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  1. So far, so good. After following your recommendations and upgrading to the latest version, I have not yet encountered any hangups with Unassigned devices. I am working on getting my uptime a bit longer now to see if the errors re-occurs. Thanks for the assistance!
  2. Thank You. I will try the steps You provided and report back on the results when tested properly. I don't use any other devices right now, but I will do some tests with USB attached devices as well. 🙂 Retirement donation incoming
  3. Thank You for responding, I did not notice the notification, sorry for the delayed answer. My Unassigned devices in working situation Diagnostics attached. Thanks //HoBBiS PS. Thanks for a fantastic plugin BTW fullback-diagnostics-20190305-1948.zip
  4. Hi! I am another newbie trying to get around a issue I have with my UNRAID server and the Unassigned Devices plugin I use UNRAID 6.7.0-rc2 and Unassigned Devices Plugin version 2019.02.12 The plugin GUI stops working after a while for me on both my servers. The area in the main tab just have the UNRAID logo looping endlessly... Here if from one of the servers MAIN tab The same loop appears if I try to open the plugins page for Unassigned Devices directly If I reboot the server, the Unassigned Devices plugin works as usual for a while, but then it starts with the above issue again. Clearly I have been messing around with something I should not have messed around with, but I am unable to figure out what. When checking the logs, I see this information, but I can't see why it would sink Unassigned devices LOG = UNRAID Server = The client I use to connect to UNRAID server using Chrome Is there a known standard fix for the Unassigned devices not showing up properly after a while without having to restart the server entirely to make it work for a while again, or are there several different areas to investigate? Anyone got any ideas what to check? Thank you! Regards HoBBiS
  5. Thanks for this great plugin. Vill try it some more and buy you a beer later on :-) I have a request :-) Set up a possibility to exclude a specific sub folder within the specific dockers appdata folder. For example, I would like to exclude the "CACHE" folder from Plex docker, but ensure I have everything else backed up. Thank You!