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  1. Good to know, swap (copy) parity still can perform under disk disable state.
  2. Just try and got same throughput, I assign 4 core to VM and change VirtIO NIC "Max no. VM RSS queues" from 8 (Default) to 2 then got 10Gbps speed.
  3. Pls try disable NCQ in Unraid, then reboot and try again.
  4. Yes, only one disk at a time, then check does emulated disk return mountable, if fine then process rebuild, otherwise need advice from @JorgeB
  5. Note, never mind the misunderstanding. Flash H710 should be best the options.
  6. If you use add-on PCIe card then you need route those SAS cable from motherboard to add-on card. So, they are not inline. This are cable issue only.
  7. If you use same card type and no issue in previously, then just keep this, but quite strange if change mothboard and same model HBA will got those problem. Just friendly remind, I have change different motherboard and different HBA many times and no issue, but your setup 3801E+Netapp may have hidden issue (big trouble) if either hardware dead, you can't mount disks as usual if hardware change.
  8. Got it, I misunderstand currently record each increment, but just not. My bad. For add more detail or extra button, I haven't much comments, yes or no also fine, I agree implement or not depends on the actual value.
  9. Not understand, you know each increment start and end time. But I not sure if you could got the actual sector which have process. If both parameter ( sector process and time duration ) could be get, then nice to show speed figure in each increment by that calculation. I notice some record speed show "unavailable" and I don't understand too.
  10. How about if calculate how many sector process per each pause period time, this suppose should be meaningful and straightforward.
  11. It fully work now !!!! For about history record, would you review the speed figure if you have time, the figure may not useful. Seems figure will take during disk operation happen, i.e. pause operation ( pause then take the figure ) or resume ( resume then take figure without wait a steady time). So it varies a lot. Thanks. Another problem, a message ( not always there, seems no this if mount array in maintenance mode ) was show at footnote, it mask other info., such as temperature, fan speed.
  12. Good catch and surprise. Will try again after backup job completed, thanks