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  1. It's not Unraid per se, but the manufacturers of motherboards and devices themselves. The timings etc on USB3 are more strict than on USB2 so the motherboards and devices (in particular) need to be higher quality. Flash drives as an example are manufactured with the expectation that they will be lost. If the manufacturer can save 1/10th of a cent on every stick made by substituting a different capacitor that *technically* hits the tolerances but may quickly degrade then it adds up to significant profit. Lower tolerances = higher reliability. Higher tolerances = lower reliability. Q.E.D.
  2. Then post the .plg There has been zero changes to the specification for .plg's that would break anything from 6.10 -> 6.11, and since 6.0 only additional optional attributes have been added as time goes forward. pre and post plugin checks are mainly used as hooks for CA so that it knows what's going on. Nothing strange happening in them
  3. @ljm42 was asking for you to bypass piHole and your router's DNS and set the DNS directly within the OS (Settings - Network Settings) Did you try that?
  4. What's the output of cat /etc/cron.d/root
  5. The format of the .plg hasn't changed As mentioned, the xml doesn't have valid syntax
  6. You're missing spaces between the numbers / *'s
  7. All you have to do is go to the settings of the plugin to confirm
  8. post your diagnostics and a screenshot to put it into context What do you mean by no GUI? Just a black screen with a flashing cursor? Try installing the GPU-TOP plugin
  9. You need to create a new thread in General Support with your diagnostics
  10. Sounds like it's a bad stick. If the BIOS can't see it, then nothing Unraid can do about it. Replace it https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Changing_The_Flash_Device
  11. Write speeds by default are always going to be significantly slower than the raw speeds. This is because the default write mode goes like this for any given sector on the device Read the sector on the parity disk Read the sector on the data drive about to be written Recalculate what parity should now be based upon what the new data for the sector will be Write the sector on the parity disk Write the sector on the data disk IE: 4 IOPS with the default write method vs 1 with the drive being outside the array (or on a cache pool) You can use "Turbo Write Mode" (ie: Reconstruct write) which will pretty much write at the full speed of the drive (subject to bandwidth considerations), but at the expense that all drives will have to be spinning.
  12. You can try booting via UEFI (rename EFI~ on the flash drive to be EFI and change the first boot device in the BIOS to be UEFI:some flash drive name here
  13. Where are you updating them from? The docker tab? Apps Tab? or via the Auto Update plugin? Also, the system share is set to be use cache: Yes. This moves everything from the cache drive to the array. Not a problem in and by itself, but the docker.img is now sitting on the array with a massive performance hit because of that. 99% of the time you want the system share to remain on the cache drive. (Set the share to be use cache: prefer. Stop the VM and docker services from Settings, and then run mover) It might also be worthwhile to see if not using the File Integrity plugin fixes up your problems, since it does modify metadata (on the docker.img) since that's pretty much guaranteed to always change at any random point in time.
  14. You need to reboot. The flash drive has to remain plugged in at all times, and the exact same issues will result if you ever unplug it.
  15. IT Mode is ideal. But IR mode should work but you'd also need to create the array in the BIOS of the card (as JBOD, or multiple arrays with only a single drive)
  16. And that's why. They're on different networks. The 172 address can and will change and are issued dynamically when in bridge. By design and no options in bridge mode.
  17. Have you cleared your browser history (specifically cookies). Also, if you haven't updated CA (Apps) in quite a while you should update it before clearing the cookies
  18. Do you happen to have any mobile devices (Android) that happen to have tabs open to the server?
  19. I'd reboot and see what happens. If there's still a problem, then post a new set of diagnostics (there's a ton of repeating errors logged, possibly all related, but hard to determine what exactly happened) Would also be worthwhile to update to 6.10.3