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  1. I dig your case choice . You should show us what it looks like inside.
  2. Plex has its own SSD. I use the same SSD for transcoding. The data is read from the array like normal. Could it be as simple as I was saturating the SSD?
  3. Thank you. Again, I appreciate you guys. Any idea why parity check would cause issues with this?
  4. Is there a quick script to reverse this? Not really a linux guy and I want to remove it for testing. Edit: Ok i'm dumb. Editing any property on the docker container seems to reset the patch.
  5. This might be completely unrelated, but I thought I would share: I have a p2000 and I added the patch for both decode and encode. When parity check started running, I was getting random failures in plex. Sometimes it would buffer endlessly. Sometimes it would start and then stop video. Remote users were unable to view libraries. However, the moment I stopped the parity check, everything went back to normal. I wouldn't report this here, but this setup has been running fine with the same users, devices, and with parity check every month without issues for 2 years. The only new things are the patch and the latest build of unraid. I hope this is helpful. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
  6. You can always reinforce it. But I weigh over 200 pounds and I can stand on it. Plus I run all of the heavy stuff at the bottom of the rack anyway.
  7. It's a custom wood frame build roughly based on this guide. https://tombuildsstuff.blogspot.com/2014/02/diy-server-rack-plans.html My build is a 16U instead of 20, I omitted a few of things like wheels (furniture movers work just fine on wood floors). I don't have a real use for a rear door either.
  8. Norco 4224 case 9x 6TB 6x 4TB 2x 500GB SSD 1x 1TB SSD Intel® Core™ i7-5820K Asus X99-DELUXE 32 GB DDR4 Nvidia P2000 3x LSI 9211-8i This has been updated a little since these pictures were taken. I'll update here when I take new pictures.
  9. Are there any drawbacks to running the decode patch? For reference, I have a p2000 I would be testing this on.
  10. As a software engineer, I very very much appreciate the dark theme.
  11. I am one of the unlucky few who has a provider that blocks access to port 80. I ended up giving up on this docker and going with reverse proxy inside IIS. I already had a Windows VM running on unraid. I can do a write-up if anyone is interested.
  12. Cox customer as well. I have nothing important to add. Watching this thread closely hoping someone figures it out.
  13. Is there a guide somewhere on how to set up a cloudflare ssl with Unraid 6.4?
  14. Seems the creator is having issues as well. He's asking for help below. https://forum.linuxserver.io/thread-495.html?highlight=phlex
  15. Same here. Nothing. Is the developer a member here?