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  1. Disabling the GPU on the SuperMicro board will break IPMI so that really isn’t a solution even if it fixes the problem. Also, I don’t know why it works for others but not those of us with this issue. But the fact that it works in other OS environments and not in the Unraid environment means it has to be something in the Unraid environment. What other conclusion could their be?
  2. It’s certainly possible it’s related to IPMI. However, as I said, no issues occur in other OSes so it’s still some kind of issue in the Unraid environment. My server is located 4 hours away in a different state in a house that doesn’t always have people there so IPMI is not optional for me. I would be happy to try to troubleshoot this issue with the developers if they need any assistance.
  3. This is not a hardware issue. Hardware transcoding works fine with other OSes. This issue only exists in Unraid. It is 100% a software issue of some kind in this environment.
  4. The issue occurs independent of the application you’re using to transcode. It happens with me with Plex. It also happens to me with Handbrake.
  5. I’m currently on 6.9.2 and I have an E3 1275v6 so that shouldn’t make a difference unfortunately. edit: current system specs:
  6. Were you ever able to figure something out with your Intel GPU causing lock ups? I’ve been having the same issue.
  7. AES-NI is required for version 2.4 and any future versions. They plan to maintain version 2.3 for a while to hold peopl over until they can upgrade their hardware. You could always use the hardware you have no and upgrade when you get some equipment.
  8. Why not just pick up a cheap standalone box to act as your pfSense router? Then you don't run that risk. Backup your configuration in pfSense and restore on your new hardware and it'll be like nothing changed. Edit: oops, just looked at your most recent post and saw you're looking to do this already.
  9. Can you give us the ability in the settings to set all the flags on our own? The -X flag to copy extended attributes is causing a ReiserFS error and thus causing a move to fail. I tried using my own flags but realized, after it failed again and looking at the logs, that putting custom flags in the settings page just adds those flags in addition to your standard flags. Please give an option for us to use only our custom flags. It’s not a huge deal. I’m just running the rsync operation from the command line for now.
  10. Seems to be working ok for me on 6.4.0. Thanks StevenD!
  11. When my parity was 8TB I used a Seagate Archive and then a WD Gold. Both were great but I did notice a bit of difference between the Archive and the Gold. I’ve since swapped the 8TB Gold for a 10TB Gold.
  12. Once it dies go with a Ubiquiti wireless AP. Goes nicely with a pfSense router.
  13. What about a Chromebook? There are quite a few RDP clients for ChromeOS.
  14. I’m using one of these with pfSense. It only had a single Intel NIC so I removed the wireless card that was in the M.2 slot, popped out the VGA port from the back, and put one of these in the M.2 slot. That was the only M.2 NIC I could find with an Intel chip. The cable for the network port is fished through where the VGA port was. A little jerry rigged, I know, but better than using a USB Realtek NIC. It’s been awesome.
  15. I used an HTPC for years, from 2008 to 2015, running various different PCs. Usually demo units I got free from work and I’d throw in a video card for hardware accelerated video playback until Intel started supporting that in their integrated GPU. I used XBMC/Kodi for playback. Once the 4th gen Apple TV, which finally supported apps, came out I ditched the HTPC and have been using those with the Plex app. Perfect setup IMO. Man this got me thinking about what I’ve used for playback since I started downloading movies/TV. In 2000 I started with a 5 disc DVD changer that supported SVCD playback. SVCD movies 70 minutes or longer were split up into 2 discs since they were burnt to CDs and too large for one disc so the changer let me avoid having to get up midway through to change the disc. After that in 2003 or 2004 I got a Philips DVD player that supported Xvid playback so I could burn complete Xvid movies, in higher quality than SVCD, to a single disc. And finally in 2005 or so, what I though was nirvana at the time, Philips introduced a newer DVD player that also supported Xvid but had a USB port so I could throw a Xvid movie on a USB drive in less than a minute and then just plug it in and watch. It was awesome. Instead of wasting $50 on a spindle of blank CD/DVDs I could spend that money on external hard drives, keep all my movies on there, and just copy a movie to the USB drive when I wanted to watch it. This is actually what lead me to discover UNRAID. I wound up with 5 external hard drives of ever increasing size that I started to get worried about one dying and losing hundreds of movies.
