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  1. Great news just waiting on my docker to update now. Great work guys and thanks.
  2. So disabled plex docker last night no error using Version, have unticked include music library's during scan to see if helps
  3. still got error at 1am with syncthing and tautulli stopped
  4. I've stopped my tautulli and syncthing. Will find out tomorrow as I only get error at 1am every morning.
  5. Will disable tautulli tonight and check in the morning
  6. Here are my dockers
  7. Plex, synching & tautulli
  8. Same here gonnae start disabling dockers 1 at a time and see ( i only run 3)
  9. Only run 3 dockers Plex, Syncthing & Tautulli , only ever access server from same desktop and always logout when finished. Mines happens every day at 1am
  10. Read that but all my plugins are upto date
  11. Hi my server running great but every time around 1a, i get this error in my log Jul 11 01:04:12 Unraid-Server root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token Can anyone point me in the right direction, all pluin;s ans dockers upto date
  12. Hi i have an extra SSD, im going to install it in my unraid setup with unassigned devices, can i set my trans code folder to it so save wear and tear on my main array, If so can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  13. I've managed to run 1 windows vm plus use plex with my G4560. But that's its limit.
  14. You may need an i7 bud depends on what else you use for example vm's and the likes. I basically just use mine for plex and and file share server for the house. So my lowly g4560 does fine.