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  1. If you have a configured NFS share, and you stop NFS in Settings, nfsd does not stop and the share is still in /etc/exports.
  2. Not sure any passwords should be stored in clear text... Go to vars -> _SERVER -> PHP_AUTH_PW
  3. Thanks for the reply :) Just 2x 2.5" HDDs. I'm using the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue since I've uninstalled the Unassigned Devices plugin, which seems like a probable cause.
  4. I occasionally have an issue where my two disk BTRFS cache pool device fails on wake after sleep. It appears the cache disk devices, intermittently, aren't ready available in time, and the BTRFS cache pool goes offline. Is there a way to tune a timeout for this? I'll gather logs next time it happens.
  5. Only two days later I had a chance to test that command enforcing spindown on wakeup. It seems to fix the issue, but I wonder if this should be resolved by running this command by default via the S3 sleep plugin. Or, perhaps Limetech may have more of an idea on how to resolve drive state mismatches like this natively, rather than relying on plugins / users to discover and solve it.
  6. Since 6.4.* (currently running 6.4.1), unRAID is not detecting disk spin down properly. In the GUI it shows them spun down, however a temperature is shown. Here's an example I've just taken, see screenshot for reference. This affects the sleep plugin, as I require inactive drives before sleep. My server hasn't been sleeping for the past few weeks due to this bug. Just to confirm, these drives are not being kept spun up due to disk activity. If I manually spin up and then spin down again, and I confirm all drives do not show a temperature, they stay spun down. hdparm -C /dev/sdc /dev/sdc: drive state is: active/idle hdparm -C /dev/sde /dev/sde: drive state is: active/idle hdparm -C /dev/sdd /dev/sdd: drive state is: standby
  7. Having same issue - Cheers bonienl
  8. Margarita 1.7 released to support 6.3. Available on the App Store Sorry for the delay!
  9. Margarita2Go 1.3 released to support unRAID 6.3. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/margaritatogo/id884412321 Sorry for the delay!
  10. Hi - I will be working on it soon. I've just got back from a months vacation in Japan, work was busy before I left.
  11. No issues with SmartBackup / Baccus here, running 6.3.0 since an earlier pre-release.
  12. Just letting everyone know - I will be updating Margarita with support for the new security features within the next few weeks.
  13. Just letting everyone know - I will be updating MargaritaToGo with support for the new security features within the next few weeks.
  14. You're think it's ahahi? That package has not changed in almost a year. Not sure - would need to do some testing. I doubt it's Avahi... would be interesting to see what you see if you use avahi-browse -a at your end. Use dns-sd -B if you have a Mac to test with as well.
  15. Strange, but it's now working. Avahi services must cache, even after a reload. Changing the hostname manually fixed the issue. cat /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf ..... host-name=Storage
  16. Doesn't seem to make a difference - unfortunately a restart of the service re-generates a new config file.
  17. The SMB and AFP avahi services are showing in capital letters, and I've verified this is not a Finder issue (searched bonjour services and confirmed same thing). The unRAID server identifier name, and the hostname of the server, isn't capitalised. Example: Storage -> STORAGE I've had this problem for as long as I can remember, on multiple macOS client machines over multiple OS versions. Anyone else experience this? I see it's just taking the %h var in the avahi service config, that may be the culprit. Just my OCD, but it occasionally annoys me
  18. Hi Spence, That's a real shame - that doesn't echo the experience of most other users here. Unfortunately troubleshooting those rare intermittent issues can be difficult and time consuming, and you really need industry professionals to assist. Did you contact Limetech with your issues / logs? My experience with the Limetech team has been nothing but stellar. For your share mounting issue, feel free to email me with logs following these instructions: http://www.pixeleyes.co.nz/automounter/support/index.html#collectlogs Cheers, Andrew
  19. Hiya - my recommendation would be to create a new thread in General Support. First start with checking Network Utility to see if you have any packet errors, and check unRAID server logs for any signs of issues.
  20. You shouldn't have an issue maintaining a connection, if you're not changing networks etc. Sounds like another issue... AutoMounter will re-mount your shares if they eject themselves, but if that's happening often then perhaps you have a network issue.
  21. Just FYI, if this is a problem that is preventing the use of AutoMounter, you can remove the ftp logging entries by using SED: sed -i "/\b\(vsftpd\)\b/d" /var/log/syslog Worst case you can cron that command every few hours until another solution presents itself. I can't see a configuration option in vsftp to limit that logging..
  22. Yikes, are logs stored in RAM only? Perhaps unRAID should implement log rolling with compression too perhaps... what would happen if a drive spat a ton of IO errors? unRAID would run out of memory?
  23. Yes, this is AutoMounter initiating a connection on that port and then disconnecting straight away. This is to determine if the service is available. Connection initiation logging shouldn't really be enabled by default, I'd make a recommendation to Limetech to disable it.
  24. Hi there - try changing the share type between AFP or SMB. Cheers.