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  1. Understand, seems need high performance random I/O storage and under VM.
  2. You can plug some PCIe card to the slot, then check does it nativly in its own IOMMU group. Or try ACS override patch.
  3. For speed and capacity need, I will use spinning disk in 4 disk RAID0 (BTRFS RAID), it have 400MB/s+, I even try 10 disks RAID0, it have 1.5GB/s performance. I use it as backup data purpose. The real problem was vDisk performance to VM drop too much. You need storage under VM ? Can't simple provide by Unraid ?
  4. Seems not a cheap RAID card, hardware RAID usually not recommend, if it is AHCI type then Unraid may be work with it, if not, you need driver support. But even work, it just like a black box, no SMART monitor possible on the disks. If you have M2 slot, why don't simple go to NVMe ? Or why don't buy some cheap Asmedia 2 port SATA controller card, lowest price could be 10usd. Pls note, IOMMU standalone or not almost not relate the card itself, it relate on CPU and Motherboard always.
  5. I freely place it under PSU, give it power and connect to onboard in a 3U case. No hotplug / swap.
  6. No idea, I will do some test for compare. SSD can place anywere, it use little space. Some PCIe SATA controller card also cheap.
  7. You are not in VFIO passthrough. I can't confirm vdisk performance, but it should over 100MB/s, this also depends on different conditions/factor.
  8. If your SATA controller ( in standalone IOMMU group ) and only connect that SSD, then you can passthrough it to VM. Otherwise no way. You need different storage controller to host Unraid's disk or passthrough disk.
  9. Yes, but you almost won't got performance gain for mechanical disk. Some platform have more then one USB controller, found the one have its own IOMMU group then identify corresponding physical port then passthrough it.
  10. Thanks explain, above info very useful. I really should try ESPurna to found which one best for me. 3 more ESP meter will coming 🙂
  11. Could you advice the benefit of ESPurna over Tasmota ? ( REST API ? ) I use Tasmota without issue, (1) Send data to MQTT broker, (2) Access by Unraid thr web log, (3) Web interface access, all in parallel run. Does ESPurna have (1) and (3) ? Thanks
  12. I try different Unraid version, even new fresh install, but problem persist. So I try different BIOS setting again, finally setting IOMMU from default "AUTO" to "Enable" then problem solve.