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  1. THIS post explains the current functionality of the Docker templates / OS design. HERE as well
  2. Added CUSTOM option to OPENVPN_PROVIDER for you.
  3. 1) You can edit and modify the VPN providers list all you want. The template is set up with PIA servers per the OP 2) I'm not sure why it resets all the fields, I dont have that issue, as its my template and the changes I make are typically for my own use.... I will have to look into that. I created the template, but am by no means an expert at it!! 3) Read this post, remove the template URL and that should stop the issue HERE
  4. i believe you require --dns ....but i could be wrong i guess!!
  5. did you also add the "--" to --dns ? is was missing in your run least compared to mine.
  6. I believe this should be --dns ..... If that doesn't help, try moving off the :dev branch
  7. Can you post the docker run command, remove your username/passwords
  8. I haven't really paid much attention.... Generally though, I find its really dependent on the tracker im connected to. The private ones im on have always seemed very fast! I've got a 1g connection.... Just doing a test i'm running 200+ mbps Update..... watching it, its now jumped to 500~600
  9. i need to see your run command..... have you tried adding google dns
  10. I dont see an issue with the run command, what does your log say? Looking at IPvanish on git hub, I dont believe you need to download config files and place them anywhere, Just set 'OPENVPN_CONFIG'='XXXX' to which tunnel you want. You may have to set 'VPN_PROVIDER_HOME' location though.......looks like its an error that should be in the docker logs
  11. Looks like your log in details are incorrect?
  13. you could try and map your backup folder to another location on your array.... or there may be a config file in the server files to set the backup folder, i have only created the template, not the program. its been a long time since i ran a minecraft server, so I cant say i remember where it stores the files. in the origional post there should be a link to github where you could also ask the question.
  14. not sure what your question is here, but it sounds like you have the same port, or a range of ports that includes this port already specified on your router.........
  15. can you post your run command? its hard to say whats going on without knowing what is set to run. Typically if you have set all the variables / paths the same as the origional docker, you should still have all the old settings / torrents running
  16. There seems to be a few issues with the port updating script lately. if you are having issues with your Transmission_VPN losing connection resulting in a fatal error, I have a script that I have been using to look for fatal errors in the docker log, and restart if one is found. #!/bin/bash #Check for error in Transmission log and restarts docker if found #change /Search_String/ to suit the required error docker logs --tail 50 Transmission_VPN 2>&1 | awk '/fatal_error/ {print | "docker restart Transmission_VPN"}' I run this every 15 minutes with the User Scripts plugin. c
  17. For those that would like to keep the home folder in the appdata folder, the following will need to be added:
  18. Someone's posted a ticket for it... Paper 1.17 Java Update
  19. Somethings else, doesn't look like this folder mapping is doing anything? this container has always used /data/transmission-home as its base directory, I have tried to separate the config files from this folder on my array, to my cache drive where all my other docker files are stored, but I have been unsuccessful so far! check and see if anything is in that folder before removing it just incase.....Git posting on the issue - you may have to set another variable for this to me used you can also remove the 1198 port. The new PIA configs don't use it anymore.
  20. Anytime!! Almost every problem it seems is related to some kind of variable / port / path mapping issue!! why it changed.....I can't answer that one!! Cheers!!
  21. I believe this should be 'true', not '1' ?
  22. there's been some issues with transmission lately. the settings are supposed to survive reboot now, but i find some do, some don't... can you post you run command and log after restart, remove any pertinent user/passwords.