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  1. I just realized that my DB is getting error " influxdb lvl=info msg=Unauthorized log_id=0S_B9NMW000 error="token required" " thought what is messed up again, seems like it was in this state for few weeks and not updating DB at all... I found the suggestion to change the docker to 1.X instead of "latest" Here are also all versions listed seems like So currently im on "influxdb:1.8.4-alpine" version and it works! Thanks! 1. What the alpine means? (some Beta/Alpha release? )
  2. nope , in the end i sort it our without Weewx
  3. you are using H.264 to show in Browser? i havent compared the delay by second, but when i try via "Guarding Vision" app on Win is much more smoother then via Shinobi, seems like is not the best option for Cams
  4. Thanks for tip i wil try... General question is : How can today app "Shinobi" be that behind with support of new codecs? Or if we say browser - those are most updated apps on internet i would say Firefox, Chrome etc. should have support for that The WebUI for those chinese cameras video live view, have some plugin to install , but it works only on IE or IE Tab extension within other browser.
  5. Guys did anyone been able to run live stream in H.265 / 265+ codec? Soon as i turn H.265 on Camera (Web UI setting) it stop to work (just black screen). Soon as i turn it back to H.264 it works again. I thought that H.265 its already wide used (lower data consumption), but if Shinobi is not really able to use it, then its not very usable as of today. @SpaceInvaderOne in Video p.3 you mention that you had issues with H.265 so you are using the H.264. Just to confirm issue was with Shinobi same as i have? Not with the camera it self? On NVR device or NVR via We
  6. Is there any other way where i dont need to install some script and remebering that i have to press assitional "Shift" key? also when i have shortcut on Mouse set for copy/paste this wont do the trick i believe. I'm using TightVNC, also tried realVNC...not working. Thanks
  7. Seems like it fixed my issue, Thanks! ( After creation of New VM and wanted to install Windows 10 , i was getting Blue screen "Kernel...." ) Asus Crosshair Hero VI + Ryzen 3700x Seems like after each change in UI, it goes back to default host-passthrough' value @limetech Please is not possible to give some selection into UI for this Fix? probably everyone on new releases will be facing it. Thanks
  8. Hello, Today ive tried CrushFTP9 from you. Initial setup went fine, but got popup from CrushFTP Update to 9.3.2 and then it stopped to work... So in App update is not wanted and need to wait for docker update? Thanks
  9. I was in the state where i had VM Module OFF, soon as i enabled it...Server got frozen and needed to reboot. So i coudn't get into any VM config via WebUI. FYI: someone replied that Limetech will fix it in next release. But still Ryzen 3xxx are over 6 months on the market and still having such issue... Everyone complains about Windows, but those HW implementations seems to be much faster there...linux been always delayed, in case you are not a Linux guru who compiles his own kernel
  10. Please fix this issue on all Ryzen 3xxx series - seems like its happening on all chipset X370,X470,X570 My small workaround AMD Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Function | Non-Essential Instrumentation (0c:00.0) Jul 5 13:02:30 unRAIDTower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: not ready 1023ms after FLR; waiting Jul 5 13:02:32 unRAIDTower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: not ready 2047ms after FLR; waiting Jul 5 13:02:35 unRAIDTower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: not ready 4095ms after FLR; waiting Jul 5 13:02:40 unRAIDTower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: not ready 8191ms
  11. After i added 2nd GPU card - needed to do some testing...all was good. Then removed it , kept only one and the same issue started again and FREEEZEs. Read through your notes, some custom patch has to be applied (for version 6.8.3). I was already on 6.9.1b22 so not able to revert 2version back. Anyway not really sure how i was able to run it before without any patch, but i assume this is the way: I wasnt able to start VM module, soon as i wanted it freeze with error bellow. So what to do: 1. in BIOS disable IOMMU 2. Start the Unraid2 3. St
  12. Also requesting patch if possible @limetech - Could you please apply this fix ? many users with 3xxx Ryzen are having this issue, would really appreciate it to release quick fix for that. Thanks!
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply, i got it working few days ago with help of one user in unraid Discord channel. Problem was that the default "latest" repo wasn't working, soon as i added "beta" all good and is pretty recent also
  14. Hello, I would like to Request for IOBroker docker template, as im not able to get it working :( Thanks!