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  1. I have the same like you, no fan sensor in the Dynamix System Temp. And i have no PWM Contoller in the Dynamix Auto Fan. Dose some one have a hint for me how to get it working? I also added a screenshot of my Mainboard and CPU. Thanks Marzel
  2. I had the same problem today. After I had set -i br0 everything was ok again. Will continue to monitor. Thanks for all the tips
  3. i changed my ip range now to 10.2.x.x so that it should not be a problem any more. After that i tried the Provision again but same error. i also checked the avm link you sent and added the and the complete to the "Host name exceptions:", then reboot the Fritz Box and again tried the Provision but no change, same error
  4. 192.168.x.x is now gone. I changed from 192.168.x.x to 20.2.x.x. and this is also the only rang i have in my network. The only DNS in my network is my Fritz!Box 6591. Yes the blanked ip is correct and i can access my unraid with it. PM with the is out.
  5. No it's in my local network behind my router.
  6. As you can see from my screenshots, Update DNS is grayed out and by clicking the Provision Button i get the error from the second screenshot. Diagnostics is attached. Can it be related to the USB stick? It is the same USB Stick as i used for the Test System, but cleared it and recreated it before using in the new System. Thank you for your Help Marzel
  7. Hello everyone, I have the problem that I cannot request a certificate. I had a Test Unraid system running for quite a while, there I could request the certificate and everything worked. Now I have built my Unraid System and it does not work anymore. The address also points to the old address of the Test System. How can I have the point to my new ip? Thanks for the help Marzel