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Hey all, new user here.


I have a Synology NAS that has a 4nic LAG plugged into my Unifi switch. The new Dell R510 also with a 4 nic LAG also plugged into the same switch.


My transfers are running at around 23-30 MB/s (approx 230mbps). Which to me seems terrible being that there is theoretically 4000mbps (500MBps) to play with.


I am transferring into a 2 disk SSD cache (250GB each).


I have set the disk Tunable (md_write_method): to 'reconstruct write' as it was mentioned in another post regarding performance.


Any suggestions on next steps?


PS. I am currently still in trial mode. Could this be a limitation of being in trial still?


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So I slightly misunderstood LAG's.


What I am looking for is actually SMB3 multichannel.


Synology WAS supposed to be releasing that with DSM 7.1. Doesn't look like it's been added as I couldn't find any setting anywhere.


Can SMB multichannel be enabled in Unraid? Eventually DSM will have it added and then I should see a significant increase in performance.


That being said, I still thing the transfer rates I am seeing are significantly slower then they should be. Transferring a file from WIN10 to the Synology routinely hits around 130MB a sec. That's not happening here from Synology to Unraid.

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