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Community Answers

  1. But file transfer bar show that transfer in 180MiB/s, just Unraid show have 1Gb/s network traffic.
  2. Understand those are cache only. I haven't use cache pool, I am not sure cache only will affect array disk spinup or not, in general, I haven't unexpected spinup.
  3. Pls try enable ACS in BIOS. If that true, I think you can't separate most device in standalone group, seldom found that for onboard NIC.
  4. CPU usage usually not much importance, sometimes those figure also various with multi-thread enable or not. Below are some capture FYR, SMB read and write. on 6.12.rc6 ( NIC 82599 and NVMe SSD, MTU1500 ), if I test on a slow SATA SSD, then throughput less then half. 2nd PIC are flush the RAM cache, real through physical SATA SSD. You should make some test, JorgeB may have idea.
  5. VM and Docker service still enable and use /mnt/user/xxxxxxx path If you want spindown as much as possible, move those to SSD and mount by UD in /mnt/disks/xxxxxxx DOCKER_ENABLED="yes" DOCKER_IMAGE_FILE="/mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img" DOCKER_IMAGE_SIZE="80" DOCKER_APP_CONFIG_PATH="/mnt/user/appdata/" SERVICE="enable" IMAGE_FILE="/mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img" IMAGE_SIZE="1" DEBUG="no" DOMAINDIR="/mnt/user/domains/" MEDIADIR="/mnt/user/VMData/" VIRTIOISO="/mnt/user/VMData/VM Image/virtio-win-0.1.229-1.iso"
  6. How about if ping gateway ( router )
  7. Not likely, I use 82599 in various Unraid v6 haven't issue. You have many retr, this abnormal. You have 4 16GB stick run at 3200MT, pls try set it to 2666MT even 2400MT for test any different and don't overclock BCLK / PCIe. If according your previous post, if the problem was writing to SSD limited to ~300MB/s then it is other issue. ( not network issue )
  8. In simple answer, 450w. But you also need look VA, UPS have both figure and usually VA importance then W, for example, if we say power factor was 0.8, a 80w draw means 100VA.
  9. Very unlikely. The monitor only take reading and provide switch on off function. All usually relate overload, but PSU have different kind protection, so also unlikely overload kill the PSU. Any external fan controller use ? Any fan speed reduce adaptor use ?
  10. Sound interesting, performance drop half, I use Btrfs no such issue.
  11. How couldn't boot ? PSU stay on ? BIOS POST success ? Success boot from USB ? A short video may provide more info.
  12. I haven't PT GPU, but first time hear just bound to vfio then work. May be because you have iGPU.