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  1. French-Guy

    Upgrading to V6 questions

    I was in the same boat a few months ago and I strictly followed the instructions from the 1st link above.......... Everything went well, no issue And remember there is a lot of fine people on this forum, willing and able to help 👍
  2. French-Guy

    Do you use a VPN?

    I'm using NordVPN, and monthly price is ~$2.83 for a 2.5 year plan
  3. First of all, I wish you - Unraiders - a very Happy New Year 2019 I've been running Unraid for many years with a super basic hardware (Sempron LE1100 and 2GB Ram) I switched a few months ago to something i had laying around but still not much better compared to today's standards (Athlon II X2 250 and 4GB Ram) So now I'm looking to upgrade to have something more up to date. I know it's subjective, but I would like to find the "best bang for the buck" compromise I was thinking i3-8100 or Ryzen 5 2400G.... I'm not sure what I want to do with my server at the end.......But I'd like to be able to test a Windows VM Are those 2 CPU decent choices, or should I pay more right away for something like i5-8400 or Ryzen 5 2600? Thanks
  4. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    After trying few more times to "move" that file, I shut down the server, and restarted it Once restarted, the file was gone..............Really don't know what happened Anyway, I will install Krusader, it seems a good tool to have Thanks
  5. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    Ok, so I tried again with settings at "yes", but I was transferring at 25/30MB/s this time.....will have to look at my bios Also, there is a file in the cache (movie) that I really don't know how it ended there... And when I launch the mover, the file doesn't move and stays into the cache How do I delete a file from the cache (I don't care about this file actually)?
  6. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    Oh, OK.............So it should be "Yes" then?
  7. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    OK, thanks.............and Happy New Year 🥂
  8. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    Yesterday, the "Fix common common" plugin mentioned the Dynamix Trim plugin not being installed So I installed it, but I'm not sure how to configure it....For now, I've selected "Daily", at midnight Is it OK? How long a Trim operation usually takes?
  9. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    I just checked and Write method is set at Auto.....Should i leave it like that? When I did my first test to transfer a large file (~20GB) with the cache pool installed, I noticed the parity drive's LED was blinking, so I realized I was probably not using the cache pool. So I googled it and found that each share must be configured to use the cache So for each of my share (MOVIES, TV SHOWS and PHOTOS), I selected "Prefer" But anyway, as of today, I transfer at approximately 70MB/s without cache pool, and exact same speed with cache (I'm using a LSI PCIe SAS9211-8i for all my data and parity drives) and the SATA II ports from the motherboard (an old one - BIOSTAR A785GE) for the 2 SSDs....
  10. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    Quick question about my cache drive: Without cache, I could copy to my server at ~70 MB/s With the cache drive, I do not see any improvement...............Is it because my controller is Sata II "only"? Thanks
  11. French-Guy

    SSD Trim settings

    Hi Just installed 2 x SDD (480GB each) as a cache pool How should i setup the Dynamix SSD Trim: Daily, weekly, etc...? Thanks
  12. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    OK, I've installed my 2 x SSD (480GB each) as a cache pool, following SpaceInvader's video.....Looks like everything went well Is there anything to do/setup (Trim?) since it's SSD? Thanks
  13. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    I'll have to check.....
  14. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    Yeah, it's what I saw on Space Invader's video.. However, I'm not running any VM nor have any docker Does it change something?
  15. French-Guy

    Parity drive upgrade

    No cache yet, but planning to add 1 (or 2 for a cache pool) I watched Space Invader tutorial, very instructive (by the way, I've posted on the forum about using the Inland Pro from Microcenter - Is it an OK SSD or should I avoid it. Also, not sure if I should go with 2 x 240GB or 2 x 480GB though) About unBalance, I tried again but this time from Disk3 to Disk2, and it seems to work "normally". It's copying now.......Will see what I get when completed (hoping no error message 🙄)