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  1. The screws you need are located here: I would consider PMing Rajahal to see if he has any extras from the batch he bought a few months back. I bought a few off him instead of buying 100 of em.
  2. It's awesome except for the lack of DTS, but that affects all iPad media players.
  3. I use Serviio as the server and nPlayer as my media player. nPlayer supports AC3 but not DTS.
  4. I'd rather not upgrade to rc13 because of all the problems it's been having. I just remembered that disk2 is a 2TB disk. I'm going to try to get disk2 to 1TB to see if I can confirm your hypothesis.
  5. That doesn't fix the problem either. Not really sure what could be the problem at this point. Both drives have the root directory on them, but it just won't write to Disk 4 for whatever reason!
  6. In the Config\Shares folder on the flash drive, there's a .CFG file for each of your shares. It will have a shareInclude=<...> line and a shareExclude=<...> line that will list all of the included and excluded disks. You should NOT set both of these manually ... you set one; then UnRAID simply lists all of the other disks on the opposing list. I don't know what happens if you set them manually, and the intersection of the two sets isn't exactly the complete set of disks. But, for example, your Files.CFG should have these three lines in it (among others): shareInclude=disk3,disk4 shareExclude=disk1,disk2 shareAllocator=highwater I removed the excludes from the settings page like you suggested. The config file now reads: shareInclude="disk3,disk4" shareExclude="" shareUseCache="no" shareAllocator="highwater" shareSplitLevel="999" So it seems the settings are being written correctly. Not sure what the deal is
  7. What file does the settings page write to? I could find it manually and see what is being set in the file.
  8. Disk 3 is a 2TB while Disk 4 is a 1TB, so the high water mark should have been crossed by now. All of my non-cache-only shares are set to High Water.
  9. As I mentioned, SimpleFeatures doesn't allow you to type in the disk names. It uses a checkbox system:
  10. I use SimpleFeatures. It is my understanding that the capitalization and spacing is just a formatting decision on the developer's part and that's not how the actual config is written. What file does that config screen write to? I could check to see what the file looks like and go from there.
  11. This is the current setup of one of my shares: Essentially, I want the share to be allocated with the high-water method over Disks 3 (2TB) and 4 (1TB). However, this is how my drives are filling up: So my question is, why isn't any data being written to Disk 4? I have split level disabled so that shouldn't be the problem. Do I have something setup wrong? Please help!
  12. I also recommend the Fractal Design Node 304 for your mini-ITX case needs