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  1. After hitting close all reloading the page does fix it if they reappear. Known issue in the GUI
  2. Then why enable IOMMU? if you're not going to be running a VM there's no point.
  3. Deleting and recreating the share did fix it, but only because it reset the minimum free space. You had the appdata share set to cache only with a value of 100000000 which is 100GB. The diagnostics at the time showed you only had 89Gig free on the drive at the time, so the error message was correct.
  4. For anyone having the spinner not disappearing, or a longer than usual startup time can you enter these commands and let me know if it's fixed. wget -P /tmp https://github.com/Squidly271/community.applications/raw/master/archive/community.applications-2021.10.20-x86_64-1.txz installpkg /tmp/community.applications-2021.10.20-x86_64-1.txz
  5. I think I know where the extended startup time and possibly the spinner not disappearing comes from. Do you guys happen to have some containers installed that are displaying the "?" for the icon on the docker page instead of a regular icon when there should be an icon present?
  6. can you either reboot or enter in the following command and see if it fails again? rm -rf /tmp/community.applications
  7. By popular demand, a GUI for docker searches will be re-integrated into CA at some point this weekend. Admittedly, I really don't understand why you guys find it useful instead of the direct link (with the search already filled out) to dockerHub, but I can deal with it.
  8. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/38582-plug-in-community-applications/page/142/?tab=comments#comment-1045583
  9. Then you go back to Settings - CA Settings, and download the log and post it here
  10. Are you sure you're on the latest version of CA? 2021.10.19
  11. You should post in the mover tuning plugin thread, as it takes over when it's installed
  12. OK. Update just released which allows descriptions to be on the cards (defaults to be no). Enable it in CA Settings Minor performance increase in certain cases Rearranged debugging If you've got issues with CA not loading / the spinner never disappearing then Go to Settings. The CA settings page is now in there also (User Utilities Section) Enable debugging and apply Go to the apps tab. Wait at least 120 seconds Go back to Settings, CA Settings and hit Download Log. Upload the file here. (Also re-added 6.8.0+ compatibility - NOT TESTED)
  13. @JorgeB might know, but I seem to recall that there was an issue at some point with the VM system not always honoring the shutdown timer (but it seems to work fine for me) (And you did also install the guest tools in the VM?)
  14. powerdown is safe. But the reason why the system thinks it's an unclean shutdown is due to the flash drop, the OS was unable to write the flag that signified it was a clean shutdown. You can safely cancel.
  15. based on this, the flash was pulled or dropped offline. Reboot is your recourse. Use a USB2 port if at all possible. If this continues, either replace the flash or try the Flash Remount plugin.
  16. The reason why is that the only time a disk is red-balled is because a write failed to it. To make the drive reflect that failed write, you rebuild the disk (Because parity is correct). If you accept the whatever write failed is meaningless, then you rebuild parity to reflect the drive's contents (which include the previous contents of whatever sector failed to write). Corruption (whether noticeable or not) will occur on the file(s) if you use the latter option.
  17. Install the unlimited width plugin. Pet peeve of mine that without that installed the OS has a limitation of 1920 px across It's All there on the home page. New Apps, Spotlighted, Trending, Top New Installs, Random. It's already on my whiteboard to make that selectable
  18. They're not removed, merely consolidated and one click away from the entire list (which would have taken much more than 1 click on the old system). But, yes depending upon your browser width, you may only see 2-3 apps show up in each section without clicking SHOW MORE
  19. The real solution though is in VM Settings you change it to hibernate the VM's instead of Shutting Down and install the Virtio Guest Tools (on the Virtio ISO disk you used to set up the ethernet ports etc in Windows) Million reasons why Windows can take quite a while to shut down (or just plain refuses to) and hibernating the VM instead of attempting to shut it down solves that problem easily.
  20. Don't take this the wrong way, but in that case you're also responsible to sort out the dependency hell imposed by that. Not sure if anyone here would know the answers, and the suggestion would be to run it as a container.