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  1. I had exactly this happening with my SAS drives under 6.9.1 when I started using the SAS spindown plugin, see my post here: Same case, same backplane, but using SM motherboard with integrated HBA.
  2. Did you ever get any further with this - I'm trying to manually add Mysterium as a docker container but with little luck (openvpn doesn't start).
  3. Quick update - I uninstalled the SAS spin down plugin (as that was my only change apart from the the 6.9 -> 6.9.1 upgrade. Rebooted and no errors so far. Will leave for another couple of days and if no errors will reinstall the plugin to test
  4. I'm seeing almost identical error numbers on two ST4000NM0023 (via onboard LSI SAS2308 on Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F) one day after updating to 6.9.1 and also one day after running a successful parity check (on 6.9.0 just prior to upgrading to 6.9.1) I've never seen issues with these drives before. Only other change was the installation of the SAS spin down plugin (which I'm now removing to test). Diags attached. preston-diagnostics-20210311-1519.zip
  5. Version: 6.8.0-rc5 Rebooted today and noticed this for the first time: Array is started No change if using incognito browser or clearing cache/cookies. Diags attached. Cheers. preston-diagnostics-20191125-2158.zip
  6. Not sure if this bug turned up in the RC series but just noticed when I rebooted without internet access 3 times over the last couple of days that all of the docker containers show "Update Ready", when I check the containers for updates they return to correct status (normally "up-to-date")
  7. @Squid was correct - problem was faulty SATA power cable - in this case a molex to SATA converter. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks @johnnie.black - I rebooted between drive attempts. Agree, def hardware. Will progress +12hrs. Thanks for looking at my logs, cheers!
  9. Haven't done the reseat process yet - but I'm wondering why the whole rest of the array is running just fine, except when I rebuild drive 12. Lots of reads and writes going on to the other 11 drives just fine. Remember the second drive I tried was connected using completely different cabling, to a different HBA (motherboard based).
  10. Interesting - I've changed only one thing (with anything remotely to do with cabling, power, devices) in the last 6mths; plugged a NiMH battery charger into the same outlet that the server is plugged into. Did this about a week ago. Will try a rebuild again with that removed. Feels a bit like voodoo, but it is a cheap one sourced from Aliexpress. UPDATE: OK that wasn't the problem. Start getting write errors immediately when I start the array. Will power down and try to reseat everything tomorrow and report back.
  11. OK, after running unraid for years I've found something to stump me. I had a drive fail recently with write errors (drive 12/sdq) - giving the red cross in the drive list. I removed the drive from the array and ran an extended SMART test on it - which finished without error. I next ran a full pre-clear cycle (full read, full zero, full read) which also ran without error. I added the drive back into the array thinking the drive controller had maybe remapped some bad sectors and I was OK again (for now), only to have the rebuild fail on the drive with more write errors.
  12. NZBGet is now updated to v17.0 but when I specify that version (or any of the testing versions) my container fails to compile from source. https://github.com/nzbget/nzbget/releases Latest version that works OK is v16.4. Any ideas?
  13. anyone see this with RC2 - WebGUI updates not working