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  1. killeriq

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc2 available

    When i try to change amount of RAM or CPU in VM it get stuck in this stage: Not sure if this was present in previous versions... Thanks
  2. i left it default, cos i didnt thought it can grow that much i was more worried about InfluxDB. So u think backup flows, wipe NodeRed reinstall (with some other data path) and put flows back? EDIT: I just checked now /appdata folder and "nodered" is not even there, so is only inside IMG
  3. killeriq

    [Support] binhex - Emby

    not sure if its here the right place to ask - but ive tried Emby, AirSonic, LibreSonic (with enabled uPnP) ...but my Denon receiver or Mobile app (BubbleUpnp) could see only PlexMediaServer or Serviio content. So cant really use those apps thanks
  4. influxDB is separate Docker, i was assuming that InfluxDB could grow bit higher, but if the "Container Size" option is valid then NodeRed is the highest from all. Even it might grown due to some previous test in NodeRed, but no clue how to clean it up - wipe whole docker and install again?
  5. not sure - i have such option only to send data Even if it would save somewhere - i didnt find any option in NodeRed settings to clear logs...
  6. Hello, im using NodeRed to put my data from one system (Loxone) into InfluxDB, but seems like "NodeRed" docker size is growing (now over 8gb) and using most of my docker img space, how can i maintain / remove those old data / logs (what ever is it)? Thanks
  7. killeriq

    InfluxDB Docker and web interface

    hmm not working for me - is it still working for you guys? EDIT: its gone http://www.docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.5/tools/web_admin/ As of version 1.3, the web admin interface is no longer available in InfluxDB. The interface does not run on port 8083 and InfluxDB ignores the [admin] section in the configuration file if that section is present. Chronograf replaces the web admin interface with improved tooling for querying data, writing data, and database management. See Chronograf’s transition guide for more information.
  8. hmm i dont think it will be even working due to fact is already on going 2y: 1. either QEMU devs dont care about Intel graphics 2. or Intel doesnt share right source code to be usable in QEMU AMD didnt release such low power cpus yet except 2200g and 2400g which takes a bit more Watts. So if we are trying to build NAS which uses 15-20W intel is only way Also there is an issue that those small ITX board have only one mini PCIE port so we can even get a cheap 2nd GPU in there, only option is to connect it via PCIE Riser, but in small box there is not much space to play around with that
  9. i dont have even "dummy plug" works fine without it... Only issue i had was NVIDIA Experience - wasnt able to enable Shield (on fresh 417.22-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql) but when i downgraded to "399.24-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql" then upgraded back to 417.22 all was working again...:)
  10. tried today - working via "moonlight" as i have only Android TV box, not the original shield. Windows is in VM and passthrough 1080ti
  11. i have ASrock J5005-ITX and there is Intel UHD 605 (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/uhd-graphics-605.c3101) any change someone was able to get it working, for libre elec or so? Have the same problem on older J4025-ITX If not which one is the cheapest card which i could plug into board and use it with some ROM? there is only 1x small PCIE on MB. Thanks
  12. killeriq

    Release: Tonido Server

    Did change from "Bridge" to "Host" but still the same problem most of my other dockers are on "Bridge" and using internet... Strange is that the check is working
  13. killeriq

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nextcloud

    Guys, please can i update now directly from UI or i need to do the "command line" update by the 1st page instructions? thanks
  14. killeriq

    Docker or Plugin Request - WeeWX

    any success? or how to get it working on unraid? thanks
  15. killeriq

    Release: Tonido Server

    Having the same issue, its able to check user name if it exist, but not able to create...anyone? thanks