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  1. Awesome, thanks. I haven't installed any dockers yet but this seems like a good place to start.
  2. In the display settings it's these 2 headings. To match the dashboard color I used MS snipping tool and grabbed a sample of the background color then went to this website https://html-color-codes.info/colors-from-image/ and uploaded the image. It will then generate the HTML code for the color that you enter into the "header custom background color" line. You can also find the codes for every other color on that site to create whatever font color you want.
  3. Okay, just figured out 2-3 so scratch those. Thanks
  4. I could use a little help please. I've been changing every setting back and forth for over 30 minutes and can't figure out these 3 things 1. How to add MB & CPU temp to dashboard 2. How to change color in this field 3. How to change font color for these items I have version 6.8.3 with no dockers
  5. I decided to try a heatsink and a fan which dropped the temps about 10C. I will have to test it under load next time I have something to transfer. Thanks for the tips.
  6. I've had my unRAID since 2011 and only have used it as a movie & music server. In all these years I've only lost 2 drives that were easily replaced and never lost a byte.
  7. Dude, 25u means 25 rack spaces. By my count on your equip list you have 10. The rack enclosure has wheels so I don't think it's necessary to install pull out rack rails for your server. It's going to heavy as soon as you start filling it up with drives. The front bolts and some "L" brackets in the rear will be plenty strong enough to secure it.
  8. I did a redo in 1920 horizontal today. It looks much better without the stretch. I think I read somewhere earlier in this thread that it had to be 1270h but that is obviously not the case.
  9. In the process of migrating data from (old) Heisenberg to the (new) Heisenberg and stumbled across this thread. It looks like fun, I'll play. I have absolutely zero Photo Shop skills so I slammed this together with Gimp and MS Paint.
  10. The bottom 1RU space is a vent. I also have a 3"x6" hole on the right side of the cabinet space towards the back to let air in (I can also reach the back of the server if need be). the the whole enclosed unit idles between 76f to 78f. I have the thermo controlled fan set to come on at 85f. This thing is brand new so I am in the process of moving about 38TB's of data from my old machine to this new one and with multiple disks spun up or while doing a parity check I can hear the fans come on occasionally but it cools back down to 80f within a minute or so. This closet is in my home office so I usually leave the door cracked open an inch or two. The one heat issue I am having is with my cache drive. I used a motherboard mounted Nvme drive and it gets very hot. I get multiple warnings from the unRAID dashboard while it's in use. Have any of you had this same issue or know if a heat sink would help?
  11. I had power on the other side of the wall in the living room so I jumped off that and installed a new outlet behind the rack. Unless your closet is on an exterior wall you probably have one close by.
  12. I just built a new rack style server to replace my 10 year old tower and did a server closet upgrade at the same time. before After
  13. I have a running machine with a pro license but the usb stick is one of those flimsy ones that extends out and only the plastic part fits in the slot. I have knocked it out before while accessing the back and I'm afraid that I may break it one day. I would like to move the whole configuration over to a new "mini" drive
  14. Would the process be the same for replacing a usb stick that already has a pro license?