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  1. OK many thanks will ask for some help over in the other forum. Main thing is that it's backed up. I'm going to be moving my plex folder to a new nvme drive tomorrow on unassigned devices so hopefully go ok. Thanks again and please keep up good work on you tube considering becoming a patreon
  2. Ok will do thanks very much will the log buttons reappear ??
  3. ive now lost the option buttons for the logs in user scripts page
  4. Hi mate thanks for your reply very much appreciated, typed in terminal with +1 and nothing deleted but no errors, i changed to +0 and deleted folder see below
  5. Good morning mate here is a copy of log and script still seeing undleted files in backup folder Log.txt Script.txt
  6. Hi going to be adding a new Samsung nvme drive tomorrow to unassigned devices and moving my plex app data over from my cache and using it just for plex, my question is will the ssd trim plug in trim the ssd on unassigned devices automatically? Thanks for any help
  7. @Cpt. Chaz Hi following our discussion on youe excellent script for plex back up wonder if you can have a quick look at my script see if anything pops out plec backup script.txt
  8. So my new 8tb drive arrives tomorrow and I will install it and pre clear it. So after that is it just as simple as stopping array then assigning new drive to parity slot then restart array and let parity rebuild. Would you recommend using dockers during parity build ie plex. Anyway thanks for any info or tips.
  9. Great good to hear, yeah that's the only negative point being the noise, shouldn't bother me so i think will give them a go, many thanks
  10. Hi ive tried mounting all shares and none work 😒, but ive managed to get it to work if i put in ip address on my pc and share mounts ok then. Ive followed the rest of the video and rsync backup fine, im backing up the plex data as shown from your other video to my G drive now as well so i have an off site copy.
  11. Hi @Cpt. Chaz following our discussion on your excellent you tube video on remote share with google drive. Here is a little more info, i can see the shares But wont mount Any suggestions
  12. Just move all data om cache to array then pop in new cache drive/drives and then move data back, have a look at THIS may help you out.
  13. Have a look at this try this, did the same last week but with 2x 2,.5gbe cards works great
  14. Thanks for you help all fixed now. Much appreciated .