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  1. Rebooted server and have option to spin down again when hoover over button, on 6.10.0 rc2
  2. As title setting set to yes, array spins down fine
  3. Is this the correct setup for this to keep plex upto date
  4. Meant Intel gpu top but op knew that. Thanks for correcting me
  5. No worries bud about my limit, did you restart?
  6. Try install Intel top plug in
  7. I have latest as well in version as seems to be working with hdr transcodes
  8. Have you got dot files visible on windows and unraid
  9. Was it working after you updated to 6.9.2 or has it been since you've updated
  10. Ok will wait for unraid update then, thanks again
  11. My apologies, will there be a fix for it ??
  12. Makes sense as ssd is ntfs