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    Latex in Unraid

    No need to stop the array...
  2. To start all the settings over again, delete /config on the flash drive, but do NOT delete the .key file To wipe out all of the hard drives, From the command line, rm -rf /mnt/user Or alternatively with the array stopped, change each drive's filesystem from XFS to instead be BTRFS, start the array and it'll want to format the drives, do that they stop the array and change the disks back to be XFS and format them again.
  3. From the command prompt, diagnostics and post the resulting zip file here (logs folder on the flash drive)
  4. It doesn't appear that you have a gateway ( or DNS addresses set in Network Settings (Try /
  5. Any path not in /boot or /mnt/diskX or /mnt/user is lost on a reboot. Any changes made elsewhere must be reapplied at boot time either via user scripts or the go file
  6. Firstly, if you do not need all those packages being installed with NerdPack, set them to not install. Some of them (notably atop) will cause you issues. I don't see why it's not detecting disk 3 at all, but you need to either replace it and rebuild onto the replacement, or remove all of the files from the emulated disk (unbalance plugin) and then do a new config and then rebuild parity to reflect the non-existant drive. Are you sure it's showing up in the controller's BIOS?
  7. You need to post your diagnostics.
  8. The mce happened during CPU core initialization and can be safely ignored. (Happens on some hardware combinations)
  9. Thanks. Next update fixes the official containers appearing within Previous Apps even when installed.
  10. No, not a bug. You shouldn't ever run the New Permissions tool in such a way that it affects either the appdata share or a docker folder. Apps have their own unique permissions. In theory, you actually never need to run new permissions.
  11. That's the way everything works. While originaloddities may be your custom template, the dockerHub repository exists within CA, so the description etc is pulled from it. However, when reinstalling it from Previous Apps, your custom template is the one which is used. I will have to play around some more with multiple apps from the same repository (named differently) and how it works within Previous Apps. It's been quite a while since I've done any testing under that circumstance.
  12. Post your diagnostics (Tools diagnostics, complete zip file)
  13. Probably best if you ask in the SWAG support thread, or hit the linuxserver guys up on their discord server
  14. Makes sense, since even though the file is identical, inotifywait doesn't actually look at changes made to files only requests to open / close / write on the particular path / file you specify
  15. Certain combinations of hardware will cause an mce when initializing the cores. This is happening to you and is quite safe to ignore. For the VMs (especially if they are using passthrough), you may need to reconfigure everything on them due to the differing hardware.
  16. If you edit the OP you can then change the title.
  17. That mce is harmless and came during initialization of the CPU cores and happens to many people. I'd look at mirroring the syslog if the problems continue. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-781601
  18. Quick googling shows that currently OMV ships with Debian 10 which is Kernel v4.9. Unraid hasn't used Kernel 4.9 since ~6.3.3 which is far far more than 3 versions ago. Not a fair comparison. Yes, there are a ton of marvel based controllers out there. Simply because the chipset is cheap and Chinese manufacturers (Syba, IO Crest etc) can bang them out by the millions and not have to worry about much in terms of problems because the largest market is Windows, and Windows will try, try, try again, reset the controller, repeat the above ad-naseum until things happen to work.
  19. Since SQLite is included in the image / appdata and you're having issues it looks like you've corrupted the docker.img (disk i/o error) or the appdata. The first thing to do is delete the image (settings - docker, stop the service, then delete the image (checkbox) and re-enable the service) followed by Apps - Previous Apps)
  20. Jun 20 08:57:00 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:2b:00.0: BAR 1: can't reserve [mem 0xd0000000-0xdfffffff 64bit pref] ### [PREVIOUS LINE REPEATED 1112378 TIMES] ###