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  1. Note: To view the application lists before installing unRaid, click HERE Community Applications (aka CA) This thread is rather long (and is mostly all off-topic), and it is NOT necessary to read it in order to utilize Community Applications (CA) Just install the plugin, go to the apps tab and enjoy the freedom. If you find an issue with CA, then don't bother searching for answers in this thread as all issues (when they have surfaced) are fixed generally the same day that they are found... (But at least read the preceding post or two on the last page of the thread) - This is without question, the best supported plugin / addon in the universe - on any platform. Simple interface and easy to use, you will be able to find and install any of the unRaid docker or plugin applications, and also optionally gain access to the entire library of applications available on dockerHub (~1.8 million) INSTALLATION To install this plugin, paste the following URL into the Plugins / Install PlugIn section: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/community.applications/master/plugins/community.applications.plg After installation, a new tab called "Apps" will appear on your unRaid webGUI. To see what the various icons do, simply press Help or the (?) on unRaid's Tab Bar. Note All screenshots in this post are subject to change as Community Applications continues to evolve Easily search or browse applications Get full details on the application Easily reinstall previously installed applications And much, much more (including the ability to search for and install any of the containers available on dockerHub (1,000,000+) USING CA CA also has a dedicated Settings section (click Settings) which will let you fine tune certain aspects of its operation. NOTE: The following video was made previously to the current user interface, so the video will look significantly different than the plugin itself. But it's still worth a watch. Buy Andrew A Beer! Note that CA is always (and always will be) compatible with the latest Stable version of unRaid, and the Latest/Next version of unRaid. Intermediate versions of various Release Candidates may or may not be compatible (though they usually are - But, if you have made the decision to run unRaid Next, then you should also ensure that all plugins and unRaid itself (not just CA) are always up to date). Additionally, every attempt is made to keep CA compatible with older versions of unRaid. As of this writing, CA is compatible with all versions of unRaid from 6.4 onward. Cookie Note: CA utilizes cookies in its regular operation. Some features of CA may not be available if cookies are not enabled in your browser. No personally identifiable information is ever collected, no cookies related to any software or media stored on your server are ever collected, and none of the cookies are ever transmitted anywhere. Cookies related to the "Look & Feel" of Community Applications will expire after a year. Any other cookies related to the operation of Community Applications that are used are automatically deleted after they are used (usually within a minute or two)
  2. Squid

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    You could have checked off parity is already valid, but you would have to do a parity check anyways Sent via telekinesis
  3. Squid

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Yes. If you can copy the contents from /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user to the new flash then go to apps, previous apps Sent via telekinesis
  4. disk 6 has corruption on it Mar 27 01:28:40 Zeus kernel: XFS (md6): Unmount and run xfs_repair Run the File system checks on it https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems
  5. Squid

    LNXTHERM:00 & Thermal Zone

    You can silence this error by copying the attached file to your flash drive, then editing /config/go on the flash and add in the following line. Why it's happening, I haven't investigated as of yet on my system cp /boot/acpi_handler.sh /etc/acpi/acpi_handler.sh (type in the above, don't copy / paste as sometimes the forum adds extra hidden characters acpi_handler.sh
  6. Squid

    6.6.0 GUI

    Wait'll you upgrade to 6.7.0.
  7. Squid

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - NZBHydra v2

    Update AutoUpdate if you're using it.
  8. Squid

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Ok, then that explains these errors Apr 17 11:10:20 Tower kernel: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] tag#0 UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x00 driverbyte=0x08 Apr 17 11:10:20 Tower kernel: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] tag#0 Sense Key : 0x3 [current] Apr 17 11:10:20 Tower kernel: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] tag#0 ASC=0x11 ASCQ=0x0 Apr 17 11:10:20 Tower kernel: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] tag#0 CDB: opcode=0x28 28 00 00 10 32 1a 00 00 02 00 Apr 17 11:10:20 Tower kernel: print_req_error: critical medium error, dev sda, sector 1061402 Your flash is trashed and needs to be replaced
  9. Squid

    How to use Apache/PHP Docker?

