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  1. Ok, cool. Thanks a lot. So: Bios Setting: Advanced --> AMD CBS --> Zen Common Options --> Global C-state Control Any idea how/when this hard lock happens? As I mentioned, the last day it was running fine. Maybe because the parity checks kept the system busy?
  2. Diagnostics after installing mcelog.
  3. I just found out that white label disks (I bought the 8TBs on eBay) are often from shucked external drives and require the 3.3V fix. Will try. But how come I had both being detected? Maybe I used one splitted port? Boy, this is like a diary entry again. Last time I also answered my own question. 😅
  4. Hello everyone, I just recently started tinkering with unraid and really love it so far. But I am having problems with two drives. One cache drive (64GB SSD) and another one (new one) that I wanted to add to my array. Both disks have been formatted to XFS in unraid. So I have no idea why it gives me those errors. What is odd, is the displayed filesystem "auto". Would really appreciate some help here. Thank you very much in advance. makin EDIT: Ok, after checking on some similar threads with the same problem I stumbled upon the soluti