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  1. And it works ! For anyone interested, the following ebay card works out of the box immediately: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/MELLANOX-MNPH29D-XTR-DUAL-PORT-10G-ADAPTER-CARD-MNPH29D-XTR-NO-GBICS/264238911491?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  2. I just added a mellanox sfp+ interface and gbic to both my pc and my unraid server. Both are connected to a Mikrotik 10gig switch. The whole systems functions and I do have an increased transfer speed. However... I used to have an active-backup bond as network connection, this used to be 2 1gig utp network connections and things were fine. Initially I changed the bond and interface assignment to have the 10gig mellanox as eth0 with eth3 (the old primary utp 1gig) in the bond. When I set it up like that my transfer speeds seem to be limited by the speed of eth3.. I solved this for now by removing eth3 from the bond (having a bond now with only eth0 in it), this works and gives a big increase in transfer speed. Ofcourse I would like to get my bond back.. Is there some way of making this work with the 10gig beiing the primary link that is allways used and the 1 gig only used when the 10gig fails ?
  3. I took the easy way out and bought me a new Mellanox card that -does- do eth out of the box 🙂 These things are realy cheap on ebay.. I now have a MELLANOX MNPH29D-XTR DUAL PORT 10G ADAPTER CARD - MNPH29D-XTR This one does eth out of the box, now waiting for the DAC cable... Btw: I ordered thru SF.COM... These guys are realy extremely cheap..
  4. Dont need it at all... I am allready testing with it... Its just that there are a lot of users that do not feel very comfortable with changing files, thats all..
  5. Would be a great plugin.. I would love to do a live test to see if it really makes any difference to turn off or leave on...
  6. Out of my comfortzone here 🙂 I'll think of another solution.
  7. Would this help: http://www.mellanox.com/page/products_dyn?product_family=193&mtag=freebsd_driver There is a tarball file here..
  8. Is it possible to add MFT (Mellanox Firmware Tools) to the Unraid distribution ? It helps greatly in getting all the 2nd hand Mellanox cards that are flooding the market working.. http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools
  9. Spotweb has been a challenge the last months to keep running as a docker.. Something to do with database requirements changing... So I changed it to running in a VM... I use the same VM to host xTeVe in... I also was able to get that to run as a docker but it was extremely slow.. Its is running a lot quicker (though still slow) in a VM.
  10. Would love to do that, but how ? At the moment my log is flushed with the following error messages: May 11 19:11:03 Tower kernel: mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: command 0x54 failed: fw status = 0x2 May 11 19:11:03 Tower kernel: mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: command 0x54 failed: fw status = 0x2 May 11 19:11:03 Tower kernel: mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: command 0x54 failed: fw status = 0x2 May 11 19:11:04 Tower kernel: mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: command 0x54 failed: fw status = 0x2 May 11 19:11:04 Tower kernel: mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: command 0x54 failed: fw status = 0x2
  11. I have made an addition in my go file in the very beginning to make the needed setting: # Set Mellanox cards to ethernet echo eth > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0/mlx4_port1 echo eth > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0/mlx4_port2 # This works. There is however 1 major disadvantage... The interfaces come up as beiing down in unraid, putting them up is not an issue on itself, but Dockler will only recognize the interfaces that are up when docker is started, which means that after every reboot I need to: - enable interfaces for the Mellanox card - stop docker - start docker There appears to be an option to make the setting persistent, but I do not seem to find the necessary folders in the unraid filesystem (and also: since unraid is built during reboot I think making these settings here will not work anyhow: Option 2 (in case RDMA is in use): Edit the file /etc/rdma/mlx4.conf: Note: This file is read when the mlx4_core module is loaded and used to set the port types for any hardware found. Format: <pci_device_of_card> <port1_type> [port2_type] port1 and port2: One of "auto", "ib", or "eth". port1 is required at all times, port2 is required for dual port cards. For example: 0000:05:00.0 eth eth Perform reboot to reload the modules #reboot I cannot find the mlx4.conf file in the unraid file system but it -does- appear in the filesystem of the dockers: /etc/modprobe.d/mlx4.conf Anyone any idea ?
  12. My backup server stil has Marvell.. This worked (but this has been an intermittent issue for a long time)
  13. Did you see my post ? I got mine working: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/79988-mellanox-interface-not-showing/?tab=comments#comment-742772
  14. Primary server upgraded from latest beta to 6.7 in one go, no issues
  15. Backupserver upgraded from previous stable tp 6.7 in one go, no issues.