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  1. There is a new Docker of Serviio (search in apps), as this former one is not beeing updated anymore But still from some reason Serviio (this former docker) and even the New one is not promoting, nothing visible in the network as before. No clue if is issue with the product it self or some setting in Docker. Haven't found it... I believe last version which was working for me was around 1.9 or so --- I did try other options "Universal-Media-Server" - Not promoting Gerbera - works right away after docker start...searches for tracks in folder i picked and promoting on network. --- If someone could help with Serviio I would he glad
  2. yesterday i tried this docker as Serviio is not promoting (no clue why). This one started to promote right away...bit different UI vs Serviio but i guess it will do the trick as i get used to it. thanks
  3. Problem was that it was adding default values into *.json as WHITELIST etc which makes GUI client unable to connect. Now is working for some time already, but seems like something was/is messed up in release
  4. will try to wipe transmission docker and set it up again from scratch (but i did that already). No clue what else to try
  5. I did there is = where is randomly changing the "settings.json" Problem is that it works and seems either after upgrade or OS reboot it get some of the "default" docker settings , as on fresh install. No clue why. No such issue with other docker
  6. No clue what is wrong, but either after some OS reboot or new Transmission update it puts the default value as when you installed fresh Transmission docker and it put the "ip white list" rule ON again, even i removed it in docker and in settings.json drives me nuts when i find out after some time that again i cant log in
  7. upgrade to RC3, and what a surprise again all Transmission settings resetted to default could you please fix the docker? Thanks
  8. Yeah over there is this option and with colors But why is gone from here? it's much easier/faster to use this Log for quick check, but without colors is not quick anymore
  9. Please why is "Log" window all Black/White? Now is harder to quick read for errors etc. Thanks
  10. check lower / upcase letters , needs to be correct in mappings / folders. Had similar issue
  11. had the same problem, fixed! thanks
  12. And again...seems like each automatic docker "update" , it get messed up Could someone fix it once and for all? Thanks
  13. dont copy, just edit few values... it behaves strange and it happend to me even i removed those "white" values in docker, after restart it was there again. 2nd wipe fix it, then is compare and edited settings.json, no overwrite overwrite cause that not wanted values were there again
  14. 1. check / save your docker settings 1.1 backup appdata/transmission (otherwise *.torrent will be lost) 2. remove docker and appdata/transmission 3. install it again 4. remove those "whitelist" fields from docker setup 5. compare old settings.json with new settings.json and modify as needed No clue what they messed up, acting strange