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Direct Ethernet access to Unraid server stops working after 6.12

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(I'm still kinda new to most of this, so apologies)
My server has dual ethernets, ones is plugged into router and the other is directly connected to windows machine.
After upgrading to 6.12.0 or 6.12.1 I cannot access the server or GUI through the dedicated ethernet.  (the standard router address works)

reverting back to 6.11.5 solves the issue


The syslog on 6.11.5 has this line switching the interface on: 

"avahi-daemon[3277]: Joining mDNS multicast group on interface eth1.IPv4 with address 169.254.***.***"

on 6.12 it no longer does and only has it for the router address


I'm pretty sure its something simple I have to allow eth1 somewhere in a config 

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According your description, you set eth1 allocate IP by DHCP, but as no DHCP in that network, so finally it will assign 169.254.*.*


I haven't test does 6.12.x will do same thing, but in general won't setting in that way.


Pls simple assign static IP and Subnet to eth1 ( gateway in blank ), for example if router network in with then set eth1 in 192.168.2.X with and windows machine in 192.168.2.Y ( also gateway in blank ) should solve your problem.

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The pc and server are directly connected hence the local link IP address range.


They are set as static on both sides, the settings all come over fine on the update.


on 6.12.0/1 it just isn’t listening on eth1.


I wonder if it’s something with avahi-daemon. (Like eth1 is set to disabled) But I can’t seem to find where it’s config is

Link to comment is eth1 IP, you need ping Windows IP.


BTW, just simple test, as mention before, pls assign a static IP & subnet at Unraud eth1 and Windows




At least it should work with 6.12.1


lsof | grep 192.168.2
sshd        520                       root    4u     IPv4            1550800       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
smbd        577                       root   32u     IPv4            1545181       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
smbd        577                       root   33u     IPv4            1545182       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
rpcbind     631                        rpc    8u     IPv4            1549725       0t0        UDP 
ntpd        808                        ntp   17u     IPv4            1556567       0t0        UDP 
ntpd        808   811 ntpd             ntp   17u     IPv4            1556567       0t0        UDP 
nginx       929                       root   19u     IPv4            1550959       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
nginx       929                       root   20u     IPv4            1550960       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
nginx      4866                       root   19u     IPv4            1550959       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)
nginx      4866                       root   20u     IPv4            1550960       0t0        TCP (LISTEN)


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