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  1. By posting your diagnostics ideally within a new thread in general aupport
  2. It's increased to the maximum number of data drives in your system. Parity drive(s) are irrelevant in this circumstance.
  3. Yeah, but if it mounts the remote (admittedly I do not use it), then you'd be able to access it via another docker app (duplicati?) to be able to send stuff to it...
  4. You would also have to set the DNS addresses in the server to point to either a real DNS server ( / or your router, since your settings right now presumably have them pointing at the piHole container.
  5. Your best bet would be to post in the DVB plugin's support thread
  6. Probably because your date/time is out to lunch on the server. Set it properly in the BIOS, and also replace the battery.
  7. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/page/2/#comment-584226
  8. It's simply suggesting ti use a static DNS instead of whatever your router is using and is telling you where to set it
  9. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/#comment-564345 Also, FWIW while limetech Plex is functional, it is deprecated in favour of one of the other Plex's you'll see in the Apps Tab
  10. It should actually work. You probably didn't have the access mode for that mapping as RW:SLAVE (which you should set on the mapping you've done now)
  11. Do you have a link to another post with the problem?
  12. Because not every here speaks English, a foreign language translation follows. This thread just hit a milestone and now has over 500,000 views 😁 (It however is not the most viewed topic here. That distinction belongs to Simple Features which formed the basis of Dynamix, unRaid's GUI) But nonetheless a celebration is in order. I think that I'll be doing something like this tonight But, thank you to everyone in these forums who've made CA what it is today... (along with Larry Page and Sergei Brin as their web scraping probably accounts for some of the views) To commemorate this very special day, 500 randomly selected unRaid users will find a piece of pocket fluff. (As a special bonus, 1 of those 500 winners will also find some navel fluff) 50 randomly selected unRaid users will find a perfectly usable USB flash drive on the street that may or may not be virus infected (but does have a unique GUID). 5 randomly selected unRaid users will discover that their once cherished tip 'n strip nude pen has been sitting in their miscellaneous kitchen drawer for the last 40 years. And the randomly selected grand prize winner will never again be asked by their spouse "does this outfit make me look fat?" Winners will be selected by a random number generator, but since it is technically impossible to create any random number generator that isn't pseudo-random, bribes may also wind up influencing the decision without drawing any attention to yourself. Good luck to everyone! Because of Schrödinger's Cat, any announcement of the winners will obviously affect the outcome and as such there will be no announcement made. ------------------------------------------- Isthay eadthray ustjay ithay away ilestonemay andway ownay ashay overway 500,000 iewsvay 😁 (Itway oweverhay isway otnay ethay ostmay iewedvay opictay erehay. Atthay istinctionday elongsbay otay Implesay Eaturesfay ichwhay ormedfay ethay asisbay fway Ynamixday, unRaid'sway UIGAY) Utbay onethelessnay away elebrationcay isway inway orderway. Iway inkthay atthay I'llway ebay oingday omethingsay ikelay isthay onighttay Utbay, ankthay ouyay otay everyoneway inway esethay orumsfay o'vewhay ademay ACAY atwhay itway isway odaytay... (alongway ithway Arrylay Agepay andway Ergeisay Inbray asway eirthay ebway apingscray obablypray accountsway orfay omesay ofway ethay iewsvay) Otay ommemoratecay isthay eryvay ecialspay ayday, 500 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway indfay away iecepay ofway ocketpay uffflay. (Asway away ecialspay onusbay, 1 ofway osethay 500 innersway illway alsoway indfay omesay avelnay uffflay) 50 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway indfay away erfectlypay usableway USBWAY ashflay ivedray onway ethay eetstray atthay aymay orway aymay otnay ebay irusvay infectedway (utbay oesday avehay away uniqueway UIDGAY). 5 andomlyray electedsay unRaidway usersway illway iscoverday atthay eirthay onceway erishedchay iptay 'nay ipstray udenay enpay ashay eenbay ittingsay inway eirthay iscellaneousmay itchenkay awerdray orfay ethay astlay 40 earsyay. Andway ethay andomlyray electedsay andgray izepray innerway illway evernay againway ebay askedway ybay eirthay ousespay "oesday isthay outfitway akemay emay ooklay atfay?" Innersway illway ebay electedsay ybay away andomray umbernay eneratorgay, utbay incesay itway isway echnicallytay impossibleway otay eatecray anyway andomray umbernay eneratorgay atthay isn'tway eudopsay-andomray, ibesbray aymay alsoway indway upway influencingway ethay ecisionday ithoutway awingdray anyway attentionway otay ourselfyay. Oodgay ucklay otay everyoneway! Ecausebay ofway Schrayöinger'sday Atcay, anyway announcementway ofway ethay innersway illway obviouslyway affectway ethay outcomeway andway asway uchsay erethay illway ebay onay announcementway ademay.
  13. Because your script is trying to execute /boot/scripts/undervolt. You script needs to execute bash /boot/scripts/undervolt
  14. Bad RAM / incompatible / you're running XMP profile and the ram actually can't handle it.... The usb will have nothing to do with the memtest at all
  15. Ultimately what we're looking for is what happens when the array starts. Configure the syslog server to mirror the syslog to the flash https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-781601 and start the array. If it's unresponsive after a few minutes, then you'll have to reboot and then post the syslog.txt file that'll be in the logs folder on the flash drive.
  16. Post the entire diagnostics.zip file (Tools - Diagnostics)
  17. It *appears* that the cache drive has a crappy Sata connector. Reseat all the connections. This looks like its also caused corruption on the cache drive. You need to run https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems against it. BTW, always post diagnostics. It's a ton easier for people to look at.
  18. You probably should, if only to rule out memory problems. But, it could just simply be Plex being Plex if there's no other problems.
  19. Jan 22 09:41:38 Tesseract emhttpd: unclean shutdown detected Filesystems tend to not like unclean shutdowns, and if this happened in the middle of a write, it would quite probably result in what you're seeing. Either way, you do need to run https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems against the cache drive.
  20. So what's the error from sonarr/radarr when it tries to import / move