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  1. Yeah, 2 ways of doing that. Either changing the text "Mover transfers files from cache to array" to instead be "Mover transfers files from pool to array" in the code, or changing the en_US master translation file from Mover transfers files from cache to array= to instead be Mover transfers files from cache to array=Mover transfers files from pool to array 1st method requires every language to be updated to reflect the change which is a PITA for such a minor change 2nd method keeps all of the existing translations in place, but would update the English description shown in the GUI Personally, I'd do #2, but it's up to @bonienl (System already says "Use Pool" and not "Use Cache", but the text description for what mover does is incorrect)
  2. More or less irrelevant. One key though is that you would want the share to be ideally useCache: ONLY.
  3. Try it again. On 6.12 it wouldn't install fresh due to a PHP8 error
  4. https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/unraid-os-version-6120-rc2-available-r2310/?tab=comments#comment-22566
  5. MTU[0]="9004" What happens if you don't use jumbo frames?
  6. I know. Ancient forum links no longer redirect. But you can change the beginning from unraid.net/forum/ to instead be forums.unraid.net/
  7. Best to post within the plugin's dedicated support thread
  8. https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/unraid-os-version-6120-rc2-available-r2310/?tab=comments#comment-22566
  9. Just search for "fancy bits" and then hit get more results from docker hub. Install it and have CA attempt to determine the ports, paths etc and you're half way there
  10. Without knowing exactly what page you were on (ie: context) and your diagnostics its very hard to say what the cause actually is
  11. Can you post your diagnostics and the output of the xfs_repair. (BTW, you do need to remove the -n for any fixes to actually take place)
  12. By enabling the syslog server (mirror to flash) and then looking at why it failed to do a clean shut down
  13. Yeah, but it gives me an excuse to buy one and it'll wind up being a deduction next year
  14. CA can manage a "private" repository by placing the applicable xml files within /config/plugins/community.applications/private/SomeFolderNameHere on the flash drive Realistically though, I can't think of any reason why anyone would want to add in a repository akin to how the docker system used to work, hence why it was removed from the OS
  15. Complete shot in the dark. What if you rename the flash drive to something else and then try adding this to the syslinux config append line unraidlabel=NEWFLASHDRIVENAME
  16. Try instead of \\TOWER using \\TOWER.local Ideally, and this never fails is to instead use the IP address
  17. Personally, I do all development on my main rig which does always run the latest RCs and betas. At times however I would instead use a crappy old laptop I've got hanging around using it's hdd as a data drive and nothing else. You can also virtualize unraid as a VM running within unraid. Check out this video
  18. Docker containers are by design meant to be static images. IE: Upon an update all modifications etc to the container are lost. However some container maintainers / authors have incorporated provisions to automatically apply changes to containers. IE: If you're using the linuxserver container you should ask them about how to go about this. Ideally within their discord site
  19. Any safari updates happen? I've never been able to replicate the problem some people have with Safari. But, after tax time is over and I send the government the blood of my first born child (and those yet to come) I'm planning on grabbing a MacBook Air so I can stop using a VM for this...