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  1. I’m trying speed up Nextcloud by using my nvme drive for cache. I know Nextcloud uses a Data base but Im not sure what the paths are actually used for. Can someone look at this and tell me if this set right to have data put in Nextcloud (as in files I upload to Nextcloud) first go to the cache drive then when the mover runs, transfer to my array (disks)?
  2. Nextcloud was working fine but now I’m getting a host error. I can’t even access it locally either. Where do I begin to fix it?
  3. I had consistent TimeMachine backups going to my server and my Mac got a bad update and I had to restore it. When I tried to restore from the time machine backup, it kept say the address was invalid so I ended up changing the share name to take out the spaces. After I did that, all my backups are now gone. Is there a way to recover my backups? The folder size was 2 or so TB's but now it's 46GB.
  4. I can't access Nextcloud when using safari? Chrome works fine but not safari.
  5. Nextcloud keeps reloading the page when I use safari (on MacOS or iOS), but if I use chrome I don't have the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this? Lots of time has been spent searching but nothing so far has worked.
  6. How can I change my database to a different database for Nextcloud? I tried just changing it in next cloud and I started getting a database error. I also tried reinstalling Nextcloud with the new location and that didn’t work either.
  7. Update, I see it mounted the disk as a folder but it just wasn't visible in UNRAID. I moved on to other things and saw that a new root folder when I connect to the server.
  8. I made it that far on my own. But when I add a share, the new drive isn't listed.
  9. For the time being, I just want to use it as network drive, but how do I add a share to it? UD I thought made it possible but I can't mount the drive.
  10. photoprism keeps freezing on upload. I set it up yesterday and I can upload limited small amounts of photos. ie. 200-500photos. In total I have aprox 10,000 photos I want to backup but if I select all to upload, it will freeze at some point. It's not consistently stopping on the same number. I have a mysql data base to try to remedy the issue but that made no change.
  11. I first NAS is a QNAP that currently using. I started building my UNRAID server and was waiting till I get it fully set up and comfortable with it before I switch over. QNAP Seagate EXOS 18tb- Data drive Western Digital Blue 1 TB- cache drive UNRAID Western Digital RED 8TB Western Digital RED 4TB Western Digital RED 4TB Western Digital RED 4TB What are my options for redundant storage when I put the seagate drive in UNRAID?
  12. SOLVED Ultimately the issue was resolved. Problem was the fact that I had a CAT6 cable connecting two switches on my network. With several cables in the area where I keep these switches, I didn't realize that the cable was connecting the two switches.
  13. I verified my Mac MTU and Unraid are both set to 1500. Both were already set so no change.
  14. I also have a PC on the same network that is getting the same speeds with Unraid.