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  1. Thanks, got it up and running now. I did detect -- load drivers -- and save. Now its displaying my cpu and MB temp! Kinda found the right sensors from the description and checked the BIOS for confirmation hehe
  2. Ok thanks! so I can't choose only to install PERL I get the entire packed so to speak?
  3. Hey, I'm about to install System temp. And have red the wiki and forum posts. I'm wondering where i can find the latest version of PERL which is correct for unRAID. I found a link in a forum posts for v.5.18.1 but I guess this is outdated now. Any help would be nice
  4. Thanks for the quick replies guys! I understand, then it really doesn't matter that much since I disabled the export of disk shares, and use only user shares. Just like to know where files are placed little OCD problem I didnt think of the Help button in the GUI, thanks
  5. Hey, I've used split level 0 since i started using unRAID; media tv shows Series seasons episodes Same for movies; media movies moviefolder videofile I manually created the folder media on my disks. Then added movies for disk 1. tv shows for disk 2 etc under the media share. But now i need to expand to my other disks. My question is can I use the option for "split level automatically split any directory as required"? Or do I need to do something else? I'm thinking this will maybe mix tv shows folders with my movie folders? Im using allocation method High-water.
  6. @uldise-- i don't think there is yet. Only the version 6.1 RC5 which suppresses the log entries. Like Squid said; I just chose to ignore it until it gets fixed somehow.
  7. Ok, thanks for the information Squid really appreciate it! I'll see if I just "ignore" the entries or update to RC5. The system is running fine right now so I'll probably just Ignore it.
  8. Yeah windows 10 is far from "perfect" yet... problems will come and go I guess. The 6.1 RC5 supresses the log entires? so really it just hides them? I'm running 6.0.1 can Install it within unRAID or do I need to format and manually install it? (6.1-rc5)
  9. anyone found a fix for this problem? I have noticed tons of these entries in the syslog after i upgraded to windows 10 on my main machine. (my main win10 pc) om running unRAID 6.0.1
  10. I also noticed these log entries-- trying your method and see if it resolves it!
  11. Thanks for the reply tdallen! aha, OK I understand. shouldn't really be a problem if the device assignment changes so that's good to know. OK thanks!
  12. Hi. I purchased a supermicro sas2lp-mv8 some time ago, but never had the need to install it before now. Im expanding my array and I wondered if any problems will happen if I switch sata ports on different drives? Does it make any difference if the parity or a data drive is connected to example-- sata port 1 or 4? Also when adding the drives to the controller card is there anything i should be aware of? Or do unRAID fix this automatically thanks for any tips info!