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  1. I used to respond to messages like this with the "Unraid is meant to be used within your network and should not be exposed to the internet" paradigm..
  2. Absolutelly, to each his or her own ! personally I am using my mikrotik router as an openvpn endpoint and I keep it up to date, before that I used a raspberry pi with openvpn on it, very happy with it.
  3. Its not that difficult.. I was just wondering why people prefer this to the von solution…. Also wondering my idea that a vpn is preferable is actually -true- or just me beiing an old guy.. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. I do wonder if its just not a lot easier to have a VPN system running on your router or another device (openvpn, wireguard).. Sure you need to set up the access before you can lopg on to the webpage but that does not seem like a big step to take ? Its the way I have been doing this for years... Is exposing your server to the internet (even with SSL) actually a good idea ?
  5. So far I a have been using allmost exclusively WD RED's in my system. I am due for a few replacements. Next step for me should be 10 TB or more. My regular go-to would be 10TB WD RED, which is EUR 274,- or 12 TB WD RED, which is EUR 333,- or 14 TB WD RED, which is EUR 403,- However: Seagate EXOS X16 10TB is EUR 230 Seagate EXOS X16 12TB is EUR 257 Seagate EXOS X16 14TB is EUR 290 The 12TB EXOS looks real interesting to me... Anyone any experience ?
  6. The rsyslogd entries are "normal" after a reboot.. The syslogdeamon is trying to send data before the network is up..
  7. Ok.... did somethin else now.. The not working 10GB was eth0, which was now in a bond with eth1 and 3. eth1 and eth3 are regular lan ports on my motherboard. - I now swapped eth0 and eth1 so the 10GB is now my 10GB. - Then I removed the 10Gb eth1 from the bond (connectivity still ok) - Then I tried to configure the 10GB interface.. AND THE THING GOT AN IP ADDRESS !! That means that the card itself -is- working on an OS level... This is getting more and more curious... - Now I moved the eth1 10GB card back into the bond - Tested co
  8. That is what I had... just the 10GB... perfectly working in 6.8.3.. But when I then update to 6.9 there is no network, see I only made this bond to be able to get 6.9 running... The situation basically is the same only the other nic's in the group do work which is why my server is reachable.. If I now remove the bond that will only result in a server not beiing reachable anymore..
  9. Please note this worked fine oit of the box in 6.8.3
  10. What do you want me to do with it ? It is installed and shows info but nothing I think I can do something with ?
  11. After a couple of days of mucking about I was able to update 6.8.3 to 6.9. Pretty proud of myself :-) I am now running 6.9 although without my 10GB card functioning. I am running on a bond with my 10GB in it together with two 1GB connections. My network speeds are at 1GB level so I safely assume that my 10GB is not active, this is also logical because with -only- that 10GB in use as connection there was no connection at all. For details on this issue see: At the moment, as stated, that upgrade has worked and I am now stuck withouy my 10GB
  12. Changed Status to Solved I did a hail mary.. I added my onboard NICs to my mlx4... After that the update worked and I had networking.. Attached are diagnostics of prior and after this situation.. tower-diagnostics-20210308-1914 - bonded.ziptower-diagnostics-20210308-1932 bonded on 6.9.zip Now to see if I actually have 10GB , or if I am now running on backup..