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  1. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Wow, it JUST changed, it was over $360 when it was in stock. As soon as it went to "Special order" the price dropped to what I payed. They are saying 11/21 for new stock.
  2. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Fair enough, I didn't look that closely...I don't care what box it comes in! I just got off the phone with them, apparently the 2 "in-stock" 2176G they had are now sold, so it looks like I'll go back on the "parts on order" list and be stuck for another few weeks :(. I don't want to cancel the order as they /charged/ me 2174 prices (As it stands today) so I would be another $50+ out of pocket to get a 2176G from another vendor.
  3. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    I think I got shipped an OEM processor. That, or INTEL is really cutting back on packaging AND it is the WRONG one
  4. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    I would have loved 8 cores, might have gone with using a VM for my desktop...with 6 cores I'm just not sure I can do that. Likely I can, but it seems to me that it is borderline. The snow caused Fedex to delay delivery, so now it is even odds I'll not get it until next week :/.
  5. Tybio

    Build Update HELP!!!

    The point I was making is that if you install an SSD cache drive and see no change in write speed, then it is likely to be an issue with the network rather than the drive. It could still be a disk controller issue, but those are rare. Another test you can do is pulling a file from the server to another system, if that is slow as well then you have another data point. What motherboard are you using?
  6. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Ok, it shipped and I should have it tomorrow! Can rebuild the server this weekend and update people on how it goes.
  7. Tybio

    Build Update HELP!!!

    Without parity, the cache drive would only help were it an SSD. Then you would just get the standard improvements of writing a file to SSD vs Spinner...so it could be massive, or it could be minimal depending on a lot of factors. For the app based dockers, this should not matter unless they are using heavy encryption. Hows your CPU usage when the server is active? I'd get a cheap small SSD for a few bucks and try it with it assigned to cache and not, One note to make is that the biggest factor in all of this is the network, you can isolate network vs server issues using the disk speed docker to test your disk capabilities, if they are nearly spec the it may be a network issue...which you would isolate using an SSD and seeing "no" improvement. Just my thoughts!
  8. cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "MHz" You can also play with lscpu, but the above always works on Linux.
  9. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    I think Intel is just starting shipments this week, but I have no confirmation of that...just a note from my vendor that they would receive them this week.
  10. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Another review: https://www.servethehome.com/intel-xeon-e-2176g-benchmarks-and-review/
  11. Tybio

    TR2 2950x Build - Upgrade Path?

    3) For AMD systems, if you want to use fast ram (and you do on TR) then I'd recommend going with the ram that's on the MB vendors QVL, Though that can be a tall order, I admit.
  12. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Just got an update, they are now saying next week for shipping the processor
  13. Tybio

    Dragon, my new unRAID Build

    Small update, all the parts are in with the exception of the CPU, just waiting for Intel to actually ship the darn things. Right now the ship date from the vendor is tomorrow, but I'm not putting a lot of stock in that :).
  14. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Provantage says mine should ship tomorrow, I'll believe it when I see it. Also, the 2176G has 15 less TDP than the 8700k, which is a VERY nice bonus considering it has the same power.
  15. Tybio

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    First review is out: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13526/intel-xeon-e-review-e2186g-and-more-tested Looks like the 2176G is a direct re-spin of the i7-8700k...with ECC but no OCing which is about perfect for a NAS running plex transcoding.