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  1. I decided to get one of both of these... & did NOT get the $25 off applied even though I paid via Visa Checkout.
  2. Toshiba X300 HDWE160XZSTA 6TB Internal Hard Drive (2-year limited warranty) ~ $169.99 Seagate - Backup Plus Hub 8TB External USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive - Black (2 year warranty... though likely void if they can tell you removed it... not sure) ~ $169.99 or $25 off with VISA Checkout Discount = $144.99 Not what I had hoped drive prices & availability would be, but seems to be the best large hard drive prices for this year.
  3. Latest version (VirtualBox 5.0.16 compiled for new unRAID v6.1.9) compiled by theone has been uploaded and is available now.
  4. The latest compiled version by theone is uploaded and available.
  5. VirtualBox 5.0.12 compiled for unRAID v6.1.6 is uploaded and available now.
  6. VirtualBox 5.0.10 compiled for unRAID v6.1.4 is uploaded and available now.
  7. VirtualBox 5.0.10 compiled for unRAID v6.1.3 is uploaded and available now.
  8. It's uploaded & available now. Had a long week with long days everyday and today is my first chance to get this up.
  9. Should be available now. Sorry for the delay.
  10. New version is uploaded and linked; available for downloading.
  11. It is uploaded and linked; available for downloading.
  12. I just upgraded my main server from 6beta12 to 6rc1. I stopped my 4 dockers before upgrading (not sure if I needed to, but made sense to do so) via the unRAID GUI. All seems to have gone well. Will upgrade my backup server next time I power it up. I rebooted after the upgrade (like I was prompted to do). Under Settings, I went to start Docker and see this message "Your existing Docker image file needs to be recreated due to an issue from an earlier beta of unRAID 6. Failure to do so may result in your docker image suffering corruption at a later time." There is a checkbox to delete the docker image file, so I clicked it then apply. The message is still displayed... but I was able to start Docker and all my Docker Containers fine... and all are running like before. The warning message is still displayed. I suspect this may be covered elsewhere (perhaps would not have shown up if I had upgraded each time a new beta came out)? I will search for it later, but thought I would share that everything seems to be good. Thanks for all the work that has gone into this!
  13. Latest compiled file (vbox-4.3.26-unRAID-3.19.4-x64.tgz) has been uploaded.
  14. It is up now. Let me know if there are download issues or md5 is off, but should be good. And yes, She/Her
  15. I received an e-mail from Newegg that they were starting their own program, similar to ShopRunner (allowing free faster shipping), but only for Newegg purchases. My ShopRunner account is free because I have my AmEx on file with them... Newegg's program is not free.
  16. Many versions back of VirtualBox and when there was no unRAID 6, I wrote this guide: Most of the information specific links are out-dated and no longer available... if you just need an overview and can find newer versions of web servers and such, it "might" help you. If you need specific instructions and don't want to look into newer or different versions, avoid it. Once the guide was good, but things kept changing and I was unable to dedicate the time to keep it up. I'm working lots of overtime at work and recently moved to a new place (still trying to get everything unpacked and settled in)... so I won't be able to do any updating in the foreseeable future.
  17. Link now says "No Product Found" ... probably was a mistake.
  18. As with other good deals from Frys, this is only available for local store pickup. Why does this company have a website if they won't ship anything? Closest store is in another state... on the far side of the state from me.
  19. No Frys in the state of Florida (where I live). Closest is Georgia, near Atlanta. Best price I have seen on this drive... wish I could easily get it for this price. Is Frys like Costco & Sam's Club (where you pay a membership fee to be able to shop there)?
  20. Since this is another Tiger Direct deal, decided to repost this information: Paypal has $25 off all Tiger Direct orders over $100 (no code needed). I have a free Shoprunner account for having my AmEx card stored with ShopRunner... giving free shipping from Tiger Direct right now. Here are 2 links with details on this if you want to see if you can qualify for the free account: I used both of these on the HP microserver, but this hard drive also qualifies for both deals. I was hoping for better hard drive deals today also, but do still have one extra I purchased last year as a spare. Maybe "Cyber Monday" will have some better deals on HDs?
  21. Some possible further discounts to apply to this: I have a free Shoprunner account for having my AmEx card stored with ShopRunner... giving free shipping from Tiger Direct right now. Paypal has $25 off all Tiger Direct orders over $100 (no code needed). I was charged $10.08 tax, but with all these deals together am getting this for $165.07.
  22. Uploaded latest files compiled by theone. Let me know if there are any issues.