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  1. Ditto. Ironically, mine was Disk 3 as well and I lost the entire disk; long story, but it was no fault of unRAID. (Thanks again Johnathan for helping me recover what I could as best I could.) Anyways, I would prioritize what would be the hardest to recover and keep that stuff on the array freespace and whatever is easiest to recover on an external HDD (assuming you have one) If you're comfortable with the Krusader docker that will be a good tool to assist.
  2. Joseph

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    Ok, so I can fumble my way around your code and with the use of google-fu--if I had to guess--I think I understand that you set it up so when you hover over a button, it turns grey, and at some point there is some sort of gradient of blues when its not grey. (of course, I may be way off) All that to say, I don't understand how unRAID knows what button(s) you're referring too...how does it know you want to replace the orange buttons? Not looking for a lesson in coding... just pointing out how frustrating it is that I didn't learn coding when I was younger. Anyways, thanks for sharing the update.
  3. Joseph

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    OMG! First, I love, Love, LOVE this!! Its the closest thing I've seen so far that makes me want to upgrade my production unRAID box off of 6.5.3. (See my feature request below about my disappointment with the button/tab colors being too harsh in v6.6) Within my post, @digitalformula mentions something about CSS as well... So tell me, what is this Stylus chrome plugin and how where do I learn about making CSS changes? With a little luck, I might be able to make a few changes to v6.6 myself. PS. Is there any way you can share your banner/CSS with the community? Its really Slick! 😎
  4. I agree with every point you've made. The right thing for EMBY to do is to push a warning out to the EMBY dashboard to let everyone know. A peripheral thought is I would hope the devs for unRAID would give its community full notice if something this egregious was ever discovered on an unRAID stable release.
  5. Is it possible to setup a container so that files can only be added or changed, but not deleted/destroyed? I think windows has that option through its permissions interface. IMHO, as far as Emby goes, the devs ought to just remove the media KILL switch and one can use Krusader or samba if they want to delete something.
  6. Thanks for point that out... I too will research the topic.
  7. Man that sucks! 🙁 I use the recycle bin and from what I can tell, any media that I delete in EMBY does not go in the bin.... so +1 for some kind of data loss prevention feature to be built in to future releases of unRAID.
  8. Joseph

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    👍 Hopefully they'll release a stable branch soon so I can try it.
  9. So nvidia cards can't be used with these unRAID dockers: EMBY (to transcode) or Handbrake (to encode x265)?
  10. Other random thoughts: Seems like the ribbon adapters in theory should work... I don't see why they have such mixed reviews on amazon. Also, they sell external enclosures for 16x cards, but they're kinda pricey
  11. lol, so true! If it was just a test bench mobo, I'd give it a shot. 🤪