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  1. Not saying its your problem but can't login just now with mine lost remote access as well
  2. Just noticed my media scanner has been crashing, my server seems to be running as it should and everything has been ok, ive located the dmp file but wont let me access it. Can anyone help out
  3. Love the fact I can run vms relatively easy, would like to see added an easy way to keep array drives spun up during the day when needed but sleep them st night.
  4. Wanting to move my plex docker from my app data ssd to a new nvme drive which is on my unassigned devices. Is it possible without losing any data and watch history
  5. Thanks excatly what I have now but still have error. Could you click on the edit button for version and see if we have the same please?
  6. I have changed it to all 3 but still get error. Can someone post photo if there setup in there docker?
  7. Thanks you like in say all good just noticed this in the log though.
  8. It updates no problem when I hit check for updates then apply if it finds one. Just wondering what everyone else has
  9. Hi quick question which value does everyone have in their docker container where is says version. Thanks in advance
  10. I run backup/restore once a week and all my meta data from plex is automatically backed up to the folder selected within the plugin
  11. You'll get much better transcode capabilities with new chip h265 decode for a start
  12. Apart from error doesn't transcode ok thinking of very similar upgrade
  13. Will be following this as not updated and only use my server for plex
  14. Few people have run without any bad reports. Thanks again mate really appreciate it.
  15. Thanks appreciate it. Is file on the flash drive?