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  1. You mean parity check speed ? It doesn't matter how disk are connect in LSI HBA ports. This was happen in long time ago. Error 21 [0] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 224 hours (9 days + 8 hours) When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle. 9 Power_On_Hours -O--C- 097 097 000 - 24564 Anyway no cause found.
  2. Have good stating for new hardware !!
  3. As Hoopster reply, you need config the IP_subnet and gateway in corresponding VLAN interface when you start docker service, then you will able to assign to docker.
  4. Seems 4600G less 8 PCIe lane then 2600 ( may be wrong ), so pls try 1st PCIe slot.
  5. Input some number in eth0 default gateway metric, i.e. 1
  6. Then also suggest try HBA at different PCIe slot.
  7. CS380 backplane have two SATA port for each disk, pls ensure connect to correct one. ** Pls confirm this success with onboard SATA first ** How about direct connect disk to LSI ? If no disk show up then it may be cable type wrong, you should forward cable instead reverse cable.
  8. It doesn't make sense system with high temp but not on CPU, you should verify it. When system power off with enough long period, what is first reading of different temperature after power on ?
  9. BPN-SAS-846EL1 support SATA up to 3Gbps, If device was 6Gbps then negotiation at 1.5 / 3Gbps is normal. ( not must highest speed )
  10. I expect all consume similar power usage in idle / light load, different only happen in high load. If you separate in two system, then observe problem was network bandwidth, when you perform file transfer and movie showing in same time, then it may have congestion. And If both system are 7x24, then what benefit got ? Just NAS 7x24 without plex, then NAS no storage ?
  11. In my standard, it cool well, even they close each other. Below are some photo which take on many years ago, actually they mount in same way, just later I change to use acrylic ( no photo ) for better outlook and little convenience if you need reassembly for disk change. 1st version, a smaller tower and disks need turn to some angle due to lack of space, then 2nd version was Define_S with larger space volume, still massive cabling. ( front side not fully screw, back side fully screw ) Separate in two case, 3U ( with mobo ) + 2U ( no mobo as external enclosure ), case name Gooxi which made from China. ( !!! Rack case often bad cooling !!! )
  12. I use Fractal Design define S at that time, there have water cooling area and I put 12 disks there and cooling by three org. 12cm case fan, at the bottom I place a piece of rubber for vibration damping, plus the back have 3 disks, so 15 disks total. This solution have high C/P and I got those acrylic quite cheap. But due to need more disk, I go to rack mount case now, really hard to cooling at all. ( But less cable and plugable )