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    Interface/Docker issue

    Probably this: time="2019-02-18T14:44:02.435435708-05:00" level=error msg="Handler for POST /v1.38/networks/create returned error: failed to allocate secondary ip address (server: Address already in use"
  2. Squid

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Apps Tab, Installed Apps, Hit the Reinstall / Default Icon. Give the template a different name, different appdata folder, ports, etc. done
  3. ABCabc = Regular sort (ie: ascii values) AaBbCc = Natural sort
  4. This plugin is designed to find and offer up suggestions to a multitude of configuration errors, outright problems, etc for numerous aspects of your unRaid server. To install this plugin, just head over to the Apps tab and search for Fix Common Problems. After installation, you will see a lifesaver within Settings / User Utilities which will launch a manual scan (and give you the option to set the background scan settings) For every error or warning that this plugin finds, a suggested course of action will also be displayed. Additionally, should you seek additional help for any error / warning, the errors are all logged into your syslog so that persons helping can easily find the issue when you post your diagnostics. Scans can be scheduled to run automatically in the background (you have the option of hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly). Additionally, if the background scans find an issue they will send out a notification (depending upon your notification settings in this plugin) The current list of tested items will be maintained in the second post of this thread. Any support for problems this plugin finds, should be posted in the General v6 section of these forums. Problems relating to false positives, suggestions for more checks, why I made the decisions I did, wording mistakes in suggestions, etc. should be posted here. As usual for anything written by me, updates are frequent as new ideas pop into my head. Highly recommended to turn on auto-updates for this plugin. Additionally, a special "Troubleshooting Mode" is available to assist with problems involving random crashes / shutdowns / lockups / etc A video with a basic run through of FCP can be found here: (at about 18:25)
  5. Squid

    Real Docker FAQ

    How come I get "Execution Error" when trying to start a container? This happens because the docker start command is returning an error. To determine the actual error, you will need to try to start the container from the command prompt root@ServerA:# docker start cops Error response from daemon: linux mounts: lstat /mnt/disks/SERVERB_EBooks: stale NFS file handle In this case, there is something wrong with my mount via Unassigned Devices of a remote share. My fix was to unmount the share and then remount it.
  6. Squid

