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  1. It should skip it. But, you can also hit "Ignore" on that error and never be bothered again.
  2. I found with 6.12.4 and later no problems with TimeMachine Shares being picked up. However what I did find was that Ventura 13.6+ (and Sonoma) now don't recognize the share as a TM destination unless you specify a Volume Size Limit in the share settings. Leaving at the default (no limit) and the Mac won't recognize it.
  3. run the filesystem checks against disk 6 https://docs.unraid.net/unraid-os/manual/storage-management/#checking-a-file-system
  4. Reason I put it on everything is that I have no idea what plugins are going to wind up being installed.
  5. Both LSI (Broadcom) based and don't support RAID so you should be good to go.
  6. Container size from the Docker Tab is where you'd begin. Post the screenshot back
  7. Does this happen if you start the OS in Safe Mode from it's boot menu?
  8. You should post in the mover tuning support thread.
  9. Is it really that annoying? It's perfectly factual, doesn't send any notifications or popups. If you're talking about Popup / Notifications, adjust the settings in Notification Settings
  10. It's not a bug, and is by design. Reason being is that if you don't include some means of stopping the scripts which gather the information is that they never stop running. This behaviour was how things worked on previous versions of the OS and caused some users a fair amount of issues. To be honest, if you're looking to keep tabs on what memory, CPU etc containers are using when you're not on the docker tab (and technically you're not since the last loaded GUI page isn't docker) you're best off using Netdata or even cAdvisor
  11. Docker Folders is marked as being incompatible / deprecated with 6.12. You want its replacement of Folder View
  12. You've set the docker image size to be 70Gig. Doesn't matter how much size you're actually using inside the image (in your case 21G) the image will always take up 70G on your storage device. If you don't want any wasted space and the "image" to always take up more or less the exact size of what's installed then you switch to a docker folder (Settings - Docker) and then reinstall everythig. IE: Everything is correct. Now if you're questioning the 21G total being utilized, the answers you're looking for will be shown on Docker, Container Size
  13. You would need to reply back with your diagnostics after the rebuild runs for a while (half hour +)
  14. You have 2 flash drives attached to the system. Both 32 Gig. Is the system winding up booting off of one of them and then it's mounting the other as /boot? Remove the one you're not using as a test and see if things improve
  15. No. That little Exclamation Mark is always going to be there (And most users actually see the same thing on on their systems with cache only shares)
  16. Yeah you definitely can't reach anything CA needs. Everything looks ok to me, but I'm not a Network guy... Maybe @ljm42 has a suggestion based upon your network.cfg file.
  17. All of my plugins that utilize any cron job are being updated today to automatically call update_cron when the array starts. The effect of this is that effectively only one of them has to wind up being installed and any plugin which uses cron will also wind up getting fixed.
  18. Just to reiterate regarding problems with CA. (This is the first paragraph in the OP) This thread is rather long, and it is NOT necessary to read it in order to utilize Community Applications (CA) Just install the plugin, go to the apps tab and enjoy the freedom. If you find an issue with CA, then don't bother searching for answers in this thread as all issues (when they have surfaced) are fixed generally the same day that they are found... (But at least read the preceding post or two on the last page of the thread)
  19. I don't use the plugin, but probably Settings, File Integrity
  20. How are you reinstalling the language? IIRC what you are seeing can happen if Chinese wasn't up to date (issue with one of the language releases). You want to update Chinese via Apps, Installed Apps
  21. Everything looks ok. Can you give me the CA diagnostics. (Settings - Community Applications, enable debugging). Then Apps. Wait for it to fail or not do anything at all etc. Give it at least 2 minutes. Then back to Settings, Community Applications and download the debug log. Reply back with it
  22. I'll look at this in a bit (mobile right now) but OTOH it's something wrong with your docker system As for the monster thread, you are correct there but CA has a philosophy that anything that causes it to not function for one reason or another (regardless of hardware failure, corruption, user error) gets fixed and handled right away
  23. Is the date & time correct on the server?