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  1. bonienl's post in Improve Docker add/update UI was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the recommendations.
    I made some updates for Unraid 6.13.
  2. bonienl's post in Make auto-closing notifications optional was marked as the answer   
    For upcoming version 6.12.4 I added a new option to specify the life time of notifications. Default is 3 seconds.

  3. bonienl's post in Constant dump of logs with "WARNING: no network interfaces found" from nmbd was marked as the answer   
    These error messages come from 'netbios'
    I recommend to disable netbios and use WSD instead for host discovery. See Settings -> SMB settings
  4. bonienl's post in [6.12.2] Intermittent Server lockup or inaccessible was marked as the answer   
    Can you test with "IPv4 only" setting on br0 and see if that makes a differrence?
    Please provide diagnostics of the new test.
  5. bonienl's post in Unable to access WebUI aproximately every 24 hrs after upgrade to 6.12.2 was marked as the answer   
    You need to check your router configuration, it has issues with IPv6.
    Jul 10 22:15:50 xxxx dhcpcd[1697]: br0: expired address fda2:612d:c297:4585:265e:beff:fe43:dc4d/64 Jul 10 22:15:50 xxxx dhcpcd[1697]: br0: part of a Router Advertisement expired  
    Alternatively set "IPv4 only".
  6. bonienl's post in Factory-Reset...ish was marked as the answer   
    You can use the plugin “Dynamix Factory Reset”
  7. bonienl's post in Network error(?) after 6.12 was marked as the answer   
    If using macvlan in docker settings, change it to ipvlan
  8. bonienl's post in Direct Ethernet access to Unraid server stops working after 6.12 was marked as the answer   
    This will be solved in the upcoming version 6.12.2
  9. bonienl's post in SSH fails to start on boot after update to 6.12 was marked as the answer   
    ssh is restarted because your system looses network connection halfway.
    Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi kernel: bond0: (slave eth0): link status definitely down, disabling slave Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi kernel: device eth0 left promiscuous mode Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi kernel: bond0: now running without any active interface! Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi kernel: br0: port 1(bond0) entered disabled state Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi dhcpcd[1345]: br0: carrier lost Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi dhcpcd[1345]: br0: deleting route to Jun 25 17:36:33 narvi dhcpcd[1345]: br0: deleting default route via  
    Disable bonding in the network configuration and see if that solves the issue.
    It might also be that the plugin "tips and tweaks" interferes. Uninstall this plugin and retest.
  10. bonienl's post in 6.11.5 clear everything and set up from scratch keeping vm was marked as the answer   
    I have created a new plugin, called Dynamix Factory Reset

    This plugin allows to return your system to default settings and start like a new installation.
    Docker and VM images are not removed, the plugin does not touch any data on the array or pool(s).
    You can recreate your VM by adding a new VM and point to the existing image for the primary vdisk location.
  11. bonienl's post in Why do I have ipv6 addr? was marked as the answer   
    Normally I don't recommend this, because people tend to forget this in the future, but you can add the disable line in the 'go' file on your USB device.
    Put the line before starting the GUI (emhttp).
    The all setting is not used because you should enable or disable IPv6 per individual interface, it is allowed to mix between ipv4 and ipv6 depending on requirements
  12. bonienl's post in Network settings options disapeared for windows10 vm after trying to setup fixedip was marked as the answer   
    You deleted the interface section (and perhaps more) in the XML file.
    I suggest you start fresh with a new VM.
  13. bonienl's post in Error response from daemon: Address already in use was marked as the answer   
    When no explicit gateway address is given for the subnet, then docker will assign the first address as gateway address. This is the conflict you see.
    Under docker settings you need to set the specific subnet assignment for each VLAN, see example below

  14. bonienl's post in 6.9.2 > 4nic LAG transfers > abysmal performance was marked as the answer   
    Remark: the upcoming Unraid version 6.10-rc5 has a new setting to enable or disable SMB multi-channel (it is disabled by default).
  15. bonienl's post in Page Update Frequency Removed? was marked as the answer   
    In 6.10 the read/write speeds are updated every 2 seconds.
  16. bonienl's post in Don't auto-capitalise the first letter of Pool device names in the UI (cosmetic change request) was marked as the answer   
    If you don't want to capitalize device names, you can change the setting
    Settings --> Display Settings --> Display device name = Raw
  17. bonienl's post in [SOLVED] WebUI is super slow (or doesnt load at all) but GUI mode is working fine was marked as the answer   
    Getting a address means the system could not get an IP address from your router.
    This suggests you have some network issue.
    Try replacing cables and. moving ports on your switch or router.
    You mentioned the message about interface eth0 down, this is another indicator that there is a network issue.
    This interface should never go down, otherwise you loose connectivity.
  18. bonienl's post in Bug updating plugins/docker/os with GUI + a FIX was marked as the answer   
    The original check works fine for me, do you have SSL enabled for GUI access?
    I tested your modification on my systems, there is no regression.
    Made a change to use https instead of http for checking both plugins and docker.
  19. bonienl's post in "Share is outside the list of designated disks" following using unBALANCE to clear a drive was marked as the answer   
    The message about the share means the share is located on a disk (disk5), which is not part of the included disks / excluded disks list.
    You need to update the included or excluded list if you want disk5 to be a member of the share.
    Note: everything keeps working even with the mismatch in place (content is never touched)
    This is the general setting to check
     Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Included/Excluded disks
    This is the per share setting to check
     Shares -> <share name> -> Included/Excluded disks
  20. bonienl's post in Simple question, how to properly read memory usage was marked as the answer   
    Maximum size is the largest memory size your motherboard can support.
    Usable size is what is actually available to the system.
  21. bonienl's post in Video stuttering problem -- SMR drives?? was marked as the answer   
    I have been using Dune media players since 2009, and they work wonderfully.
    The older models had only fast ethernet (100Mbps) connection. Dune uses their specific algorithm to read files from SMB, this is used when you enable “fast smb access”. Btw this setting does not exist anymore in nwer versions, which are optimised by default.
    The graphic shows a constant reading (left) vs a lot of fluctuation (right), the latter part explains your stuttering.
  22. bonienl's post in [6.10.0-rc2] Dual network question. was marked as the answer   
    Yes, disable bonding and enable bridging for eth0 (1G interface - br0) then add eth1 (2.5G interface) as member of the bridge.
    Connect your PC to eth1 and it should get internet access thru the Unraid connection.