    Real Docker FAQ

    This thread is reserved for Frequently Asked Questions, concerning all things Docker, their setup, operation, management, and troubleshooting. Please do not ask for support here, such requests and anything off-topic will be deleted or moved, probably to the Docker FAQ feedback topic. If you wish to comment on the current FAQ posts, or have suggestions or requests for the Docker FAQ, please put them in the Docker FAQ feedback topic. Thank you! Note: I am the author of many of these posts. But I am not the author of all of them. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the original postings have been lost, but I took it upon myself to salvage them, with the unfortunate net result that I had to take "ownership" of the posts. ANY user can reply to this thread with any new Q/A. I will add such posts to this table of contents. I need help with an application? What information should I supply? Getting Started How do I get started using Docker Containers? What are the host volume paths and the container paths Dockers, theres so much to learn!  Are there any guides? How do I know if I've set up my paths, ports, etc correctly? With 6.2, do I need to move my appdata and/or docker image into unRaid's recommended shares? How should I set up my appdata share? General Questions Why doesnt the "Check for Updates" button bring my Docker to the newest version of the application? How do I update to the newest version of the application? How do I move or recreate docker.img? What do I fill out when a blank template appears? How can I run other docker applications that are not listed within the App tab? I've told {App-X} to look / move / copy files via SMB to my server. Why doesn't it work? If I need to delete my docker.img file, will I lose my application's settings, etc? How do I get a command prompt within a docker application? How do I increase the size of my docker.img file? Why does the "EDIT" not appear on the dashboard / docker tab when I click on an icon? What do I do when I see 'layers from manifest don't match image configuration' during a docker app installation? How Do I Create My Own Docker Templates? I've recreated my docker.img file. How do I re-add all my old apps? I want to run a container from docker hub, how do I interpret the instructions. I want to change the port my docker container is running on or I have two containers that want to use the same port, how do I do that? Why it's important to understand how folder mappings work...  and an example of why it goes wrong. How do I Stop/Start/Restart Docker via Command Line How Do I Pass Through A device To A Container? Can I switch Docker containers, same app, from one author to another?  How do I do it? For a given application, how do I change Docker containers, to one from a different author or group? How do I install a second instance of an application? I closed the transfer window on Krusader. How do I get it back? Docker Image Filling Up Why does my docker.img file keep filling up? Why does my docker.img file keep filling up while using Plex? My docker.img file is filling up due to excessive logging from various apps Troubleshooting, Maintenance How come I get "Execution Error" when trying to start a container? Why cant (insert docker app name here) see my files mounted on another server or outside the array Where did my Docker files go? Why did my files get moved off the Cache drive? Why does Sonarr keep telling me that it can't import a file downloaded by NZBGet? (Or any other combination of apps?) How do I limit the CPU resources of a particular docker application? How do I limit the memory usage of a docker application? Why do I keep losing my Docker container configurations? Why did my newly configured Docker just stop working? Fix Common Problems plugin is complaining about Container Port x not found or changed on installed applications. What do I do? Fix Common Problems plugin is complaining about UD Mounted paths not mounted with the Slave Option. What do I do? Why can't I delete / modify files created by CouchPotato (or another docker app)? Why does a certain docker application always start when booting unRaid when autostart is set off? Why are some of my applications randomly stopping and won't restart? (unRaid 6.4+ with Unassigned Devices mounting SMB shares) unRAID FAQ's and Guides - * Guides and Videos - comprehensive collection of all unRAID guides (please let us know if you find one that's missing) * FAQ for unRAID v6 on the forums, general NAS questions, not for Dockers or VM's * FAQ for unRAID v6 on the unRAID wiki - it has a tremendous amount of information, questions and answers about unRAID. It's being updated for v6, but much is still only for v4 and v5. * Docker FAQ - concerning all things Docker, their setup, operation, management, and troubleshooting * FAQ for binhex Docker containers - some of the questions and answers are of general interest, not just for binhex containers * VM FAQ - a FAQ for VM's and all virtualization issues * The old Docker FAQ (on the old forum) However, do not use the old index, as it points to the deleted entries. You will have to browse through the old FAQ to find the FAQ entries you want. Know of another question that ought to be here? Please suggest it in the Docker FAQ feedback topic. Suggested format for FAQ entries - clearly shape the issue as a question or as a statement of the problem to solve, then fully answer it below, including any appropriate links to related info or videos. Optionally, set the subject heading to be appropriate, perhaps the question itself. While a moderator could cut and paste a FAQ entry here, only another moderator could edit it. It's best therefore if only knowledgeable and experienced Docker users/authors create the FAQ posts, so they can be the ones to edit it later, as needed. Later, the author may want to add new info to the post, or add links to new and helpful info. And the post may need to be modified if a new unRAID release changes the behavior being discussed. Additional FAQ entries requested - * linking between containers, ie between sab and sickbeard - this might be best for specific author support FAQ's, as to how their containers should be linked * folder mapping - sufficiently covered yet? more needed? * port mapping - probably need both a general FAQ here, and individual FAQ's for many of the containers * location for the image file - answered in Upgrading to UnRAID v6 guide, but should be here too * where to put appdata - probably need a general FAQ here, but could use individual FAQ's for some containers Moderators: please feel free to edit this post.
  7. Squid

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Show More Settings
  8. HIGHLY recommended (if not required) that all plugins follow unRaid's standard versioning scheme of yyyy.mm.dd Alphabetical prefixes / suffixes are allowed. This recommendation is required for date updated to operate correctly within Community Applications.
  9. Squid

