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  1. If you wish I made a new docker with MinIO built right in the image so you don't need it seperate
  2. Overview: Support for the docker template and container for Notea App: Notea - https://github.com/diamkil/docker-notea Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/diamkil/notea
  3. This is the support page for my docker container socials (socials.dkil.ca) Edit: change the repository to ghcr.io/diamkil/socials:main as the current one will no longer be supported. Template has been updated!
  4. Docker image being pulled is published by the dev. I just made the template for unRAID
  5. Ok so where is the icon for the WOL plugin, I don't see it in settings or in tools
  6. First of all, both are good and I am not against hotio's template, I find it nice to have support from bigger sources. I personally use my own image, because it uses the developpers docker container and I spoke the developper and added him to the template's github. So when there's an update you get it as soon as it's available, also if a new release as a breaking change you simply remove the template and it's gonna be fixed because the dev will have updated it on my github. The main advantages of hotio's is that it supports arm and has GUID PGID support added in the docker image, also as he stated he verifies everything works fine. In the end, if you want the latest stable release go with my template since it's developper backed. If you want a more stable version of it use hotio's. I personally didn't have any problems with mine, also keep in mind it's not going to be perfectly stable no matter which template you chose because it's still ALPHA software 🙂
  7. Can't disagree, Overseerr is very nice.
  8. exactly, sct's template also doesn't support arm at all. PGID and PUID are in my template. Also he's using the alpine node template but still your's is shared for the first layers. My goal was mostly to have it out before you or binhex puts it on CA but now there's lots of downloads on my template so I'm defenatly not removing it
  9. alright nice it's working for you now
  10. Can you try removing the container (and deleting the image) then fully restarting unraid?
  11. My guess is he's using a custom docker image, probably more enhanced. I use the one from the creator. so while his release might be more stable (still alpha software tho) my release will probably get the update quicker (by a few minutes or hours)
  12. If some of you are still having problems I recommend removing it, restarting your unraid and installing the app from CA again
  13. It's on two 'r's my guess is it didn't update the template for you yet as it show Overseerr for me
  14. New Overseer update changes internal port, template has been updated for new install but you can simply remove the port binding and add it back with internal port 5055 (instead of 3000)