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  1. Joseph

    [PhAzE] Plugins for Unraid 5/6

    Space Invader's videos are da bomb! I'm in the newbie camp myself and his tutorials are useful and easy to follow. He's very methodical and detailed. Usually if he tells you that need certain things, there are texts/links in the description so you can just cut n paste. Once things are humming along you can for the most part have a set it and forget it box--but because unRaid is so powerful, I think you'll always want to do more with it. Hang in there!!
  2. Joseph

    Make unRAID Gorgeous Again

    @digitalformula, I have 6.6 running on a backup server... so I could test it on that one I guess.... where do I find/fish out the themes on 6.5.3?
  3. Joseph

    Share Your Banners

    Where do I find the official/optimal settings for custom banners? Is it correct to gather from this post all banners should be 1920x90 to avoid stretching?
  4. Dear unRAID, No disrespect to all the hard work that has gone into the new v6.6 interface and under the hood refinements. However, the Black theme is too harsh on the eyes. For example, the white font is too bright white and the gradient tabs and other gradients that make it easy on the eyes are gone. Also, the buttons aren't as pretty and they are just too visually "loud" It would also be nice for banners to get stretched or pinched as a browser windows is resized. Please please PLEASE add a classic theme to the display options so the users have the option to have a v6.5.3 Black theme. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!!
  5. Joseph

    Share Your Banners

  6. Joseph

    Share Your Banners

    Agreed. +1 Ugh! 6.6 moved my cheese! Please @Limetech, @Bonienl put it back. Your banner looks good though bruh! 👍
  7. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    I'll give that a shot.... I should probably just backup the entire appdata folder as its been awhile since I've done that. UPDATE: Took way too long to copy the 50GB appdata folder to an SSD. Also, I found a page on the EMBY site as to why Emby was crashing on search. Turns out, according to Luke the EMBY admin, the two choices to fix the crashing are: * Remove your music library, run a library scan, then add the music library back * Use a database editing tool to remove or update the saved audiodb urls I was unable to run the VACCUM cleaner successfully until I performed one of the two above (I used the first method.) If you want to use the 2nd one, you can follow the instructions from evil_beast666 found here in this discussion: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61373-emby-server-crashes-when-using-search/ After removing the music library and adding it back, I still had to copy the library.db folder to another directory to get the VACCUM commands to work. [I think I have permission issues in my appdata folder and I'm not sure what to do... if anything at all.] However, this time when I put the file back in the appdata folder EMBY launched ok with the smaller library file. I ran a library scan just to make sure. No crashes as of yet, and everything seems to be "working", but sadly, I don't think I'm seeing any performance improvements... in fact search seems to take longer for some reason.
  8. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    Thanks... mine says 2000000000, which is 2GB; so I don't think mine needs to be changed.
  9. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    Where do you do that @dougnliz?
  10. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    I'll give that a shot.... I should probably just backup the entire appdata folder as its been awhile since I've done that.
  11. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    Ok, so I tried this last night. Not only did I back up the library.db file, but I also copied it to another location, ran the commands (which shaved about 100M) and then copied the new file back in place. After doing that, Emby would no longer launch. So, I put the old library.db file back in place and Emby launched ok. Thoughts from anyone as to why Emby doesn't like the vacuumed library.db?
  12. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    Thanks...don't see why you can't just download a sqlite package made for unraid, install it (if its not stand alone) and run the commands from the unraid terminal. But, I'll try what you said with a VM. Thanks.
  13. Joseph

    New Emby Docker

    Does anyone know how to do this "vacuum" in unraid or the unraid console? It looks like you need sqlite3 but I have no idea where to get it much less how to install it on unraid. Thanks. HOWTO: Periodically clean up and reindex Emby Library.db https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/60715-howto-periodically-clean-up-and-reindex-emby-librarydb/
  14. Joseph

    New (other) HDDs on eBay

    Thanks. The frustrating thing is, IMHO, enterprise class 4TBs HDDs should well be below $89 in 2018.
  15. Joseph

    New (other) HDDs on eBay

    Thanks guys. I think I've asked this before and know the answer already. Those cheap White Label drives... avoid?