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  1. Few people have run without any bad reports. Thanks again mate really appreciate it.
  2. @Simon Thanks for this... i take it its safe.
  3. Thanks appreciate it. Is file on the flash drive?
  4. Hi please may i have a little more help on this what command or where do i locate the file i need to update please thanks in advance
  5. Hi what file do i need to update for the fix
  6. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction, even though my dockers are upto date i keep getting update ready, if i update it pulls no data but update goes away till next day. Its no real issues just annoying everything else is fine.
  7. Just make sure your new plex dockers mapping is excalty the same as previous docker and all should be good. Did change overast week and all went well.
  8. Nope nothing changed at all. Moved to linux server docker. Just point you new docker to yer old plex app data folder and map your media exactly as before. Well chuffed.
  9. Changed container yesterday and got latest update and all good.
  10. Well changed container and updated plex and token error has gone, thanks again guys.
  11. Thanks TODDLT hope all your problems are fixed
  12. I don't have this option in my docker container, how do i add this
  13. Did you just point it too the appdata folder on your cache