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  1. Yes Always use CPU PCIe for best performance, usually lack of slot or IOMMU group issue will use PCH PCIe
  2. Pls try disable NCQ in Unraid, then reboot and try again.
  3. No extra driver need with Unraid, pls check does cable, firmware, sfp+ issue.
  4. A good milestone on 3rd server. For 2nd server ( Asrock Z390 ), pls try update BIOS ( 2.3 quite old, I previous use Asrock Z390 Taichi with BIOS 4.3 haven't issue ). Then try safe mode too, this is ensure hardware work with minimal software in first.
  5. Vr2Io

    To BMC or not

    This board quite good overall , price reasonable and several member have report use it, just go ahead if you like it. My previous Unraid Ryzen build was Asus X370, it work well.
  6. Vr2Io

    To BMC or not

    My last purchase motherboard was Supermicro IPMI and BMC, but Amazon send me a used board so I return it and buy Asus which save around USD 140. I choice it not because IPMI/BMC, mainly depends on which motherboard were most I want ....... So, life never with Supermicro and IPMI/BMC.
  7. Vr2Io

    To BMC or not

    IPMI and BMC capabilities not a bad idea, but in my opinion., consumer motherboard better then server board overall. I use WOL for wakeup, IoT for power monitoring and VPN for Unraid remote management.
  8. Seldom get report have call trace cause by 10G NIC only and change to 1G then fine, suppose some setting issue relate. Could you try safe mode ( no plugin / docker ) ? Any network end use jumbo frame ? I use Intel / Emulex / Mellanox haven't issue at Unraid / Windows.
  9. Not like disk problem, but the disable disk have 16903 UDMA_CRC ERROR, other same type 8TB disk have't, pls swap cable or port and enable SMART monitor on item "199" until it not raise again. ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAGS VALUE WORST THRESH FAIL RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate PO-R-- 100 100 016 - 0 2 Throughput_Performance --S--- 128 128 054 - 116 3 Spin_Up_Time POS--- 144 144 024 - 457 (Average 453) 4 Start_Stop_Count -O--C- 100 100 000 - 2555 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct PO--CK 100 100 005
  10. FYR, I use SAS3008 HBA and have't disk spin issue on RC2, it also a simple setup without Docker and VM in disable state ..... BTW, the actual cause still not certain, so someone have and someone have't such problem. My advice was make Unraid as simple as you can and check does any network peer would spin up the network share.
  11. Yes, only one disk at a time, then check does emulated disk return mountable, if fine then process rebuild, otherwise need advice from @JorgeB