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  1. Squid's post in [SOLVED] Flash Drive Maintenance, Cleanup, De-Clutter? was marked as the answer   
    About the only thing which would be to remove any excess folders from /config/plugins that are from plugins which no longer installed.  Realistically though, most plugins would automatically remove their directories (or should).  However, there are also "system" folders (eg: dockerMan) which cannot be removed
    To get rid of excess templates for docker containers, go to Apps, Previous Apps and delete (check off and then delete) the ones which you are no longer / have no need for anymore
  2. Squid's post in /mnt/user original file location was marked as the answer   
    In case of a duplicate, the lowest numbered disk with the dupe takes precedence.  However, dupes should more or less be impossible to happen if you reference your appdata share by /mnt/user
  3. Squid's post in Mover....does not move was marked as the answer   
    Remove the mover tuning plugin and it should work then repost your diagnostics into it's support thread
  4. Squid's post in Damaged USB without a Backup was marked as the answer   
    Support can resend you your license key if you show them a copy and paste (no screenshots) of what appears within Tools - Registration 
  5. Squid's post in Killed a Process, Now All Shares Gone (Data Is Not) was marked as the answer   
  6. Squid's post in Docker containers fail to update was marked as the answer   
    Known issue with the current release of Apps and performing multiple upgrades at a time.  Fixed for next release (soon), but you container is updated...  An orphan however will get created which you can delete via Docker, Advanced View
  7. Squid's post in Krusader not moving files away from unprotected disk to array, while Windows does was marked as the answer   
    Without seeing the docker run command, what you're seeing is probably to be expected (and will happen on any OS -> not just Krusader / Unraid)
    Presumably, you've mapped something like /mnt or /mnt/user to /Unraid Shares
    What every OS in the world attempts to do is that when you're accessing everything from a single mount point, it will do a rename instead of a copy / delete to move the file.  Because the rename succeeds, effectively the file is still on the same drive.
    Windows works in this case because you're accessing each share from a different mount point (each share that appears within windows is a different mount).  Because the source and destination are different mount points Windows has to do a copy / delete since a rename will automatically fail.
    Probably the best thing to do here is either continue to use Windows for this type of operation or try Dynamix File Manager instead, or set up the shares so that they will move to the array, or work with /mnt/diskX exclusively within Krusader (do not mix copying / moving with /mnt/diskX and /mnt/user )
  8. Squid's post in [6.12.3] Docker Start/Stop Button does not work was marked as the answer   
    Docker Folders is marked as being incompatible / deprecated with 6.12. You want its replacement of Folder View
  9. Squid's post in Time Machine Quits Working After a Week or Two was marked as the answer   
    On the shares tab can you hit Calculate next to your time machine share.  That share is currently sitting on the cache drive and disk 1 (probably due to an initial misconfiguration).
    I think that the TM sparse file is actually on the cache drive which has currently 541G free space on it but your volume size limit for TM is set to 1TB, which means that this is going to fail.  (It takes a bit for TM to figure that one out)
    TM shares ultimately are only a single file (a .dmg) so it has to be placed on a single drive and the volume size limit also has to be set accordingly so that there is always that space available on the particular drive.
    TM setup issues have become somewhat of a mission for me as of late as there is very little information available online about NAS settings for this (it is technically an unsupported configuration from Apple), and this is where I am right now.
    Also, in my experience, ANY TM backup that gets interrupted for any reason what-so-ever will never be able to continue backing up.  Interruptions could be restarting the server, making changes to share settings etc.
  10. Squid's post in autostart file location was marked as the answer   
  11. Squid's post in PROBLEMS INSTALLING PLUGINS IN COMMUNITY APPS was marked as the answer   
    But what is the error that is appearing when installing?
  12. Squid's post in "Drive mounted read-only or completely full. " was marked as the answer   
    Make sure that in UPS settings that the system can read the UPS details correctly.  If not, change the Cable Type in the settings.  If the UPS daemon can't read the details properly you will get this spamming
  13. Squid's post in Hard Drive Diagnostics was marked as the answer   
    It'll be highlighted if you selected "Attributes" when clicking on the thumbs down.
