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  1. Yes, I know.............When i rarely transfer from my desktop upstairs (wired) i hit 80 Mb/s But like I said, i usually transfer from my laptop (wireless) downstairs I just wanted to know if switches could make a difference (Trendnet ve Netgear vs etc...)
  2. laptop is wireless......I do most of my transfers that way (wireless from laptop downstairs to server upstairs) Yes, I use a cache drive (SSD 480GB) And I only have 4GB of Ram on my server.......
  3. I transferred a large file (30GB) from my laptop downstairs to my server upstairs Server was hooked up directly on the router's LAN port Max speed was ~34MB/s......It was fluctuating between 25MB/s and 34MB/s, most of the time around 30/31 MB/s I will try again with the server hooked up to the switch and watch for differences....
  4. Hello I'm trying a new router (Netgear Orbi RBK22 - 1 router + 1 satellite - It's the "small" mesh system, on sale at Costco for $149) The router feeds a Gigabit switch (Trendnet s80g) and my server is attached to the switch Can I improve transfer speeds with a better switch, or it won't make a difference? Thanks
  5. Nothing decided yet......I'm using a slightly better CPU (Athlon X2 250) with 4GB, so good enough for what I do now But I saw at my local MicroCenter that the Ryzen 5 1600 is now at $80.......Might be an interesting choice for the price and 12,300 Passmark
  6. it works....................thank you very much
  7. Awesome.....I will try this later today and will keep you posted Thanks
  8. I must do something wrong somewhere...When I shut down and restart, the icon "Kids" doesn't show up I need to do Command+K to connect again as a guest...then the icon appears. But won't stay after a restart
  9. It seems to work..........i see 2 icons: Movies and Kids Is there a way to remove Movies though? And only keep Kids?
  10. OK, so now it seems to work with "smb://tower/movies/kids" and "Guest" But I'm not sure how to find it quickly now, like an icon on the desktop?
  11. I haven't specified users in unRaid....all my Shares are set as Public But when I select "Guest". it says "There was a problem connecting to the server"....!
  12. It is indeed asking for a password......What would it be? I was not asked any password when i mapped my shares on Windows machines
  13. it seems I can't install Kodi on LG TV since they are WebOS based, when Kodi is Android............
  14. Looks like i need to upgrade then..................I posted in the motherboard and cpu section, was thinking Ryzen 5 1600 which is $100 right now !
  15. Hello all I've just installed Plex app on my 4k LG TV I would like to give Plex a try on my Unraid server (6.6.6) but I don't know where to start 1) My hardware is VERY low end (Athlon II X2 250 and 4GB Ram) - Can I hope to have Plex running at all? 2) Assuming it can run, which one should I install: Binhex Plex, Plex linuxserver, Plexmedia server limetech, Plexmediaserver plexince, etc...??? Thanks