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  1. Suggest remove the 16i card and plug 16e card in third PCIE slot. Does those disks spinup ?
  2. If you need 6 SATA port, then no reason buy a mobo with 4 SATA then add extra SATA controller. Must MATX mobo ? Mobo budget range ( in USD ) ? i5-9600K with an MSI H310M Pro M2. I'm a little stuck on the price ($450 .... seems expensive, in which market ?
  3. 正确,系统崩溃,同 macvlan 有关, 试下于对应 docker container 不设定固定 IP, 看看可否解决.
  4. Due to HK was outside China, we through e-trade platform "Taobao" which in fact direct trade with manufacturer. Yes, same as impossible for me to purchase Noroco / Rosewell heavy product.
  5. Direct purchase from China and ship to HongKong, if you live in UK, you may try found them in https://www.xcase.co.uk/ https://www.xcase.co.uk/collections/3u-rackmount-cases/products/xc-316pro-v2-12gb-backplane-16-hotswap-bays-inc-rail-kit
  6. Yes, same brand / product. For your ref. left one is 3U 16bay 12G expander blackplane, right was 2U 12bay non-expander.
  7. That's good you have rack but I haven't, so put all on floor, this also easy for maintenance.
  8. Use China made Gooxi case, really good, support EEB mobo , common 69cm depth, 2U PSU ( not ATX / MATX ), rackcase won't save space, just different from factor.
  9. Flash device always like that, when EOL or exceeds writing then you can't write to it anymore. So you need minize the writing and perform backup.
  10. Your system got OOM ( out of memory ) call trace, you need found out what cause this.
  11. You need reverse type cable instead common forward type.
  12. Could be overlook it is enclosure locator LED not disk LED, no detail from plugin creator.