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  1. so I just replugged the cable and after a long test (more than a month) nothing happened, so it seems it was a bad contact
  2. Hello I have a disk in my array with read errors the first one read error occurred about a two months ago with 174 read errors, no more error appeared until I restarted and upgraded the server two days ago. the second time was 16 errors and now it became 176 (although no notification in the web gui appeared this last time) any way, for my usage , this is my most used disk in the array, I don't download anything on it, just moving files with samba, and I seed torrents from it. spindown time is three hours and the disk is not spinning most of the time. could it be just sata
  3. thanks for the help, I'll configure it and see what happens next, I was the only person in the room when it happened, and the other PC was plugged into the exact same power strip, so it's definitely not an AC issue. I installed a new inverter to help my ups during extended outages (I have a lot of mains outages every day) and now my power topology is: 100AH inverter (10ms transfer time) --> 1kva APC double conversion ups /w snmp network card (no transfer time) --> load before, I had an extra double conversion ups and it was powering my main APC ups and since the extra ups had
  4. that is really helpful, is it safe to run a syslog server in a docker or should it be something that is not hosted on the server itself ? I can configure a raspberry pi for that but maybe I can use a mikrotik router for that and avoid the hassle of running a raspberry pi.
  5. no, but across a private intranet using https, if you are suggesting that someone logged into the server and shut it down then I can assure you that is not the case.
  6. Hello I suddenly found that my unRAID server is off for unknown reason, when I turned it on it again, it didn't require parity recheck the syslog is cleared after the shutdown so is there any other log that can help me find the reason of the shutdown ? I'm suspecting that my snmp ups sent some wrong info to the server so it shut itself down and that explains why it didn't require a parity recheck, but I have another pc plugged to the same ups that is also using apcupsd (windows) but it didn't shutdown.
  7. Hello I've brought the orico PAS-4U (ASM1061+ASM1093 chips) sata card, it's a 4 sata port PCI-E 2.0 x1 card so I'm only going to use 2 ports out of the four. it has three modes, AHCI, IDE and data drive, I've slected the data drive and it worked without a problem with unraid. I'm currently only using this card for junk/download unassigned drives and it seems to be doing fine. My question is this card reliable enough to expand my array with it ?
  8. so it was not a configuration problem. the problem is that apcupsd was not restarting, so I entered the terminal and typed "pkill apcupsd" and enabled it again from the web UI, a reboot would've solved the problem though. and btw, there is no need to type anything aside from the IP address of the device if the rest is default
  9. I have brought the APC SRV1KRI ups with it's SNMP card "APV9601" (no web interface or any fancy stuff, only SNMP). then I downloaded the APC UPS Monitor software and it worked fine with it. but I can't configure it with unraid I have set the cable to ether and ups to SNMP and enabled APCUPSD the device field is: "<IP Address>:161:APC:private" the snmp community string field was empty so I set it to private !
  10. Hi I'm using a windows server 2016 VM with unRAID, using RDP for small tasks like file management is flawless, but I when open a video, cpu usage gets really high and the video is laggy if it's 720p or higher. will passing a graphics card reduce the cpu usage ?, I don't care about the lag as long as the cpu usage is low.
  11. as for the power supply, there is one thing that concerns me when it comes to power, I'm using an online ups for all my stuff, and I'm sure that the AC coming from it is not a pure sine wave, but I doubt such thing would harm the psu or the components, I've been using this ups for months without a problem !
  12. I keep regular backups of the important files, I'll do memory test soon. no, it's not a new build, I've been using this build for more than a year and the ram for nearly two years (it was in my old pc build), and I had not a single problem until two days ago when I had a kernel panic, I did a parity recheck and I encountered no errors(that's because all of the dockers are accessing my files in read only mode). it's a strange thing that such problems happened twice while plex was generating media preview thumbnails, first time it was a system crash that showed some messages in the console,
  13. Hello today I woke up to find my unRAID server is completely frozen, restarted it and it won't post. when I press the power button, it powers on and after 3 seconds it powers off and on again and the cycle continues until I unplug the power cord. the ram stick was plugged to slot A1 (I have only one ram stick !), switched the stick to slot B1, now it won't restart like before but all I see is a black screen so it didn't help either. finally I switched the ram stick to slot B2 and the server worked ! it seems that the problem is with the motherboard but could it also be with the ram s
  14. Hello so I've added new media to my plex server last night and it started generating media preview thumbnails as a scheduled task, 8 hours later I woke up to find that my server is not responding, when I looked at the monitor this is what I saw btw the server was running for about 70 days without a restart and my ram is not ECC ! please see the images below
  15. well, I think the right answer will always be to go for ECC (whenever possible), but as for my case, it's really hard to obtain the required hardware, so it's not worth the hassle, if a regular xeon were enough for me, then I'd definitely go with ECC because normal xeons are easy to find on ebay.