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  1. By reload I just meant to hit F5 on the page just to reload it. If you are absolutely sure you know the original location I would back it up before doing anything further. Double check the pass that you have configured for the plug-in to make sure that it's actually looking at the correct folder and not one above it and then change the path to where you think it should be pointed, hit save and apply and hit F5 to reload the page you should see a new available backup appear. If not, you may want to post a directory listing so that we could take a look at it and see what might be going on. Just the directory for where the backup is.
  2. Have you located the "old" backup? You should be able to change the backup location to the old location, re-load the plugin and then see your original backup.
  3. Well, found the problem child. (thanks!) Here's hoping Corsair will honor the warranty. And thank god Microcenter keeps track of your purchases since I don't have the receipt! I have 4 of these installed...
  4. Offfff. Lots of errors. Still running. Does it offer the option to save a log once completed? I'm hoping it is just one stick.
  5. I'm having a strange issue where my dockers/cache go R/O after about a week or two uptime. I have my dockers stored exclusively on cache. My cache drive are 2 Sabrent 2 TB NVME drives setup in a RAID 0 pool. (So, 4tb..) One of them is connected via onboard slot and another is via an addon card. Everything works fine after stopping and starting the array or reboot. Should I just roll with 1 NVME cache drive or change my cache config to have redundancy? Quick smart tests come back ok. Diags attached.
  6. Not to argue or belabor the point- I REALLY appreciate your assistance, but I did enter the key. (twice) Start was not available before and after entering it. I tried re-entering it, nadda. The only option I had to get start enabled was clicking maintenance mode. I'm wondering if there isn't a bug here, something related to replacing a drive on a encrypted system. At the very least, the prompt to enter a new key should be tweaked since I wasn't attempting to do that. My rebuild of the drive finished early this morning and all went well, so I'm happy. I did notice the /user share went away about 4 hours in. I've seen that before though. /user0 was still there however.
  7. That makes sense, but the only way for me to get the array started was to check that. It was greyed out. For some reason the normal start was not available. Just the new key fields and maintenance mode.
  8. Thank you!!! That did the trick. This is odd though, I don't think I messed this up initially. When I started the system up after adding the swapped drive all I had was a maintenance mode option to start along with setting the encryption key. (2 fields, one was to confirm) I did mis-quote the directions- on step 9 it says- "Put a check in the Yes, I'm sure checkbox (next to the information indicating the drive will be rebuilt)," I never received that option which is why I did the new config route after trying maintenance mode. (It didn't say format) Why did it ask for the encryption key to be set again? I had changed nothing at this point but reset the server/swapped a drive. Was the system decrypted at this point, by just removing a drive? Would it have been corrupted if I had entered a new key?
  9. Thanks. I did a fresh backup with and without compression yesterday and was able to extract just fine. Weird. On the topic of extraction- is it possible to add an option to create tars for each docker vs. one giant one? With stuff like Plex, Radarr and Config folders it can be pretty intensive to work with a backup, esp. if you only need one thing. I know the intended use of this is to automate things, but there are probably more than a few folks who would appreciate the option(s). Thanks for the work on this plugin btw!!
  10. I'm still getting the error my tar backup bad? Plex-Media-Server/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata/Albums/a/92fd63c59b1620e87a3bdc7cbc78c6ecd46f7e7.bundle/Contents/ tar: Skipping to next header tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
  11. @Squid I need to extract ONE backup file for my Unifi controller that would be in the /mnt/cache/unifi folder from a backup created by this plugin. I keep getting an error when running the command below and even without all the extra tags and also just the folder name itself. Are ALL my backups crap or am I missing something? I used one of the backups to restore my dockers that is NOT working for this command and I can't seem to extract that either. What am I missing? Does the plugin use another flag or otherwise know how to pull the data? The file is quite large as it includes my plex, radarr and sonarr info. tar -xzvf CA_backup.tar.gz --ignore-failed-read --exclude="Plex-Media-Server" --exclude="config" --exclude="binhex-radarr" --exclude="binhex-sonarr"
  12. Thanks for the info here @abhi.ko. Why on earth does Plex NOT list this litterally ANYWHERE in the docker page or Github!??! Anyway, it should be noted (as you linked!) - Plex has CHANGED it to require 'beta' now, NOT plexpass. So make sure you have repository and version set to that!!! ALSO- the official guide:
  13. For the standard plex docker just as extra parameter. I added my nvidia card as well for testing. Both worked as added. --device=/dev/dvb/ --runtime=nvidia For binhex I added both ways, as a variable and extra parameter. Tried both separately and together.
  14. Having an issue with binhex-Plexpass docker seeing DVB card as implemented by @ich777 DVB driver. Official plex docker DOES work. I've tried passing the /dev/dvb value both ways and it doesn't appear when attempting to add in Plex. Anything I can try? For background and sorry if this is a cross-post. From the DVB thread:
  15. No, sorry for the confusion. I do not have TVHeadend installed now, I only added that as a troubleshooting step to verify the DVB was showing in docker- then I removed it. I read previously in the thread that the official Plex docker worked but @binhex Plex docker did not, I can confirm that. I tried the official Plex docker and it is working. I have moved Plex server from a Windows install before so I guess it wouldn't be terrible to do via Docker and a NVME cache drive. Hardest thing is walking all my family/friends through adding a new server again...that's painful! lol Maybe there is a way to move the files/config without adding a new server name, but my Plex Docker'Fu isn't that good.