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  1. ZFS is meh... At least for now.. It brings back several limitations that we currently do not have with unraid and that I really like not having... Like not deciding how back your pools are, no need to have same type/same size disks.. You also need an amount of RAM per TB in your server and that adds up quickly.. My info is from a few years back so stuff might be different..
  2. You posted in the wrong board, this one is for when you want unraid itself to run in a virtualization environment. What you want is what everyone is doing (and which is easy), run unraid and run windows INSIDE of unraid (where unraid is doing the job of a hypervisor). Its not difficult at all... and there are a few good youtube vids to guide you thru it..
  3. It does not prove anything, could still be that the drives are having issues.. But memory sounds more likely then..
  4. Hi, I just upgraded my server: Consequently I have allmost my complete old system for sale now: - Supermicro X9SCM-F - Installed Xeon E31230 - CPU cooler (Coolermaster) - 32GB of ECC Ram Basically everything you need but for a case, psu and drives. I think EUR 250 would be a nice price. Anyone ?
  5. If you can scrape it together I would go for the new hardware...
  6. Do you see the network cards under settings / network ?
  7. I would run it again.. Also maybe check your drives? If the segfaults are unrelated then maybe there is a disk having issues..
  8. Hi, I am using Syncthing to sync my main unraid server to my backup system. Works great. I recently made some networking changes to my system and where my unraid servers (and with that dockers) used to be connected with 1gig utp, the situation is now as follows: Main server is connected with 10G SFP+ to my internal network, running on Backup server is connected with 1GB SFP+ to my internal network, running on The main server and backup server have a direct connection with 10G SFP+, these have their own network: (primary .1, secundary .2) The two syncthing dockers have ip addresses in the What I now would like to do is have both syncthing dockers communicate over the 10G private network between the two servers while I can still reach the servers on their address. The interfaces all work, if I give the dockers a address then they sync fine but the webgui is not reachable anymore.. Any idea how I could do this within a docker ? In the end I could use two VM's but I am pretty happy with the docker setup and would like to keep that..
  9. And it works ! For anyone interested, the following ebay card works out of the box immediately: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/MELLANOX-MNPH29D-XTR-DUAL-PORT-10G-ADAPTER-CARD-MNPH29D-XTR-NO-GBICS/264238911491?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  10. I just added a mellanox sfp+ interface and gbic to both my pc and my unraid server. Both are connected to a Mikrotik 10gig switch. The whole systems functions and I do have an increased transfer speed. However... I used to have an active-backup bond as network connection, this used to be 2 1gig utp network connections and things were fine. Initially I changed the bond and interface assignment to have the 10gig mellanox as eth0 with eth3 (the old primary utp 1gig) in the bond. When I set it up like that my transfer speeds seem to be limited by the speed of eth3.. I solved this for now by removing eth3 from the bond (having a bond now with only eth0 in it), this works and gives a big increase in transfer speed. Ofcourse I would like to get my bond back.. Is there some way of making this work with the 10gig beiing the primary link that is allways used and the 1 gig only used when the 10gig fails ?
  11. I took the easy way out and bought me a new Mellanox card that -does- do eth out of the box 🙂 These things are realy cheap on ebay.. I now have a MELLANOX MNPH29D-XTR DUAL PORT 10G ADAPTER CARD - MNPH29D-XTR This one does eth out of the box, now waiting for the DAC cable... Btw: I ordered thru SF.COM... These guys are realy extremely cheap..
  12. Dont need it at all... I am allready testing with it... Its just that there are a lot of users that do not feel very comfortable with changing files, thats all..