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  1. This is where the mistake is... the default route is set as via eth2. That is my internal and not externally connected network. The default route should be (my router) via eth0 (my uplink) I added the correct route, but now I have two.. pressing the wastebin icon on the wrong one does not work.. I removed the extra route via console: route del default gw eth2 Its gone in settings now... But this is the way it was earlier... I -think- this will reset itself after a reboot again.. Whic
  2. Nope... looks like when doing a softreboot it works, but after a hard reboot it does not..
  3. That is what I have... still it borks when I reboot...
  4. Did that... GUI did not load though... I ended up being able to get it loaded by changing the routes on console though... So I am up and running but my setup is still somehow flawed, this will happen again on a reboot and I want to avoid that..
  5. Hi ! After a reboot my server was not reachable over the network anymore. Server is reachable over IPMI and I can use the local console The server itself is running fine I can just not reach it. The issue arose when I activated a 10GB Mellanox card for my two urnaids to talk to each other. After the reboot I guess the server thinks that the 10GB mellanox connection should be primary because it is faster. I did set a higher metric on it though. I have copied back old network.cfg and network-rules.cfg files from a backup, that seems to have wo
  6. The CPU is actually not something that is on the map... At least for now.. The reason I am going for the other motherboard is because it is bigger and adds some more ports, this will give me some free room to add a graphics card.. I have a GV-N710D5SL-2GL lying around that can be added in.. I basically have not need for any upgrade as my server has never given me troubles, I want to play around with the MacOS VM and that really needs a GPU..
  7. Well... That was stupid... Appears everything is running just fine but the scanning that syncthing does took longer then I anticipated... Its humming along quite nicely and I see network speeds topping 400 Mb/s at the moment :-)
  8. Hi.. I have some issues getting Syncthing to work with my secundary network... I would appreciate if if someone could look if I am doing something wrong: EDIT: Guess I was just TO anxious... It took a while for the system to complete scanning... Its running 300 Mb/s between the boxes now :-)
  9. Hi, I currently have two unraid servers, one primary, one backup. Both servers have Mellanox 10GB cards in them. The main server uses this connection to connect to my network-switch and this works fine (my desktop is also connected at 10GB and that gives me cool speeds between desktop and server. I have added a similar card to my backupserver but my network switch only has two SFP+ ports so I am trying to do the following: Directly connect backup and primary unraid server with an SFP DAC between two systems. The backup system is only used to rece
  10. Hi ! At the moment I am using a SuperMicro X11SSM-F Motherboard with an Intelo Xeon E3-1230 V6. The board is performing find but I am missing PCI connectors... Really want to add a video card an I have maxed out the ways I can do this, therefor I am looking for an ATX board instead of a Micro-atx board (really never should have gone for this in the past.. Enough room in the case.. My CPU is still fine as is my memory (ECC) so I do not want to change those, I also like to stick with SuperMicro since the brand has served me well for many many years.
  11. Thanks. I found one for a reasonable price and bought it... Have to find a way to double-connect my monitor now though.. Forgot abaout that :-) I gave the VM 4 of my 8 cores, cannot say its "quick' though.. but still fine fo find out how macos works..
  12. Any advice on what GPU to add to unraid to make it work a bit more smooth ? Not to expensive.. Will not use it for anything but this... I am running on a Supermicro X11SSM-F Version 1.01 with an Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1230 v6 @ 3.50GHz
  13. Works perfectly ! WOW ! Now I can check this out before going for an M1 🙂
  14. Did anyone succeed in logging in to the appstore ? Or is there another way to get apps in there ? I miss my office..
  15. Wauw.... that works really well ! I am guessing that signing in with my apple ID is not a good idea ?