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  1. the official Radarr forum has a few other things that can be attempted to repair corruption in existing database, I might try to do that before starting anew. The step by step guide is here: https://wiki.servarr.com/useful-tools#recovering-a-corrupt-db-ui
  2. I restored from backup and it seems OK. thanks once again. what's the plan going forward with the update?
  3. same for me, library empty, just the same error you're getting
  4. do I have to re-import the library after rolling back? My web interface came back up, but the library is empty now.
  5. same issue here. Also, what I noticed is that if I open the webterminal while this is happening, the terminal just keeps disconnecting/reconnecting after restarting the gui, the web terminal won't load any more with a 503 Bad gateway error from the browser while this is in the log: Oct 28 15:31:17 Tower nginx: 2021/10/28 15:31:17 [crit] 31423#31423: *20062687 connect() to unix:/var/run/ttyd.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /webterminal/ HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://unix:/var/run/ttyd.sock:/", host: "tower.local", referrer: "http://tower.local/Main"
  6. no, I'm not running any DB containers, my setup is fairly simple. yes, it stays UP for about 10 minutes, then it stops. I might try the Nvidia one as well just to try to isolate the issue.
  7. the Pihole Container has 27hrs uptime so the 10 minute shut down interval is not caused by the Pihole docker restarting. Host Access is enabled on the Docker configuration page, before I enabled it I couldn't get Prometheus to connect to it. When I click the link in Prometheus for Pihole Explorer, it goes to the metrics site with all the parameters as long as the PiHole explorer is running. Grafana still doesnt pull any data though. with my limited knowledge, I don't see anything obvious in the logs I'm afraid. The standard Grafana dashboard works OK.
  8. thanks for y our reply. yes, when I start the Explorer plugin it starts, runs for about 10 minutes and then it stops. Pihole runs on Unraid. Even with the services running, I dont get any data from the Pihole in Grafana:
  9. hi there, I'm trying to set up the Pihole monitoring but am running into two issues: the Pihole target goes down/stopped every 10 minutes or so: and even while is up, I still get No Data in the Pihole Explorer even after updating the JSON model with the Prometheus source. Where would I start looking for the cause? thanks!
  10. Thank you Squid, I will ignore it.
  11. Hey guys, I am getting two new errors in my log and I was wondering if anyone could offer an opinion on how to deal with them Sep 6 06:00:27 Tower nginx: 2021/09/06 06:00:27 [error] 12061#12061: *7083647 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /admin/api.php?version HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:", host: "" Sep 6 06:00:27 Tower nginx: 2021/09/06 06:00:27 [error] 12061#12061: *7083649 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /admin/api.php?version HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:", host: "localhost" I haven't rebooted yet, just wondering if that's something I should start with. I believe those started coming up after I added a few new plugins. Thanks for reading. tower-diagnostics-20210906-1040.zip
  12. thanks for your response, the RAM was MEMtest stress tested before it was installed in this server but I believe it has XMP enabled, does that count as overclocked under these circumstances? this might be a BTRFS specific question but how sever is the corruption? Can it be repaired, given the cache is in Raid1? Wouldn't rebuilding the cache from scratch be a way to rectify the corrupted blocks or are my Appdata backups also corrupted?
  13. so I rebooted the server, started the array in maintenance mode and ran the btrfs check and scrub, resulting in: Status: finished Duration: 0:05:52 Total to scrub: 305.64GiB Rate: 889.13MiB/s Error summary: csum=14 Corrected: 0 Uncorrectable: 14 Unverified: 0 SMART coms back clean but I do see those: 181 Program fail count total 0x0022 100 100 000 Old age Always Never 47244705802 what's the best option here? Replace the drives?
  14. hi there, Just realized my cache pool is read only due to what looks like a file system corruption. I was hoping to run a file system check so I stopped the array but the server got stuck at unmounting the disks. What's my best course of action here with the server stuck at "unmounting" disks? I'd like to get some advise before causing unnecessary damage. thanks for reading. tower-diagnostics-20210615-1448.zip
  15. yes, thanks, I figured it out, just replied too soon to the thread. thanks for all your work and support!