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  1. The settings on the share. Set it to use cache: Prefer
  2. According to this https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1402533, firmware versions prior to PSF119K (you're running PSF109P) have this same issue with XFS. A firmware update to the nvme solved buddy's problems. You may have to toss it into a Windows box to update the firmware, unless Intel has a bootable ISO image you can put on a stick.
  3. Are you passing thru a video card and its sound or something like a USB sound dongle Sent from my NSA monitored device
  4. It's stored in generally the appdata share on the array / cache drive.
  5. /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx restart
  6. And surprisingly, you didn't delete it in the process 😜
  7. Lol yeah, the older I get the more I realize that time is sometimes too precious to spend an hour to find out why something is not working right, and prefer to just fix it and move onto something more interesting Sent via tapatalk because my boss won't let me sit in front of the computer all day long and it's beyond his comprehension that the only thing stopping me from putting a bullet in my head to get out of the lame ass job is the unraid forums
  8. The documents say that you cannot add a drive with data to an existing array (that contains parity) without the drive being wiped clean. If no parity is involved (or a new config under the tools menu is issued), then unRaid will not touch the drive(s). So long as the partitioning is correct hence the need for unRaid to initially format the disks instead of your Ubuntu system.
  9. Usually, that means that while the app was stopped, you've added another and it is using the same port(s) as dupeGuru. Easy way to see what the error actually is is to edit the template, make a change, revert the change, then hit apply. The error will be in the docker run command.
  10. The array will be started when formatting. After the format is done, stop the array. Just for safety sake though, I wouldn't delete the file(s) off of the ntfs drives until you verify that unRaid can read the disks. Never done this actually, (I always used the network), but there's no reason I see why it shouldn't work. Alternative is as you mentioned either using the UD plugin or network.
  11. Or add 2>>/boot/errors.txt to each line to see if they are erroring out
  12. no No, but most people keep those shares isolated on the cache drive for performance reasons You would have to format them within unRaid (it has special partition requirements), and then you could do that. Afterwards, you would have to do a New Config so that the parity drive will sync itself correctly. Dynamix File Integrity
  13. If the webUI winds up loading, then the go file is being executed. Maybe you should post your go file
  14. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/80204-write-cache-disabled-on-disk-1/?tab=comments#comment-745016 replace /dev/sdk with the appropriate identifier as listed on the Main tab
  15. Unraid does not support wifi. You must connect via an ethernet cable Sent via telekinesis
  16. Probably just me complaining, but is it possible for the default when embedding links from within the forum to be displayed as a link rather than as the "preview". It's not entirely obvious that you have to click the arrow to get to what the poster actual wants you to see, and I'm forever always clicking "display as link" to prevent any confusion.
  17. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/#comment-564345
  18. When buying a new mobo, after verifying basic functionality of it, the first thing I do is update its BIOS to whatever is current. Its criminal how often motherboards are sold with extremely outdated BIOS's Doesn't look good. Not sure where you're updating xfsprogs, but if there's a file within /boot/extra for it, you can delete it.
  19. Most of them do not exist on any drive, so not a problem. I while ago, I put in a PR to stop them from displaying in the diagnostics, but was over-ruled Best and wild guess is that at some point you had an add-on card for an additional 2 NICs, which no longer exists in the system. Personally, I would rename /config/network.cfg on the flash drive to something else, reboot and try again. Your IP address however will change since it will pick it up via DHCP from the router.
  20. With all the No such file or directory errors, you should post your docker run command
  21. Your BIOS is running a pre-release version. There have been many, many updates to it Not saying this is the problem, but generally I would never run a BIOS that is a pre-release
  22. Honestly, I don't see how you'd figure that. Someone posted that LT seems to be ignoring the issue, so a bunch of us replied stating that they are. The big problem as far as I can see (I do not speak for limetech), is that the issue affects a minority of users for some reason. And that makes it very difficult to determine what the underlying cause is if you cannot replicate the problem.