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  1. Strange but interesting.
  2. Yes, seems your top case cover not slide in to main case, so the hole can be the footprint of the cooler. ( mine are slide in type, so the hole need to be large enough ) Another method was print a large frame adaptor which adapt between the cover and the case, but you need a very large printer.
  3. Existing cooler, Noctua U14S TR4-SP3 (changed to chromax black and additional U14 fan) can install in 4U case ? Change to U9 ? I have 1st gen TR too, but due to limited air cooler choice for 3U, so I haven't put it there. I have idea to combine a 3U and 2U case be one, then I have a 5U for TR, but this can't perfectly fallback the case mod. Finally, I change to X299 with Intel Core-X, waiting for the last parts coming .... CPU
  4. Agree. I don't mean MikroTik better then QNAP, just wonder your test result was ~3Gbps, btw pls use Iperf for throughput test. In my experience, I almost won't found Switch have throughput different in my use case, no matter it is cheap or expensive type, the really different is the feature.
  5. I achieve remote WOL by remote access router's WOL feature ( thr VPN ), this not a convenience method. Do you use "Fing" app ? I will got a "Fing box" some days later, for my understanding, it work as same thing to replace your mobile phone in local network. So it may support remote WOL by simple several click on App. ( It work as cloud base and you need trust it won't be a Spy )
  6. Expect could be faster, but can't confirm the PCIe ver. of ICH chipset. BTW, all relate I/O share the DMI link. I use aqua one from 2m to 6m, also very cheap ( may be ~3USD per one ), anyway no speed issue. May be on some model / firmware / different ethernet frame size, but I haven't notice issue on mine, too.
  7. That meams you can't simple fix it by remove TVS diode.
  8. If you won't get 3rd party maintenance service then seems remain DIY path only, but best get help from person which have some electronic knowledge, if too many unknow then almost no successful chance. If DIY, pls try on parity disk, and provide two resistance measurement (reveser tip for the 2nd reading) across the suspect TVS diode.
  9. Then you can't RMA, we keep the cases, the serial no. label on case match the serial no. on disk too. Agree, only one type, no forward or reverse. Yes, if CS381 out if warranty. But I also agree if root cause can't identify, then reuse it will be danger even you got good blackplane replacement, same problem can happen again.
  10. You found one CPU haven't reading, then you may expect it damage because CPU have insert in wrong orientation. But it may not be happen, those sensor may not tapout to contact pin and they not readout directly, you are reading CPU register for the temperature.
  11. They work independent, mainboard sensor and CPU die sensor. Mainboard BIOS/IPMI usually showing mainboard sensor. Unraid have a plugin can read both, coretemp and onboard, my 1920x have two CPU die temp and several mainboard temp. Not sure, but CPU die temp was reading in registers, so not likely broken by wrong insert the CPU.
  12. Wonder on socket cover still can be screw lock. And it still work after this fault.
  13. Pls test on molex power plug and not on component as previous two PIC show, if both readings are OL, then you should get professional service for get back your data.