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  1. To be honest, I would simple say Unraid not S3 aware, official never say support S3. Longtime ago, I test S3 with Unraid, sometimes it will crash, but same hardware wouldn't got S3 problem under Windows and different platforms also work well too. I don't think S3 was transparency in terms of software, during hardware wakeup, all components have different timing to return working state, if OS / software not aware this, crash or unexpected outcome should be normal.
  2. It means set 60 65 67 etc. What CPU power usage or TDP ? Are you surer above handle well for TDP 30w + system power draw ? I have 1U switch, it use two noise 3cm fan and I change to one 4cm fan, not easy to cooling and balance with noise. Below are some setting result FYR, it is 9700K ITX Windows build, they are Intel_XTU and smart plug reading ( whole system power draw ) Idle PL1=30w, full load PL1=65w, full load
  3. Those are BIOS feature, I use it in Unraid and desktop ITX, but I never try 30w, typically set PL1 to 6xW and not touch PL2. I usually won't buy a mobo without this feature.
  4. Yes, those abnormal. Issue may relate, but I haven't 6805. Does SMART data could be show ? Pls check the log have abnormal disk disconnect / connect / detect again etc. Some hardware combination may not work well once disk spindown. It also true, but at least if no disk activity in array, it spin-down to save power in my experiences.
  5. This almost won't help, you need down grade to something like as v1500b. Check fan ramp up to what RPM, if you can accept that noise level, then set the fan RPM to this value at BIOS, or fine tune the fan curve.
  6. You don't need add vlan2, just set the port at switch VID=2 and untag it.
  7. I have backup unassigned.devices.cfg and delete it, try does current release have detect disks normal. BTW, result still negative. - Only two disk show and first row blank name ( after 1st refresh ) - Each refresh will show one more disk and first row still blank name - All dev always correctly show on dashboard page - I make UD have 21, 9 or 3 disks also got same issue - when problem occur, some process cause high CPU loading - Restore backup cfg file, then all work again
  8. Do you writing or format on those 2 disk ? You may try file system repair or get help from other person. Or If you have dual parity, just simple rebuild two disk, if two emulate disk were mountable.
  9. That fix the problem, I will reconfig all again and check does unexpected come out. Thanks
  10. Yes, after several stop-start array / click refresh / toogle UD setting / delete historical device. BTW, dev10 in online and historical, even I delete it many many time, this happen in previous UD version.
  11. Already turn off debug, after several stop-start array / click refresh / toogle UD setting / delete historical device ( device also show in UD online list ), then all resume normal. BTW, device ( may be 1 or more then 1 ) show in online and historical in same time, sometimes be that in previous UD version.
  12. Seems abnormal in json, so only "SAS" disk label will show, how could I reset.
  13. I haven't start array, all operation is under array stop. Also try stop-start-stop array .... still not work. UD OOS now.
  14. Got below problem, I power-on external enclosure, increase from 9 disk to 21 disk ( UD ). Then GUI would as below, if click UD refresh button, it will show one more disk, but still no device info. behind 1st row green circle. Try enable debug, got "ool www" message and no other error observe. Also try delete unassigned.devices.cfg or reboot couldn't help, if remove UD, then it will show all unassigned device in official form.