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  1. Hi everyone, all of sudden my WebGUI doesn't start up (it was working for a long long time). And checking the logs, i'm seeing a weird error, with the line `...Floating point exception...` 2021-04-15 08:48:58,049 DEBG 'nzbget' stdout output: [info] NZBGet configuration file exists [info] Patching NZBGet config file for WebDir and ConfigTemplate locations... 2021-04-15 08:48:58,494 DEBG 'nzbget' stderr output: /home/nobody/start.sh: line 26: 295 Floating point exception/usr/local/bin/nzbget/nzbget -c /config/nzbget.conf -s 1>&- 2021-04-15 08:48:58,494 DEBG fd 8 closed,
  2. Is it possible to have an image for the Corsair 900D and Rosewill RSV-R4100 made as well? For the 900D, can you also add the IcyDock HDD cage?
  3. I am also seeing the same issue with the x299 platform, did you end up fixing the issue for your MacOS vm?
  4. Just bumping this to ask if this has been resolved? I am also running into this issue, passing through AMD RX580 to a OSX VM and it locks up unraid server
  5. Hi all, I have just encountered a repeatable issue where my VM would freeze up and my VM tab would not be accessible, then my server would shut down. This has happened for a few times now and I'm not exactly sure what is going on. Can I please get support for this issue? I pasted below the logs before it shut down my server as well as diagnostic reports after the server booted up. System spec Motherboard - EVGA Corp. X299 FTW K bio v1.24 CPU - 10980xe RAM - 128GB (4x32GB) G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600 Mhz CL18 Dec 29 13:06:47 Zoo kernel: sdi: sdi1 sdi2 Dec 29 13:06:47 Zoo
  6. Thanks @cat2devnull! I figured that was the issue so I looked up after I posted, but I forgot to update the post. Now I need to know the magical number to create the img so I can dd into a ssd.
  7. @SpaceInvaderOne I notice a bug, where I specified the size of physical disk is 500G, but when everything is up and running, the total storage size is actually 536.87GB? I wanted to be 500G as I want to convert the img to a physical disk so it would be running off my SSD instead of using the cache drive. Should this be consider a bug and is there a simple way to resize the img?
  8. hey @mSedek how did you show your CPU properly? I'm giving my hackintosh 14 cores but it would only display as `3 GHz Unknown`, I've configured to use iMac Pro 1,1 as well in the PlatformInfo.
  9. I just want to give a big shoutout to @SpaceInvaderOne for his hard work for both version of macinabox! It has simplify the process of running mac in a vm much simpler! He deserves to be appraised and his YouTube channel are very informative for anything unraid and even outside of unraid! Beers coming up @SpaceInvaderOne, thanks again for your amazing work and future works to come! *wink* *wink*
  10. Thanks @Vr2Io for your help! Unfortunately I didn't discover whether any hardware failure (hopefully there isn't ha...) I'll look into the nvidia build when I get my windows and hackintosh VM up and running again thanks again!
  11. So.... I suspect its one of my parity (I got 2) that went bad, either when it did parity swap or prior to parity swap. I verified yesterday with a trial unraid usb and connecting them, seems fine when I left it running for 2 hours with no plug-in, dockers or any config, so I couldn't rule out any hardware issues, which is very frustrating. Then I did a reset config parity and disk (shifted order of disks as I like to sort them haha) on my unraid usb and parity sync finished after 1 and half day. Now its running fine (cross fingers) but I get a lot of multip
  12. Hey @Vr2Io just providing some updates, after doing the no parity, start array and using for a few hours, there were no issues so I decided to reboot and do the process again. Unfortunately it still got stuck, this time at 66%, so I decided to reset both parity and disk array, letting the parity rebuild instead. Knock on wood, its going well at 66% as we speak and parity will be done in another 13 hours... Will update as things progress, thanks!
  13. Ah ok, will trial and error. What does it mean by simple and basic, and maybe I should upgrade to rc1 as I'm still on 6.8.3
  14. Oh didn't notice you modified the msg, yea, the board is sick and I'm running the 10980xe, but maybe I should update the BIOS (which I need to figure out how). I just did a new config with no parity and it start up fine. But I'm seeing weird kernel errors (could be I am using old unraid nvidia kernel that caused system to errror?) And 1 or the error i saw was the backup plug-in thats in the screenshot.
  15. Yea, I tried to access the logs but no dice as the WebGUI just keep loading so I decided to reboot. It did generate a diagnostic report thou which I'll try to pull out (not sure where it saved at)