    The dockerHub page shows you how to install more extensions by changing the dockerfile. Ultimately this means that you'll be building the image locally via docker build command.
  10. Squid

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I would assign static DNS addresses in Settings - Network of and
  11. A plugin designed to keep all (or selected) plugins / dockers up to date, with options for delayed upgrades. Formerly part of Community Applications, this module is now packaged separately. To install this plugin, go to the Apps Tab and search for Auto Update. Note that if you are utilizing CA's Appdata Backup / Restore module, then with this module installed you can also tell the Backup procedure to update the docker apps at the same time as the backup occurs
  12. Squid

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    Is this by design, or by accident? In what order are the .page files processed? Is /.../plugins/dynamix/*.page processed first and then everything else or is it done alphabetically by the folder name?
  13. FYI, that command won't "solve" anything, but rather delays it from happening again. The solution is this https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/#comment-564326
  14. Squid

    [Docker] from dockerhub will not launch

    Actually, due to changes made at dockerHub a couple of months ago, you are entirely on your own All CA does is basically fill out the repository. It is now impossible to fill anything else out automatically by CA, and you have to read the dockerHub / github instructions
  15. Squid

    [Docker] from dockerhub will not launch

    The reason why its not a defect and purely a configuration issue is this All apps whether available on the Apps tab or manually set up are the exact same. The only difference between some random container on dockerHub, and something available from Apps is that a template is available. When you hit "Add Container", and manually enter in all that info required to get the app to install via dockerHub, all you are doing is creating a template.
  16. Squid

    [Docker] from dockerhub will not launch

    It's installing no problems. No defect. If there's a problem, it's with how you've configured everything on the template / any changes to whatever ini files etc it wants, and you should be able to find documentation on the dockerHub page.
  17. Squid

    Spin Down/Up Drives via Bash Script?

    mdcmd spindown x mdcmd spinup x But, simplest way is to simply set drive spindown timers in the drive's settings. That way unRaid will spin down the drives when not accessed.
  18. Squid

    Plex docker lost after extra setting

    Apps Tab, Previous apps and reinstall it, but you'll have to fix the error that the docker run command that'll appear is telling you about.
  19. Squid

    Disk in parity slot is not biggest

    Anecdotally (or at least my experience), HPA's get created when the system attempts to boot via a hard drive. The BIOS will then toss an HPA partition on some drive. However, if it finds an HPA already existing on a drive, then it will not create another one. Since I tend to use Gigabyte BIOS's also, I leave whatever HPA partition exists on any given drive. It's only a problem if its on the Parity drive, and if one exists on a data drive, then it shouldn't ever create another one.
  20. Squid

    add urbackup support

    It was at one point within the Apps tab, but wound up getting blacklisted as it had very detrimental effects on the docker.img. Can't remember the details though.
  21. Squid

    [6.7.0-rc6] Unable to check for new updates

    I think you have a MAC. That ._Pro.key is a metadata file created by it. It is finding your key Apr 13 02:34:02 MediaServer emhttpd: error: get_key_info, 564: Invalid argument (22): get_message: /boot/config/._Pro.key (-3) Apr 13 02:34:02 MediaServer emhttpd: Pro key detected, GUID: 0..1 FILE: /boot/config/Pro.key But I think that your actual problem may be a bug in rc6. (I believe that the fix for the bug even though it was in the OS code prior to rc6 being released, didn't actually make it into the release version somehow) From Update OS, reinstall the "Previous Version" and then reboot and check for updates.
  22. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Application Auto Update

    No it's my fault. A piece of experimental code I was working on mistakenly wound up in the release version. Check for updates
  23. Squid

    3rd Party Android App

    Only by running uptime
  24. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Application Auto Update

    It's supposed to start then back up if they were running. Sent via telekinesis
  25. Squid

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    Your other option is to do a playlist and ask mymedia to play x playlist Sent via telekinesis