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  1. well...that's weird ! I've installed the X6 1055T and its motherboard (GA 880) in another case to use it as a Windows machine I wanted to try 1 more time with the trial flash drive.....and it seems to work ! The only difference is the PSU (I doubt it's the reason) and the absence of the LSI card (SAS 9211 -8i) I have in my server Would it be a compatibility issue between the LSI card and the GA880?
  2. well, false server is back in business and running as it was before Too bad it seems my X6 1055T with the gigabyte GA880 didn't work......well, maybe not since power consumption would have not been ideal with such CPU I may need to find something more efficient but still cheap
  3. I must be cursed...I've put back the previous motherboard+CPU And this time, it's the whole box that doesn't even turn on !!!! I did verify at least 5 times the jumpers from the front panel, and they are properly plugged If the PSU quit, then I'm really out of luck.... !
  4. I have virtualization in my BIOS, and it is set to DISABLED...
  5. So when I try that, there is no risk to alter any of my drives, right? I just let the server boots, but don't go any further?
  6. I will check what flash drives I have on hand, and will give it a try.... If I were to buy a new one, what brands/models are recommended?
  7. It's an old motherboard (Gigabite GA880) and I don't think I've seen anything about SVM ( AMD-V ) / IOMMU in the BIOS................But I will look again
  8. How should I try with a different flash drive? Use the USB creator first, and then what are the folders or files to copy from my current flash drive to the new one? My current flash drive is a Sansisk Cruzer Fit 4Gb (which is not that old by the way)...What other recommended brand should I try then? Thank you
  9. Hello I just replaced my old motherboard+CPU (Atlhon X2 250) that has been working perfectly for several years (as a vanilla server) by a faster CPU (but still old) : a Phenom X6 1055T (with another motherboard as well) I just swapped the board, nothing more...... I was able to access the BIOS, to tell the motherboard to boot from the flash drive But when I get to the attached screen, it seems to stop.....! The cursor under the 2 lines is blinking, but nothing happens What should I look for ? I'm running the latest stable version by the way....Again, has bee
  10. Yes, my current cpu is very low end: Athlon X2 250 with 4GB ram I can switch for free to a X6 1055T and 8GB ram (not high end of course, but still better)
  11. Hello What is the impact of CPU and RAM on a parity check speed? Let's say going from a CPU where the Passmark would go from 1,800 to 5,000 and RAM would double from 4GB to 8GB Should I get faster parity checks, or it's only about the parity drive itself, or the motherboard, or other parameters?
  12. Hello Will this one work with Unraid: Should I use apcupsd or another one? Should I still avoid to configure it to turn itself off after shutdown?\\ Thanks
  13. OK, thanks....I was watching SpaceInvader One video ("How to setup a Windows 10 VM") Wow, great video.............but it seems complex somehow Anyway, I really liked the explanation on how to allocate the logical CPUs, but now I have a question: since resources need to be properly allocated between Unraid and the VM, does that mean I will never have the same "power" than a dedicated computer (for video encoding for example)?
  14. What happened with non-Gigabyte motherboard then? With 2 GPU (low end and high end), how Unraid will decide which one to use as the primary display? Assuming I decide to NOT use a low end card, but just the one I have (GTX 950) would this work then?