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  1. Is this what you are looking for ? https://web.archive.org/web/20210127070720/https://raw.githubusercontent.com/petersm1/openvpn_client_x64/master/openvpn_client_x64.plg
  2. Oh my. This is some really bad news as far as I am concerned. I heavily rely on the possibility to have en OpenVPN server running on Unraid (not the OpenVPN-server-AS docker container). Is there any way I can backup the plugin from my machine where it is already installed so that I can reinstall it in case I need to ?
  3. No, not yet. I am planning on doing another test when I upgrade to Unraid v6.9.x (I am currently running v 6.8.3), or when I change my CPU (I am planning to maybe upgrade to a Xeon E3 1275v6 or the like one of these mornings).
  4. You can also check out the no_ransom script by @binhex to add an extra layer of security on your files. If practicable with your use case, I also recommend accessing the files hosted by Unraid with a user having only "read-only" access, and using a user with read/write access only when you strictly need to.
  5. Well, as stated, I don't want to delete any file, I want to wipe the free space. So shred is not a solution. But thank you anyway. Op
  6. It turns out this little script seems to do the job: #!/bin/bash DISKNUMBER="1" # Set the disk number which free space should be wiped dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/disk"$DISKNUMBER"/zero.small.file bs=1024 count=102400 cat /dev/zero > /mnt/disk"$DISKNUMBER"/zero.large.file sync ; sleep 5 ; sync rm /mnt/disk"$DISKNUMBER"/zero.small.file rm /mnt/disk"$DISKNUMBER"/zero.large.file unset DISKNUMBER I have just tested it in a screen session. The disk filled up as expected and then the "zero.small.file" and "zero.large.file" were deleted to free up the space back. The
  7. Can any of those be used to wipe free space and not files or entire disk?
  8. Hi all, I would like to wipe the free space on my array (not the actual files). Is the command is this post (dd if=/dev/random >/dev/disk??/big_file) still the best way to do so or is there a newer/better way? I understand that running this command creates a full-disk error condition and therefore a risk of cascading failures. Best, OP
  9. Same. I would love to know how to use a USB camera with the a Motioneye docker.
  10. Thank you @jonathanm. Very relevant comment. I added a new section to the initial post: "3. WHEN?", in order to address this issue. Best, OP
  11. If anyone is interested, below is a link to the script I wrote and which performs a backup of LUKS headers:
  12. If anyone is interested, below is a link to the script I wrote and which performs a backup of LUKS headers: