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  1. Looks really nice - will definitely be checking this out!
  2. The only plugins I have installed were via unMenu's package manager: - unMenu 1.6 - Screen - APCUPSD - DS_Store and ._ file cleanup script - unRAID Status Alert sent hourly by e-mail (Party check progress email) - Monthly parity check - Clean powerdown
  3. Yup - upgrade definitely. There's no point in considering making v3 optional if it's going to produce errors. The core platform must always be pushed towards 100% stability IMHO.
  4. Thanks - I've taken you up on your offer. I've been meaning to play around with virtualisation etc.
  5. After upgrading to v5 I noticed that shares don't respect files set to hidden under windows. This worked fine under 4.7 but as soon as I upgraded everything became visible. Existing hidden files are now visible, setting a file to hidden on the share has no effect and hidden files copied to a share become visible again. Does anyone know what happened or if I can re-enable this functionality? I use it to hide folder icons, album art and sync data for my backup tools. It would be great to get rid of the visual clutter again.
  6. Encouraging the use of country tags in the For Sale & Good Deals sections would be nice for those of us outside of the US.
  7. Check the gs_data hidden folder on the server. The default setting is for goodsync to keep a copy of all deleted files for about 30 days. You'll need to change these settings on a per-job basis. From the Goodsync website:
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I couldn't decide if I wanted one last time and missed out - not this time! John
  9. Now that I'm home from work I've got some speakers on my PC and can listen to the clips. That's the exact same noise my two Seagate drives make. It's just the drive arm operating - nothing to be concerned about and, unfortunately, nothing you can do about it. I've just learned to ignore it.
  10. I've got 2 Seagate drives that occasionally make a strange beep noise. I posted about it here. It seems to happen during spinup and as write operations are starting. I did a bit of further digging and it seems the noise is the drive head un-parking (if that's a word ) I've been running the drives for 18 months now and had no problems - I've just accepted that these drives make a weird noise. Hope this helps you track down your beep. John
  11. That wasn't how I read it on the unRAID site. I recently upgraded my Plus key to Pro and was wondering about getting a second as I'm potentially building another server in the near future. To me it says you're upgrading your existing license - not guaranteeing an upgrade of a second key to be bought some time in the future. So if I'd bought the 2-pack I could upgrade both, but having only bought one I was only entitled to the single key upgrade. Maybe we can get some concrete confirmation - I'd be very interested to hear Tom's take on this as I'm still considering a second key and would purchase a second Pro key at the Plus price.
  12. I'm keen to give this a go. I've got a test machine ready to set up. Can I build it from git or should I wait for your 0.1 release to try it out?
  13. The high-water allocation won't write across all disks. It starts filling one until it reaches half full then starts filling another disk and so on. There's a good explanation on the wiki here. I'm assuming you were writing to an User Share. If you're concerned about spin up not working try sharing the individual disks, wait for it to spin down, then write to that specific WD drive. It should definitely spin up and write in that situation.
  14. Great, thanks! Installed screen and newperms and all went well. I was expecting a parity-check length process which is why I was worried. Turns out it only took about 30 mins. John