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  1. ok, looks like it issued the new cert. I just removed the "server" domain and changed to True. Applied. Then re-added "server" changed back to false and applied. Thanks
  2. I found in the log that it was not resolving the DNS for (example). I didnt have "server" added as a Cname. Only Nextcloud. I assume it needs this for the cert renewal. I So I added this within the Namecheap DNS section. (sorry I don't know the proper terminology here) Now is there a way to manually renew or I just wat for the chron job at 2AM again? I confirmed that restarting the Swag container does not renew the cert.
  3. Thanks. Mine still says it's expiring in a few days. Any idea how to force the renewal or check when the chron job is set to run?
  4. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to manually confirm that your cert is up to date?
  5. No. It does a Backup / Restore every night that shuts down the containers around 4 AM EST
  6. I'm getting alert emails that my letsencrypt cert is expiring. I restarted the Swag container but I'm still getting the alerts. Is there something more I need to do? This is for Nextcloud.
  7. I always thought you had to update containers from within unRAID. So how specifically do we update to Nextcloud 21? Thanks.
  8. Well this news is pretty exciting. Apparently Nextcloud 21 is said to be twice as fast. Should we really expect to see these kind of results in real world use? I'd love to see faster load times. Although 2 X as fast means my text document load in 6 seconds instead of 12. Still an improvement!
  9. ok. So those process are still running but just not consuming as much resources when showing the basic view. So I guess nothing to be concerned about. I probably check my logs for errors a little too much. This was actually the first time I've run an htop... when I was troubleshooting the wsdd network today issue that had one CPU core at 100%.
  10. Found a few of these listed when running an htop: containerd --config /var/run/docker/container/containerd.toml --log-level error unraid Not sure if it was of any concern but it did cost about 4% of my CPU. Switching to basic view immediately remedied this. Thanks for that. But is that "error" process an issue?
  11. Noticed this today. htop shows CPU1 at 100% culprit being WSDD. I'm going to try -i br0. I don't see how "Disable WSD" is a reasonable solutuion.
  12. It depends on how your router treats VLAN networks. My Edgerouter, by default allows communication across VLANs by default unless you add firewall rules to segregate them. Other routers may be different. Yes, for me it still occured when my router was providing DHCP for the containers on br0.
  13. I JUST noticed that this was logged at the same time mine was !
  14. Also have a couple instinces of this in my log: Feb 14 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[26901]: apcupsd exiting, signal 15 Feb 14 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[26901]: apcupsd shutdown succeeded Feb 14 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[6799]: apcupsd 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware startup succeeded Feb 14 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[6799]: NIS server startup succeeded Maybe this happened when the apcupsd plugin was updated? Did you find anything out?
  15. Hey @Hoopster BTW, no call traces or issues since I put the containers on VLANs 👍