    Probably the CRC error (total of 6) which isn't a huge deal and usually result of slight cabling issue.
  14. Squid's post in Setting up syslog doesn't produce any files was marked as the answer   
    Local syslog server is where you set where incoming syslogs go (from other system).
    Remote syslog server is where you set where outgoing syslogs go (to another system).
    For this to work on the same system, you need to set BOTH up since you want to both send and receive.
    Or you can just enable Mirror to Flash.  Simpler.  And also has the huge advantage of working with the array stopped.
  15. Squid's post in Help with Fix Common Plugin problem detected was marked as the answer   
    Sep 22 15:56:35 oscnhome mcelog: failed to prefill DIMM database from DMI data Sep 22 15:56:35 oscnhome mcelog: Kernel does not support page offline interface Nothing to worry about, but a BIOS update might silence.
    Also, FWIW every 30 seconds from there's a login via SSH that gets logged.  Very annoying to try and isolate any issues because of the constant logging due to that, and this will ultimately fill /var/log and cause issues
  16. Squid's post in does not load the webgui, help please was marked as the answer   
    It looks like the system up and rebooted on you a couple times trying to to get back up and running.
    FWIW, you're using two different part numbers of memory sticks.  Should be OK as the timings match between the two, but the most stable system is where matching sticks are used.
    Instead of using XMP/AMP profiles for the memory, try setting SPD speeds in the BIOS to run at the 2133 speed that the memory actually is instead of the overclocked speeds.
    Run Memtest for at least a couple of passes from the boot menu
  17. Squid's post in Can we remove warnings “Array unprotected” when no parity drive? was marked as the answer   
    No.  That little Exclamation Mark is always going to be there (And most users actually see the same thing on on their systems with cache only shares) 
  18. Squid's post in Trying unraid but have an issue with ethernet capped speed.. was marked as the answer   
    It should.  Most causes of this degradation would be
    Plugging the cable into a 100MB/s switch or a bad cable.
    Post your diagnostics if changing the cable doesn't help
  19. Squid's post in how to find the serial number of disabled drive was marked as the answer   
    It should show up in Main as either disabled with the drive.  Stopping the array should also show you the same things
  20. Squid's post in unRaid won't fully boot was marked as the answer   
    Its a call trace.  First thing to do would be to run memtest from the boot menu for minimum of a couple of passes (If you boot via UEFI, then you will need to temporarily switch to legacy boot in the bios)
    After that, try seeing if another flash drive set up with the OS will boot
  21. Squid's post in UHD Graphics 770 - no GPU in system display? was marked as the answer   
    Is it disabled in the BIOS?  You might need the dummy plug....
  22. Squid's post in Execution Errors was marked as the answer   
    Problem with 
    doesn't happen on Plex because 
    For the execution errors we need the docker run command for one of the containers that gives that when starting it.
    For the actual Plex issue, the best place to ask is in Plex's forums and include Plex's logs from the docker page.  I'd suspect a corrupted database (which ties in with the ATA errors)
  23. Squid's post in Need help restoring dockers after Cache drive becomes unmountable was marked as the answer   
    The system share is probably sitting on the array (diagnostics would tell the story).
    But, to reinstall your containers you would go to Apps, Previous Apps and check off whatever you had installed and hit reinstall.  2 minutes later you're up and running like nothing ever failed.
  24. Squid's post in Assigning files to specific disk in array was marked as the answer   
    You want to look at the allocation method for new files on the share settings or specifying the included or excluded disks on the share.
    But, you can move the file from disk 1 to disk 2 via dynamix file manager or even unbalance (both available in apps).   The OS won't move it for you between array disks automatically
  25. Squid's post in Community Applications producing post error. was marked as the answer   
    Enable debugging in Settings - Community Applications
    Go back to Apps.  After the error re-appears, click on Debugging at bottom left and upload the zip file here.
    (But update the plugin via the Plugins Tab first)