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  1. Hi all, I've got an issue with a disks MBR and i'm not able to format the drive in unassigned devices. I'm up-to-date with all plugins and unraid etc. The disk is 12TB and i've managed to format the other drive ok. I did try a preclear and this also failed. Jun 18 11:32:03 preclear_disk_ZHZ4ALSM_10243: Disk blocks: 23437770752Jun 18 11:32:03 preclear_disk_ZHZ4ALSM_10243: Blocks (512 bytes): 23437770752Jun 18 11:32:03 preclear_disk_ZHZ4ALSM_10243: Block size: 512Jun 18 11:32:03 preclear_disk_ZHZ4ALSM_10243: Start sector: 0Jun 18 11:32:03 preclear_disk_ZHZ4ALSM_10243:
  2. I'm sure I tried case sensitive, but let me try again 🤦
  3. I'm not sure i was being very clear. I can see the folders for my VMs in the below directory using terminal: If i try to access the folder i can't: Which is why i wondered if it's a drive mapping issue that i can't figure out? If i use krusader i can navigate to the folder and see the vdisk
  4. I'm struggling a little here and could do with some help please. I have ran out of space within a vdisk, and i am not able to change the vdisk size within the VM settings in the GUI as the option doesn't exist. I have tried to use the terminal to change it, using qemu-img resize /mnt/vms_nvme/domains/SH-GAME-W10-01/vdisk.img 60G (and many other paths) but not successful as it says the file or directory doesn't exist. The folder seems to exist, but i'm not sure if it's a directory mapping issue or something else as i can't navigate to the folde
  5. I ended up moving the vdisks from the old cache to the new cache manually. I'm not sure why these are duplicated on the array, am i safe to remove these? Perhaps rename / and move before deleting but all seems good at the moment. Better performance now and now i have space in each pool for growth.
  6. So I set cache prefer and the nvme cache pool I want to use, mover didn't do a great deal but not sure what its done, if anything. May 18 23:35:12 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (299): /usr/local/sbin/mover |& logger & May 18 23:35:12 Tower root: mover: started May 18 23:35:12 Tower root: mover: finished What am I missing here, am i not understanding how mover works or is it doing what it should? Maybe I should set to only, then it will move everything, then I can reset to prefer once it's all on the nvme...
  7. Thanks, I'm trying this now. Does unraid log the mover process, and when it's completed? I've looked at syslog but it states the vdisks already exist. Should I delete these from the SSD cache pool, then enable cache prefer and the nvme cache pool I have before starting up KVM again? I want these vdisks on the nvme for more performance and I need to free up space on the SSD. Thanks Logs: May 18 23:25:02 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (280): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & May 18 23:28:39 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (282): /usr/local/s
  8. Is it possible to manually move my OS VMs from an old ssd pool to a new nvme pool? I've tried 'prefer' and the nvme pool with VM engine turned off and tried mover, but this doesn't seem to have worked. Just wondering if manually moving with the cli is ok and what command I should run to do this - I'm not even sure if this would work given the folder mapping? I've ran out of space on the SSD, so really need to shift it to the new nvme ssd. Thanks
  9. Hi trurl, Thanks for this. With this containing the downloaded exe's then deleting it and starting Docker backup just recreated the file in full. I guess what i need to do is delete the Docker image template from the file but i'm not sure how. I'll do some searching and see if that's possible. Thanks
  10. I've written into docker.img by miss-configuring an app. Can anyone link to a dummies guide on how to look at the docker.img file and understand how to delete from the file. currently the file is 21.5GB and i'm hoping i can shrink the file down as my cache is @ 80%. Thanks
  11. Well after relocating the server to another room i had issues powering it back on. Not sure what's up with one of the dimms but it's doesn't like one of them. I had got initally with both sticks but even testing the problematic dimm on it's own in each memory slot the board with showing a memory error and would not get to POST. What i didn't think about is the parity check. It was maybe 8 hours into the estimated 16 hours when i decided it would be a good time to relocate it so i powered it down (gracefully) once i'd got it backup again i had to start the party check all over again! Not su
  12. I added some old 1TB drives to the array, just testing if hotswap worked ok etc and to see if these slower drives reported SATA speed correctly and these do so SATAII @ 3Gb/s so this is great news that the icydock backplane is completely passive with no logic and will support my new shiny SATAIII drives at full speed.
  13. Well i'm up and running. I have not added all drives or any NVMe or SSD yet but will do in a few days. I have currently installed Version: 6.9.0-beta25. Did so on a 64Gb SD card as it was all i had available at the time, despite unraid stating 32Gb max i wonder if the new code allows for larger USB keys? I added 4 of my 5 12TB WD element drives and i have tried to add 2 of them for parity and 2 for data and i checked the drive stats. I will need to check on the read / write performance but the SATA version is showing as 3.2 @ 6Gb/s which is promising. If you recall
  14. I'm going to give returning a shot once I've tried cleaning the prints off with some alcohol and boxing back up with all of the bits. What I have done is bought another noctua which uses a single 120mm fan so I hope all of the mounting hardware is the same, so opened bags can be replaced for unopened etc and saves me removing the motherboard to get access to the mounting bracket. So, all being well that should be possible. With regard to the sata performance while I can say for certain, I'm in the hope that the backplane has no logic that will hinder performance. If data is just
  15. I went and collected the MB and CPU cooler today and spent an hour or so putting it together while i wait for the CPU and RAM which should hopefully be with me before the week is out. Cabling is a nightmare and i've done the best i can with it for now. It's not perfect but TBH i'll do. My main concern now is the sheer size of the CPU cooler and the available space. I've mounted the brackets so the cooler is pulling air from the front to the rear. With it mounted this way i think it will block the PCIe slot i was hoping to use for the GPU. I won't know until i can get the CPU i