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    Here's one I made, but I'm not in love with it.
  2. +1 here for poor network performance (well actually, I have 2 with poor network performance; but I digress) sorry for the noob questions, but consider the following: #disable SMB1 for security reasons [global] min protocol = SMB2 #Are the 3 space before the above setting necessary? [global] #Set Case Sensitivity - can comments go after [global]? case sensitive = true default case = lower #can comments go on the same line? preserve case = true short preserve case = true #vfs_recycle_start #Recycle bin configuration [global] syslog only = No log level = 0 vfs:0 #vfs_recycle_end * Is the syntax/formatting correct? (Does placement of CRs matter, placing comment lines after [global], etc.?) * Is it better to have just 1 [global] heading and put all global setting after it? * How does unRAID know when global instructions end? there's not [/global] or something to indicate. Thanks for any assistance that is offered!
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    For you code breakers out there...
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    Define “dark” 🤣
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    Makes me almost want to upgrade to unRAID 6.7 on my production box!
  6. I've been fighting slow network/transfer speeds for a while and I'm beginning to think its due to the onboard NICs on both unRAID boxes. Can someone recommend a solid Intel Dual Port 1Gb/E I should try? I apologize if this is the wrong thread for this type of post, but it seemed to me like it's the right topic. Thanks!
  7. Now you've got me curious on which ones might work... but I can't find the thread. If you could post a link, search terms, or point me to where this topic is, that would be great. Thanks!
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    a few more... I'll move the logo & Eagle towards the center so it doesn't fight the unraid text later.
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    Here's a couple of quick n dirty banner attempts.... share and enjoy!!
  10. Ditto. Ironically, mine was Disk 3 as well and I lost the entire disk; long story, but it was no fault of unRAID. (Thanks again Johnathan for helping me recover what I could as best I could.) Anyways, I would prioritize what would be the hardest to recover and keep that stuff on the array freespace and whatever is easiest to recover on an external HDD (assuming you have one) If you're comfortable with the Krusader docker that will be a good tool to assist.
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    Ok, so I can fumble my way around your code and with the use of google-fu--if I had to guess--I think I understand that you set it up so when you hover over a button, it turns grey, and at some point there is some sort of gradient of blues when its not grey. (of course, I may be way off) All that to say, I don't understand how unRAID knows what button(s) you're referring too...how does it know you want to replace the orange buttons? Not looking for a lesson in coding... just pointing out how frustrating it is that I didn't learn coding when I was younger. Anyways, thanks for sharing the update.