  16. Thanks for that review link. That last one they list is pretty cool, though it won't be out until the end of the summer. It will have accompanying apps for most of the big TV platforms (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV) plus your iOS and Android so you can get your broadcast channels in an app instead of having to switch over to the tuner input on your TV. Price is a little steep at $149.99 at launch but hopefully that will come down.
  17. Sorry to bump this thread from a month ago but I wanted to respond to this. If your concern is breaking news coverage of that type then why not just get an antenna? The broadcast networks are going to interrupt normal programming to cover any major news events and you can get them over the air for free with an antenna. You can get a 35 mile range indoor one on Amazon for $12.99. The talking heads of CNN, MSNBC and Fox aren't necessary for important news coverage. Plus, you can watch a lot of their content on their websites for free.
  18. We're pretty much and Apple(TV)/Plex only household here. We only have 1 TV and have a 4th gen Apple TV hooked to it. We use that for Plex and Netflix. For Amazon Prime video we have to AirPlay from one of our iPhones or iPads to the Apple TV. The big rumor this week though was that a native Amazon Prime video app will be coming to the Apple TV in June. Finally. We also use HBO Go and Showtime Anytime on the Apple TV thanks to a login from my wife's parents Comcast account. We also both sometimes watch Plex, etc. on our iPhones, iPads or MacBooks. We have no cable TV service. For controlling it we use the Apple TV remote. We can turn the TV on/off with it, as well as turn the volume up and down on my speakers. The only other remote we have is the remote to turn on/off my old Logitech Z-5500s which is what we use for sound. They're 10 years old at this point but they still work wonderfully and have awesome sound. They get sound from the optical out port on the TV. Internet is symmetrical gigabit Fios from Verizon. Thanks to all the upload capacity we have lots of friends and family streaming from my Plex.
  19. There's also a 15TB version.
  20. I use SickGear, which is another fork of SB. It was the only one that downloaded episodes the way I wanted to. I like to download every quality copy of a show that comes out, from 720p HDTV on up through 1080p bluray. That way I'm assured I have the best quality copy that's out there. SickRage will download 2 qualities then just stop, regardless of whether you have it set to download higher qualities. Apparently this is a known issue with no plans for it to be fixed. I've thought about trying out Sonarr but SickGear works so well for me that I've never bothered to. I did however make the jump from CP to Radarr after using CP for over 5 years. CP was really finicky and would often not download things on my watch list or it would download some weird/shitty copy of whatever movie. Radarr just works.
  21. Will this install and run under unRAID 5.x? If so can you control it from the command line? I have an old tower with a 5 in 3 trayless cage that I use for preclears/wiping drives I'm selling. I use a version of 5 because I can preclear the drives without mounting them/adding them to the array and fire up screen in a remote terminal session and monitor them that way. It'd be nice if I can replace bjp999's script and use this since this is apparently faster.
  22. Thanks, that looks like exactly what I was looking for! I'll give it a shot!
  23. Yeah, I guess the point was I was trying to avoid having to do it disk by disk for each show and would like to be able to choose the top level directory for that show from the share and then choose the destination disk and that's it.
  24. Sorry if this has already been answered/requested but would it be possible to add an option/feature so you you could do a move from a user share folder to a specific disk? For example say /TVShows/Game Of Thrones is split across disks 2,3,5,7,8,9. I'd like to consolidate Game of Thrones down to just disk 7. Years ago when I first set my server up I had split levels set up incorrectly so I've got a ton of TV shows split across multiple disks and I'd like to consolidate them. I can do it manually via midnight commander or the command line but it would be nice to have an easy GUI to do it with.
  25. Back when I used Kodi/XBMC I used an add-on that handled backing up the library to a share on my server for me. It had options to set how many backup copies you wanted to keep and it would delete anything older above that set threshold automatically. I don't remember exactly what the name was but I found it in the built in list of available add-one.