    Plugin Templates for CA / Appstore

    Going forward, <Date> is deprecated. Now the date updated for the plugin is picked up automatically by the application feed for CA from the .plg file. Additionally, <MinVer> and <MaxVer> while not deprecated are automatically over-written if the min / max attributes exist within the .plg file
  10. Now that CA supports plugins, there is a separate xml schema for them which is basically a trimmed down docker template. There is no naming convention for the actual template files, but you really should avoid any punctuation, quotation marks, etc that could mess up the appfeed. After creating the templates, you will need to create a new gitHub repository (a new one because if there are any other .xml files within an existing repository, the appfeed will wind up trying to parse them with unknown results on the appfeed / community applications), transfer the templates to them, and them let me know the url to the repository. The basic template is as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Containers> <Plugin>True</Plugin> <PluginURL>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/docker.categorize/master/plugins/docker.categorize.plg</PluginURL> <PluginAuthor>Squid</PluginAuthor> <Beta>False</Beta> <Category>Other:</Category> <Name>Application Categorizer</Name> <Description> This plugin is for application developers ONLY. It will create the category entries for application templates so that Community Applications can display the apps correctly. (Either docker apps or plugins) </Description> <Support>http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40111.0</Support> <Icon>http://www.graphicsfuel.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/folder-icon-512x512.png</Icon> <IconFA>refresh</IconFA> </Containers> <Plugin>True</Plugin> Is Mandatory Deprecated. <PluginURL> Mandatory. The full path to the .plg file <PluginAuthor> is technically optional, but without it, no one will know who created the plugin <Category> The entry for this tag is created by the Application Template Categorizer http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40111.0. Copy and paste into your template whatever that plugin tells you. The entry must match other wise your plugin will not display under the correct categories <Beta>True or False will flag the plugin as being beta or not. If not present, it will default to false <Support>Full link to the forum thread where you want support requests handled <Icon>Self explanatory. Note that unlike a .plg file, there is NO limitiations on size or dimensions. CA internally resizes everything to 96x96, but you can have any dimensions you like <IconFA>Used in 6.7+ a font awesome or unRaid specific icon to display in CA in lieu of an image <Description>Self Explanatory Additionally, you can also have the following optional entries within the template: <Overview> Contains a condensed description for the container (basically the same thing as the description, but without any formatting or instructions (You should add this if you decide to add formatting to the description) http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=39106.msg365627#msg365627 <Project> The entry contains a url to the project page (home page) for the container (eg: https://plex.tv) http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40299.msg394762#msg394762 <MinVer> and <MaxVer> - Sets minimum and maximum unRaid versions that the plugin will be allowed to install on. Description here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40299.msg427252#msg427252 - Note that setting min or max in the .plg's attributes will override these settings <Licence> or <License> Optionally displays licence information for the app http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40262.msg444243#msg444243 Note: Do not include any references to any XML attributes if you are copying and pasting changelogs, descriptions, etc. (ie: edit out any &name;) They will mess up the appfeed parser. Additionally, CA supports placing an optional donate button at the bottom of the popup changelogs and full descriptions. The tags associated with this are: <DonateText> A short blurb of why to donate (eg: Server's Cost Money, I'm paying for a divorce, I'm out of beer, etc <DonateLink> A link to take you to the actual website where the donations are handled NOTE that & are disallowed in entries. You will need to replace them with this: &
  11. Squid

    Array drive spinup when selecting VMtab

    Where is the libvirt.img file located? I can see the VM tab wanting to access that, and if it's stored on the array, then in order to locate it drive(s) may have to spin up. Possible resolutions If it's stored in system and it's a cache-only share, set the libvirt image location to be /mnt/cache/system/... instead of /mnt/user Install Dynamix Folder Caching
  12. Squid

    Terminal Permission denied

    Executable permission not set on the script?
  13. Squid

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    It'll be nzbGet / sabNZBd ( in there settings, you've got it to save downloads within a subfolder which is named the "Category" your using ) That's because of this https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/?page=2#comment-566086
  14. Squid

    6.6.6 Docker memory limitation ignored?

    You add it as an extra parameter, not as an environment variable Sent via telekinesis
  15. Squid

    Upgrading from 6.1.6

    Assuming you have Fix Common Problems installed, you should now also go to Tools - Update Assistant, and run it against the stable version (even though you've already upgraded). Heed it's advice
  16. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    And that's the problem. 120 seconds is the maximum time unRaid allows for something to execute using the process I am. Some year I'm going to change how this all works. Changing FCP to avoid disk spinups will probably fix you up.
  17. Squid

    A question of permissions

    What @Frank1940 said. But, your posted picture, even though its owned by root you will have no problems accessing the files within (assuming that the files are also set to permissions of 0777) But, if you've got say something like Radarr grabbing files, then unless you tell it (in it's own webUI) to set permissions of 0777 on files / directories, then you may have problems accessing them.
  18. Hard to say. You'd have to figure out exactly what was going on at the time. It obviously doesn't sound like it is a recurring situation. You could limit Plex's (or any app) maximum memory down. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/?page=2#comment-566088
  19. Squid

    [SOLVED] Upgrading CPUs

    Going the opposite direction (10C down to 6C) will break it if you reference cores that no longer exist
  20. Squid

    [SOLVED] Upgrading CPUs

    Nothing "bad" will happen. But, your pairing of core to hyperthread won't be the same and will need to be adjusted. IE: If you've pinned 1 & 7 (a pair), on the updated CPU, you're still going to be pairing 1 & 7 which are no longer a pair (1 & 11 will be)
  21. Squid

    What's with all the releases?

    Stable Releases are announced in the Announcement section Release Candidates are announced in the Pre-Releases section of Bug Reports
  22. Squid

    How do I tell which disk is ata7?

    You can either Analyze the syslog back to where ATA7 is first mentioned to determine the drive or Click on the little "disk" icon on the Main Tab (next to the drive's serial number) one by one. A pop up with the drive's log will appear. Once you start seeing the errors, you've got the drive in question. Probably a cabling issue you've got.
  23. Squid

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    BIOS settings