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  1. Even though there is cache-busting logic in place, many users find that they still have to clear the browser history (cookies etc) when upgrading to a new version and using VNC
  2. There should be no fundamental change. Presumably, it's the permissions you've got set on /tmp/xxx, or you have smb-extra.cfg set up incorrectly.
  3. Download the zip file from the website, then overwrite all of the bz* files on the flash drive with those in the zip.
  4. You should be able to enter the two lines at a command prompt and it'll work.
  5. You also need to configure add the appropriate lines to /config/go on the flash drive: http_proxy=http://xxx:xxx https_proxy=http://xxx:xxx /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & (change accordingly) Those two lines allow Unraid itself access to the internet via a proxy. The proxy.cfg file is only used by Community Applications, as it does things differently.
  6. If the Action Centre shows up, then yes the Icon always flashes. If there's nothing to handle, the Action Centre shouldn't ever appear. If it does then it's my issue.
  7. Best venue for support on SWAG would be lsio's discord server.
  8. lol. Wasn't a big deal, but the pic struck me as being off a bit, so looked at my own system. Not the first 5 minutes of my life that I won't get back (nor will it be the last)
  9. @JorgeB Why is your icon for Update not correct?
  10. Do the containers work? Does the WebUI in the dropdown work? Port mappings not appearing is more or less correct as a container on a static IP has no port mappings that you can change.
  11. It already is via the folder's settings
  12. "Failed to connect to Hypervisor" is from the VM Backup plugin, and it's because the VM service isn't started when the plugin is being installed during boot - Nothing to worry about.
  13. Dashboard re-added. Aberrations minimized You may still see some minor ones when expanding, but it's more than usable.
  14. Just be aware that XMP is an overclock.
  15. You'd want @ich777 not me for helping with the nVidia driver plugin.
  16. Correct. Display aberrations appear on the dashboard, and since my time is limited due to everything else I do here, I elected to disable it for the time being.
  17. That's the old version The new version has the IP address (should be local) prefixed to it. What is the output of ifconfig
  18. The v5 docs should still be valid. Not particularly recommended to use this, but it's your choice