem. Plex is unwatchable after just a few minutes. thanks.
  8. did 6.5.1 fix this slowdown with Plex? I am on 6.5.0 and not able to use Plex lately. Having same problem as bfeist, above. thanks.
  9. i recently precleared 8 TB WD red in a USB attached external enclosure. it will be my new parity (replacing 5 TB red) yeah, it takes days to finish. start now.
  10. thanks! yeah i am over due for upgrade to 6.3.x will clean up cache drive
  11. attached. thanks.
  12. having what looks to be similar problems with Sonarr this week. Part of the Sonarr log is below. Other parts of log mention "read only file system". Cannot shut down / re start Sonarr docker. This happened a day or two again and had to power off/on unRAID to get Sonarr to run properly. Sonarr failed to start: AppFolder /config is not writable
  13. i got this done a different way this week. I connected USB hard drive to small, low power Win10 PC running Resilio. Installed Resilio docker on unRaid box and got Resilio to backup my music, videos, and pictures shares from unRaid. It was slow but it worked. Many thanks to those behind the Resilio docker
  14. a few years ago, i built my server using a 5 TB WD Red as the parity drive. I have a mix of 2TB and 5TB reds in the case. Now looking for good used 5TB drives to swap out three 2TB drives. Yes, I know 8TB drives seem to be the drive of choice and are priced competitively but i am still a user of 5TB drives. thanks.