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  1. one thing you like most about Unraid: Absolutely, 100% the helpful, patient community. I simply wouldn't have been able to get where I am today without the help of the unRAID community. one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020: Backup. I'd like to see a built-in backup feature to back up your shares and files to another server or storage solution. Would like to have the ability to back up to both an on site and off site server.
  2. Just ordered a 10TB Elements external USB drive. I'd like to back up some of my unRAID shares to this drive which I will keep in a super top secret location. Is there a simple / "best" / easy method for this? Any guides available? Rsync? Rclone? Docker container? Noob-friendly is a plus.
  3. Ok so the way the backup works is you backup by share? So I can backup multiple shares on the same external HDD? I'll pick up a couple 12 TB easystore drives on BF. One for parity and the other for my external backup.
  4. Ok, based on all this I think the smartest thing to do may be: Get an external USB drive and back-up everything first. Then upgrade to 6.8.0. (i'm not scared of a RC) So that being said: what is the best way to backup your entire server with one external USB drive? Can that be done with the Unassigned Drives plugin?
  5. @Hoopster & @jonathanm So just to be sure that I have my appdata, docker containers on the cache as you said... this is how I have it configured. Does this seem correct? I just want to be sure before I upgrade. The appdata share: (does "Prefer" mean it's on the cache pool) Plex docker container: Pihole container: @Hoopster, currently with 6.6.7 things slow way down when using the mover. For example if the mover is running I can't watch anything from the Plex server. I just thought this was normal.
  6. Yes. I have them on the cache pool. Two NVMe SSDs.
  7. Hey Frank sorry to leave you hanging on this. I haven't had any issues since I've been changing the security (read/write) setting first. I also started something new that makes my server much more secure. Before I was opening my entire media share to read/write from my main PC when transferring files to unRAID. But now I created a "Temp Media" share and only open that up when needed to transfer files to unRAID from another client. Then I use Krusader to transfer the files to the main media share. So if something like ransomware gets compromised my Desktop PC it will only harm the few files I have in the Temp share. Not my 6TB of media. I think this should be recommended to all new unRAID users.
  8. So for whatever reason I stopped getting the warning. It should be noted that I would get a similar warning when copying folders with the Plex labeling structure to the unRAID cache over SMB. But the warning would pop up in windows saying something like "are you sure you want to do this, you will lose the file properties." Never understood what the meant but it didn't seem to harm anything.
  9. Hi, so I'm running unRAID 6.6.7 because I was going to run unRAID on ESXi. (Upon recommendations) I've decided to leave unRAID on bare metal so I'd like to upgrade to the latest (6.7) Is there anything I should be concerned about about? I'm really just running PiHole and Plex at the moment. I currently don't have a backup solution (working on this)
  10. So I did the test you suggested. This behavior only happens when transferring the movie folder to my Media share. When I transfer the same folder to a Test Share it does not give the overwrite warning. So I can not test the effect of clicking on the "Write Into" button. So I risk overwriting my media library or I have to click cancel. When I click Cancel the file still transfers but it makes Krusader crash so after moving every file I have to restart the container. Not ideal.
  11. Right, that's how it looks. But it does this as I move the folder to the share for the first time. That's why it's confusing. The folder definitely is not on the share that I'm moving it to.
  12. ok, I'll take a look at those. But any idea why it's giving an overwrite warning? I really don't want to overwrite anything.
  13. So I'm using Krusader for the first time. Although everyone raves about this application it's quite confusing and the only videos tutorial (by Spaceinvaderone) is outdated. And something quite scary happened the first time using... I was moving a folder with a film from my Temp Media share to my Media share and I got a popup saying it will overwrite the destination!! Wholly crap! Really? So by dragging a folder into my media folder it warns me that it will overwrite the destination of 5TB of media? When I clicked on Cancel Krusader then crashed and wouldn't open the GUI until I stop and start the container. Is this really the only GUI to move files around in unRAID without using SMB? Will this erase my Media folder? Why is it saying it will overwrite a folder that doesn't already exist on the share?
  14. Yes, I just submitted a bug report directly to Limetech via the WebUI describing the issue. It may have been resolved in later versions as I'm still on 6.6.7. Curious if you guys try this what result you get? Try changing the Export setting to No first, click apply. then change the User access to read-only, click apply and test to write to the share. @Frank1940 can confirm that I closed windows explorer, reopened it and can reproduce results. Another strange thing: I added another share to test this on my laptop. I realized to reproduce the results above you have to grant Read/Write permissions to both my desktop and laptop. Then change the Export to 'No'. Then both clients to 'Read-only' If I just grant access to one client then change the Export to 'No' it wont reproduce.
  15. Ok i figured out the issue. If you change the share to 'Export: No' and hit Apply FIRST, and then you change the permission field to 'Read-Only', the change does not take effect and it leaves the share open and unsecured. So you have to FIRST change the User Access value THEN change the SMB setting. Wow. Is this a known issue? I think Limetech should be made aware of this.